• Yes, the moustache has the added complication of a full beard to collect residual overflow

    Guinness drinkers with moustaches are unknowingly wasting an estimated 162,719 pints every year by trapping it in their facial hair, scientists claimed yesterday. Research commissioned by the brewing company found that the average moustachioed tippler traps a pint and a half of the creamy liquid above their top lip annually, leaving them with an additional moustache tax of up to £4.58 a year.

  • No, drinkers should have freedom of appearance.

    Every person should be entitled to a unique appearance to a reasonable degree. Having all drinkers of a certain beer remove their facial hair would be an unnecessary move that may prevent some people from enjoying the drink. Furthermore, some people may have facial hair for religious reasons and enjoy drinking Guinness, so these people must be able to have both.

  • Not unless they want to.

    If men who drink Guinness & happen to have a mustache want to get rid of their mustache, then they should. If they want to keep their mustache then they should. If you want to think about it another way, drinking beer potentially imposes more harm than having a mustache. Maybe they should stop drinking, but keep their mustache. All in all, I cannot imagine why we should have an opinion about this.

  • No, no one should get rid of any type of facial hair if it makes them happy.

    No, Guinness drinkers should not get rid of their mustaches. There's no proven negative correlation between drinking Guinness and having a mustache, nor is there any type of social reasoning for anyone having to get rid of their facial hair because of the alcohol they choose to drink. In no situation should anyone have to remove a piece of them that they enjoy simply because of something they choose to partake in.

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