• Its not safe for people.

    Young people are going through training to be able to have a gun and go hunting. What some people don't understand is that guns should not be in the hands of someone younger than 19. Gun ownership should be tightly controlled. Guns have killed so many people, why cant we protect the children of this century from guns?

  • Its not safe for people.

    The requirements to have a gun are not strict enough. People should have to undergo a series of mental and physical health tests in order to own a gun. And having a safe and secure place to keep your gun should also be required of all gun owners and owners to be.

  • I think that gun ownership should be tightly controlled.

    I think that gun ownership should be tightly controlled. It’s too easy for people to get guns
    nowadays. I think that every gun sale
    should include an extensive background check and also gun safety training. This would make America a safer place and
    save thousands of lives within a short time period.

  • Universal Background Checks Needed

    Universal background checks are needed, as well as a ban on assault weapons. It only takes one bullet to kill someone, not a clip of 30. Assault weapons are for just that--assaulting a fortress. You don't need assault weapons to defend one's home from an invader. Guns should be limited so mass shootings don't occur. Don't take away guns completely, but common sense reforms should prevail. When the Second Amendment was written, there were no machine guns or 30-clip ammo belts.

  • Yes,gun ownership should be tightly controlled.

    Gun ownership should be tightly controlled.Owning a gun should be one of the highest privileges that a person can have and people should not be offended if some level of government ownership is in place.This just ensures that every one in the society is equally protected and noone is subject to undue violence.

  • How many children have killed people because of their parents carelessness?

    A LOT! For goodness sakes a child shot his mother in a supermarket because she left a gun in her purse loaded in reach of the bloody child. Imagine that child growing up knowing he killed his mother. There needs to be stricter laws so that children cannot access their parents or family members guns because the amount of deaths from gun shootings is getting ridiculous!

  • Contradicting gun control is bad

    As that person says at no on the top. Yes we need to stop global warming but do you want to be one of the victims that are killed to reduce population or global warming. I don't think killing would make the world a better place because everyone wants to be alive. Give people a chance to live.

  • Gun control is bad

    Kill more people, who cares. If we could kill more people and decrease the worlds population, then it would stop the global warming. The world would be a much better place if some assholes disappeared. The gun ownership is totally ok and go kill some more people and make Earth a better place.

  • Guns reduce crime

    All the gun crime in this country is concentrated in the few areas with the most gun control. Chicago, DC, etc. In places where people can carry guns, we see no mass shootings, and very little overall crime. I need 50 words, so I guess this sentence will be enough.

  • You Can't Control These Things

    I do not believe gun ownership should be tightly controlled. I believe we have some states that already have fairly strict and hard to follow rules against gun ownership. The only problem with this, is the fact that guns are actually really easy to buy, even if you don't qualify for them. I thinking tightening gun laws, will only make the black market increase, so it's a moot point.

  • Only hurts the legally obtaining

    Very harsh regulation of gun control, at this point in history in the US, would ultimately only serve to hurt those law-abiding citizens that would obtain guns legally. There are over 300 million guns currently in the US - highly regulating them would not lead to a reduction of guns on the street, but would just be a huge hassle for those trying to follow the rules.

  • Guns keep people safe

    If a school gets shot up how do the teachers protect there students if the teacher had a gun she could solve the problem with a gun and protect her students the proper way. If a school is in trouble they call someone with guns but if the teachers and administrators had guns they could protect the school.

  • Gun ownership should not be tightly controlled

    The bigger problem of illegal guns which are controlled by an unstable or criminal element is more concerning than those people who legally obtain a gun. The type of gun and the type of ammunition which is available should be more of a concern then making honest citizens fill out more paperwork.

  • Gun control would only keep guns from law abiding citizens

    If we had gun control it would not stop people from being killed. Gun control would only make less guns. It would not keep non law abiding citizens from getting guns. How do you think people buy drugs? In other countries with strict gun control, yes there is less gun deaths but the mugging and murder rates are higher. You don't need a gun to commit a crime. A gun is simply a tool that is used to hunt and for recreational purposes such as target shooting. Most people have guns for self defense and because they are fun. Not to commit crimes.

  • It does not matter

    Think about it, if someone really wants to do something bad with a gun, a small background check is not going to stop them! They will find another way! Do you think that when other countries control guns that stops violent gangs from having them? Some of the most dangerous gangs in the world inhabit countries where guns are tightly controlled.

  • It only hurts the good guys.

    It only hurts law abiding citizens who purchase their guns legally. Criminals who got their guns illegally wouldn't be affected at all. It makes no sense. Were a free nation and we don't need people breathing down our necks every time we choose to defend our selves. How about people be more controlled? More mental health care ect. Guns don't kill people people kill people.

  • Gun regulations are ridiculous

    Why would anyone want to descrace an amendment in the bill of rights that we had an 8 year 1775-1783 war with britian over a battle for independence finally in 1793 we obtain the bill of rights 231 later, we get that taken away, I'm saying we shouldn't take away our gun ownership rights, we shouldn't deny gun purchases to anyone, especially minors, by the time students are what either in 8th grade or 9th grade should be required to take a gun safety course to receive a gun permit, we should train these students with gun safety and proper gun use and ownership, the course should contain of rifle assembling, gun cleaning, reloading properly, aiming, and how to interact with a firearm in a dangerous situation, we should have older kids take the courses so when their older, gun violence won't be an issue for our city's and towns and community's, if we were to give them this important responsibility, this can be a huge positive factor on our crime rates in the U.S.

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