• This is the land of the free

    We should be able to defend ourself's from threats like a crazy person with a gun now you might think if he didnt have a gun he wouldnt do harm but he can easily grab a bat and be a big threat. Fyi people kill people not guns, if anything gunshelp protect lifes

  • Yes we should have them

    It is completely unrealistic to believe that we will ever rid America of all guns. We will simply just be taking guns away from law abiding citizens that wouldn't be shooting anybody else. If you outlaw guns the only people that will have guns are outlaws. Guns should be allowed in America instead of banning them and leaving citizens as sheep to the slaughter.

  • It Is A Part Of Our Constituionla Rights

    That being said, We should not throw common sense out the window. Why does any one need automatic weapons. Why do people feel the need it is their right to open carry in parks, grocery stores, political events, bars and movie theaters. People have the right to protect themselves but not at the risk of endangering the rest of us. German Sheppard's do a better job at protecting, than any gun in my in opinion.

  • It is moot

    There are already 300 million guns in the US so the question of whether they should be allowed is already moot - they are already here, and criminals already have access to them. Creating bans on certain guns or making it harder to obtain them only hurt the law abiding. Gun accidents cause deaths in the US - but far fewer than so many other preventable causes.

  • Right to Bear Arms

    America prides itself on the right to bear arms, guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. However, when the Founding Fathers wrote the document there were no machine guns, no 15-bullet clips and no assault weapons. Everything was a single-fire musket or pistol back then. Today, there are hundreds of ways someone can be killed by a bullet. It only takes one bullet, not 15, to kill someone. Let's use common sense with regards to gun control reform.

  • Guns are a way of life.

    The second amendment backs me up so dont even argue.
    Schools should require all teachers, and all school officials to carry and be trained to use guns. The number of school shootings would decrease exponentially. In Indiana schools have required the carry of guns in schools by teachers.(USA Today) in all honesty every school should fallow Indiana’s lead, there is a very low likelihood of a shooter getting very far with that much security in one place. Teachers do not even have to have the guns on their person; they just have to have in in the room out of reach of the students but to where he/she can get to it quickly if needed. There are some horrible people out there who would do whatever they can to hurt someone, and arming our teachers would increase the safety of your children and decrease the chances of a shooter of making it anywhere close to your children. It may not be a sure fire protection guarantee one hundred percent of the time but it is a whole lot better than the cops showing up eight minutes to late. Do you want the gun in a murderers hand and not in the hand of someone who can protect the future generations of our country, or do you just not care, you just despise guns that much? Many teachers in this country already own guns at their houses so why not let them have them for a great reason?
    In Michigan there is a silly little law that as increased the rate of murder in that little city. Do you know what that silly little law is? It is a gun ban. In 1929 they started the gun ban and since then the murder rate has skyrocketed. Only 7,640 people in Chicago have a license to have a gun and every year the police in Chicago seize 7,400 illegal guns (The Washington Times). With odds like that in one city we should leave the law abiding citizens armed so that they can protect themselves against the criminals who are not worried about the gun laws any way. If criminals were going to fallow the law they would not be criminals, they would be like the rest of us doing legal stuff. Half of America is flummoxed because they are being punished for others screw ups. Why punish the innocent, what did we do? We pay our taxes we have the right to “keep and bear arms.”(The U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights Second Amendment) The definition is described as fallowed. Keep-its mine you cannot have it. Bear-I can have it on my person. Arms-this is a tool for hunting food and competing in sport. Any act to take our guns away is going against the U.S. Constitution which is an act of terrorism which is severely punishable to both foriegn and domestic. If you argue with this than there is no doubt you dont own and probably have never shot a gun before.

  • To live or to die?

    People can get hurt easily with guns. Yes people want to protect their family's and loved ones, but there are people out there who wants a gun to look cool or for fun. People don't care about others especially if they don't know them. There are people who want to protect others and there are those who just want to hurt or even kill others.

  • Less guns Less death?

    Guns are a big problem in society today. When the Constitution was written the guns were much smaller and less dangerous than now where you can fire about 40 bullets in under 30 seconds. They are a danger to people even to the person carrying them. Plus we should use the example from other countries with lower gun death.

  • Guns should not be allowed in America.

    Guns are dangerous and they should not be allowed in America. The second amendment was written a long time ago and it is not longer relevant in today's world. The framers of the constitution never intended for people to be able to posses modern firearms because they are too dangerous.

  • No, they shouldn't

    There's a reason no other civilized country in the world allows the gun violence that we do, and it's not because we're more "free" than them. It's because of a group of backwards idiots clinging to an amendment that is centuries removed from having any relevance in the world surrounding it. Most guns ,most gun deaths. Go figure, it's like having these everywhere is dumb or something!

  • More guns are used to commit crime then are in self defence

    Studies show that guns are used for crimes 10 time more than they are for self defence. Also many families decide not to have a gun in the house because of children or just for moral reasons so owning a gun being legal means that we are just fuelling criminals with guns and ammo to easily rob a house or even perform an intricate bank heist

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