• Guns in church can prevent mass shootings.

    If given a weapon to defend themselves, would you assume the common folk would follow the directions and defend themselves, or go and possibly harm hundreds? (Plot twist: the insane and mentally unstable go with the second option.) Thus, people who are well capable of, well, not going insane, are able to be trusted with defending a place where shooters might target.

  • Yes, to guns in church.

    Imagine sitting in church then a crazy person walks in and starts shooting the place up. One instance there’s a concealed carrier who stops the shooter and prevents things from getting any worse than they were, but the other there is no such person so the shooter kills/injuries everyone. Which instance do you want to be a part of?

  • Reason to not carry?

    If you trained and can legally carry........Why not? You will not want to go out to your car to retrieve your weapon if a crazy person comes into the church with a gun and starts shooting. It's probably one in a million but do what makes you comfortable. Thank you.

  • Protection for church congregations

    Churches should have armed security guards to protect the congregation. Church members and guests should not have to worry about some crazy person coming into the church with a gun and having a free for all. Church people should be safe just like everybody else. Keep people safe from crazy people.

  • Gun Free Zones Are Considered Soft, Easy Targets

    In this day & time, it is quite apparent that criminals & terrorists have viewed churches, schools, government buildings, and other "gun-free-zones" as easy, soft targets to do their dirty deeds. For example, it took less than 45 seconds for the recent California massacre to occur, even though the police, who had just completed an active shooter training not two miles away, were armed & ready to respond. Police cannot be everywhere so we need to protect ourselves until backup or police can arrive. Our forefathers knew that to be true even back in their day when they set up the Bill Of Rights (the first ten amendments of our Constitution) which includes the second amendment protecting our freedom to keep & bear arms. History has shown that a population that has been disarmed immediately becomes a people under dictatorship.

  • The state has no compelling reason to restrict the freedom in this manner.

    The state must have a compelling reason to restrict a given freedom from a group of people. The state can prevent a lawful gun owner from bringing a gun to a church of that church is a polling place for political reasons. However, there are no other major political reasons with which to restrict lawful gun owners from bringing a gun to church. Perhaps the only other exception could be when the POTUS visits the church. Unless a reason can be given in which the state can defend a law in court that restricts lawful gun owners from bringing a gun to church, then gun owners should be able to bring a gun to church. Therefore, I offer anyone to challenge this opinion by either providing a compelling reason in which the state should restrict this freedom from lawful gun owners or by showing faults in my argument.

  • No state-compelling reason to prevent it

    The state has a compelling reason to restrict prior from caring fund into the state capitol and other political buildings. However, the state has no compelling reason to prevent law-abiding citizens who are authorized to carry guns by the appropriate authorities into a church. The Constitution requires the federal government and the state governments to have compelling reasons to restrict freedoms from groups of people. I offer someone to challenge my opinion by offering ways in which the federal government or the state has at least one compelling reason to restrict lawful gun owners from bringing a gun into a church.

  • Yes, Those who follow rhe law and are reponsible gun owners can be trusted anywhere.

    When our culture and laws promote healthy and responsible gun handing and ownership everyone is safer. The way we regulate automobiles and traffic is very similar to how we can help get the gun issues under control. We need to separate the criminals actions from law abiding citizens actions. In other words promote and reward good responsible gun handling ownership. While at the sametime restrict and punish criminal behavior.

  • Guns are designed to protect the innocent.

    The old saying that people take for granted"Guns don't kill people, people kill people". In today's society we have people killing children in schools, killing people at marathons, attacking people in store parking lots. There are radical anti- christian people vandalizing churches. The Bible tells us to "be harmless as doves, but wise as serpents' I think we should attend church to worship but be prepared to protect our families if needed.

  • I am 17

    What would stop an anti-religious person from walking in on our weekly meetings and shooting into a crowd 800 middle schoolers in our sactuary? A sign that says please dont carry a gun here? How about multiple police officers in uniform and under cover carrying a legal fire arm. Just like I know that my mother will not go on a shooting spree in our neighborhood just because she owns a gun I know that guns in church would be for pertection from people who by definition break laws.

  • The Lord would not support guns.

    Bringing a gun into a church is simply immoral. A church is supposed to be a sanctuary. You go to church to relax and find peace, and maybe ask God to forgive your sins. If you even needed a gun in church, the person you are defending your self from is completely insane. Any person willing to go into a church and attack people belongs in a mental institute.

  • No way!

    Someone might shoot people in churches. Why bother allowing it. The right to bare arms is only meant for hunting. So why even bother to bring a gun to church when you don't hunt in a church. Plus, shooting is unholy. Another reason why guns should not be allowed in churches.

  • Guns are bad.

    This is impossible to debate pro for because it is simply wrong in every possible way. Threatening to kill people is unholy, having a weapon of murder in a church is unholy and a bullet is definitely likely to shatter the holy stained glass. I shall conclude that this now has 50 words.

  • Only Qualified Users should have guns. Those such as police officers who practice weekly and may be able to handle a panic shooting incident.

    A non-qualified individual (an ccw with no other ongoing firearm training) trying to shoot the bad guy in a church full of worshippers may not turn out as the yes folks on th left expect. If an innocent person is injured or killed the lawsuit will be against the shooter and the church, and could effectively close the church due to financial losses.

    When a massacre occurs, the perpetrator will have planned their actions and will have the drop on everyone in the church, he may have an assault rifle with multiple thirty plus round clips. Worshippers will probably be listening to the sermon and will be taken by surprise.

    There is not a perfect solution in the times we live in. Jesus told his disciples to drop their swords (Matthew 26:52). This indicates that they were armed, but had a different calling in that situation. Jesus's kingdom was not of this world, where is your kingdom?

  • But.... Why would you need to?

    I don't see the point. There's no real reason to. There aren't many common situations that would require this so it's basically just carrying a piece of metal into a sacred building. Also, accidents could happen so let's just... Keep them outta the church, ok? Safety isn't on every weapon.

  • Don't resist an evil person

    Bringing a gun into a Christian church violates the instructions of Jesus in Matthew 5 when he says, "You have heard it said and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I tell you, Don't resist an evil person." There have been many attempts to explain why this verse doesn't mean what it says, but three centuries of Christian pacifism testify to a simple explanation. The American Christian church depends on guns because it has lost its trust in God.

  • No

    Although guns themselves aren't bad, we have no reason to take them with us in public. I think all guns should be left at home unless you're taking it to the shooting range. I don't believe in ANY gun control, but that doesn't mean I think people should bring guns into public places.

  • Disrespectful plain and simple.

    No, certain people need to remember this wasn't an attack on Christians. People who talk about peace and love all the time sure seem eager to strap up. The NRA loves it I'm sure. A lot of "Christians" spend Sundays spreading hate speech against gays, last thing they need is a gun to stroke being hypocrites.

  • What would Jesus do?

    I say NO.
    How could any true believing Christian even consider
    Bringing a tool of death into the blessed House of God.

    It's an abomination of desecration.
    God deliver us from hyperbole.

    What kind of image are we leaving with our kids?
    If the current Power of Satan already shredding the flock is already known, how much faster will he will he add to the abominable further destruction.?

  • Blessed are the Peace Makers

    Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.
    Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.
    You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person.
    You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.

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