• Yes, it would help protect students.

    They should, because it would prevent school tragedies. It would also put more security in schools because there would be someone to protect the students and teachers. I also think it would make students follow the rules better because they would be a little scared of the person holding the gun.

  • Guns, guns, for everyone

    Schools and guns go together like a horse and carriage. A school full of about 3000 kids needs a good arsenal. Guns are cool and the kids would probably have a lot of fun playing with them. Guns not only are fun to play with but they will do wonders in school overcrowding. Little 5 year old Africans are packin'. So why cant we?

  • Yes Yes YES

    I would say yes, since it would defend the class from psycho killers out for blood. This would ensure the safety of kids, the classroom, and teachers. Bullies also won't bully if there are gun-carrying school officials. Also, we can use guns for educational purposes, like the recoil, shape of barrel, and how they work.

  • As a 16 year old student, I think this is a good idea.

    Think of it this way, if you were a teenager who has so little control of your emotions that you would be willing to take a gun to school and threaten the lives of so many of your peers, would you still go through with it if the possibility of a whole bunch of other students were also gun holders who could easily fight back?

  • Yeah sure cool.

    There would be protection and stuff. Yeah. Dont judge me. It would provide a sense of respect to and kids woulf follow the orders and stuff. Yeah that is pretty much it. Also it would bring more fear to robbers and bad people so they wont go into a school

  • Yes, it should

    You should be allowed to have guns in school in school. Because you can protect yourself if a bad guy comes in your school. See our school anti doing anything about bad people coming in our school. My grade is the oldest grade in our school we shoal be allowed to do something about it. Now think about that.

  • Yes with conditions

    Have you noticed that most of the school shootings have happened after the gun free school zone act was passed? All that law did was make schools an easy hunting ground for nuts. So yes guns should be allowed in schools. But with the condition that those carrying the guns go though some training.

  • Criminals will never follow laws!

    When you create a GUN FREE zone you are only telling criminals or sick people that they can kill or control a situation if they have a gun. Good people are harmed by these laws not criminals! Did anyone know that the shooter in the cinema did not go to the largest cinema in town or the closest? He went to the one with the Gun Free Zone notices on the doors!

  • Gun control advocates don't get it--Guns are here to stay!

    Yes, absolutely, teachers and administrators need to be armed. Here's why--look at how this nation responded to the Sandy Hook tragedy. A few cities offered knee-jerk gun buy-back programs and hauled in a few thousand weapons from people who thought they were doing the right thing. At the same time, thousands of gun retailers across America were SELLING OUT OF INVENTORY, purveying thousands more citizens with legal assault weapons, ammo, and high-capacity magazines. It's our 2nd Amendment rights, you see, and gun fanatics go there immediately the instant they sniff any kind of threat of gun control. "Our right to bear arms...." Taken completely out of context over the past 50 years, thanks to renewed paranoia over a government conspiracy to "take our guns" (and for which there is not one shred of evidence to support--can anyone give me ONE example of a government official going to a home and demanding to take a gun?), and a conservative Supreme Court which has actually overturned decisions to limit the proliferation of guns in most states. Bottom line is, America owes its very existence to guns and gun violence, and will NEVER, EVER relinquish it's rabid obsession with ballistic firepower. So let's take it one step further. I SAY ARM THE CHILDREN, TOO! REALLY! Give every kid a gun, and the teachers, and the principals--EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD PACK HEAT, because in a few years, when global warming and economic chaos cause massive food riots around the planet, we're gonna need 'em!

  • Guns should be allowed in school.

    Lots of people say that it is the police's job. Yes, it is but who can guarentee that they will get there at the second's notice. No one can. One inciddent, at a school shooting, it took the cops over twenty minutes to get to the school. They were only twi blocks away....They could have ran to the school and got to the school faster. Just because you call the police, that doesn't mean they will be there the next minute. Others may be out on another duty or placed at a far away place. You can't always rely on the police, by the time thy get there (even if it is very soon) the damage would have already been done. Just a simple point I want to point out.

  • No guns shouldn't be along in schools.

    My school has policeman in my hallways. They carry guns everyday, so I am not worried about protection. If students were allowed, there would be more violence in the school. People would get in an argument and start shooting each other. Many people would be dead or hurt. Even If we like teachers have gun, there is no was of trusting them. Any student or teacher could be high or on drugs and start shooting because they have no control. Hell no, my teachers and classmates are not trustful at all. People that want guns in school need help. Just ask your school to have policeman come. Just think about it, I say no!

  • No Way!

    No way, we can't even keep sex offenders out of the school systems yet. We have way too much work to do to make sure we get this under control next. Who is to say that a teacher is stable enough. We have teachers that are dating their students. What the next thing we will read is Teacher shoots her boyfriend and his girlfriend cause I wasn't important enough for him. Teachers are under enough pressure and stress already the teacher could be having a bad day and stressed out and decide that since little Johnny is acting up she will threaten him with the gun. The answer is to put a guard in each and every school instead. Better train school staff on ways to improve the schools. Put up Bullet proof glass in the classrooms, and in the front office areas where kids may be located in these buildings.

  • Of Course Not.

    Gun should not be in a learning environment/atmosphere. Guns would be a sign of intimidation, schools are a place where you are supposed to have the freedom of action (but not completely free, of course). The potential of a violent incident happening would be even higher. Guns on one hand act as protection, but they may be misapplied to be used as violence.

  • Violence can't solve school problems

    I'm an a graduate from a high school that is known to be violent and seeing from the polls I guess we should allow a teacher? Student? Or even stranger that could have a unstable problem carry an assault weapon. I am not trying to be hatful in anyway but, a person is a person no matter their position or appearance. In order to keep schools safe, there should be more rules, so it would not be so laid back. Not weapons that can take lives of maybe fifteen or fifty students. I mean what is that showing the generation, with every problem that you have at school take it out with a gun? As for guns coming in the a public school unexpectly is a different matter and subject for the government. Either way. Its time for a BETTER change than staying in the same place we have always been.

  • Guns to protect against guns?

    Ridiculous to say you need more guns to protect people from guns. You cannot fight fire with fire, and guns in schools? We do not need more children that accidentally kill each other. Guns on the streets and so on is different, but we are talking about schools with children and students. Why don't we just give nurses AK47's as well, you know, just to protect the hospitals.

  • Not an option!

    Guns are a means of protection, but in a school system, guns can be used as a means of violence. I agree with one of the other posts when they talk about teachers dating the students. What with the increasing degradation of the mental state of teachers, schools should not allow a teacher to be armed with a gun. Just because a teacher has a license for a gun, doesn't mean that they are an expert at firing one, or even safely securing it so that it doesn't go off.

  • Not a Chance

    We don't need to add additional weapons to this environment. If there is an incident it will be an all out war of teachers shooting back and forth and could cause even more problems. This is common sense. This society is corrupt and I believe this is the wrong thing to do.

  • Asking for massacre

    If you allow guns onto a school campus you are bringing the necessary weapon to commit a mas shooting into the school for the shooter. If the gun were to fall into the hands of a depressed student or a deranged teacher it would be a disaster and there would be no recourse because, "It's Legal". What's more important, the second amendment or the lives of our teachers and students?

  • It is just asking for trouble.

    I am all for guns outside of school property, but when you have guns around children, what message are you trying to send them? That it is okay to have guns wherever you go. That is not the answer; you need to make sure that the students are safe and that will be impossible to do if everyone around you has a gun.

  • No gun in campus ever

    When we say no gun in campus, it does not mean there is no gun at all and leave the students undefended. Guns should be used and carried by authorized, well-trained personnel, not for any kid who wants to act like a hero in a distressed situation. Plus, do you really think you would be able to blow off his brain with your gun? Tell me you can!

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