• Like the people on the NO side it's simple.

    Less guns means less death by guns. Seven children and teens (age 19 or under) are killed with guns in the U.S. on an average day. In an average month, 50 women are shot to death by intimate partners in the U.S. More guns equal more death, simple. Learn more before you comment.

  • Guns do not belong in Civilian hands.

    Civilians should not be allowed to carry guns in public. Guns are far too easy to use in the event that an argument or even a mugging occurs. I'd hate to think that a person that I'd called out for texting/talking on their cell phone during a movie could/would shoot me just for calling him or out on something that they have no business doing.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Your guns cost your children their lives.

    In the U.K., after tight gun controls were placed due to the shooting at Dunblane, there has been a drastic drop in gun crime and no school shootings since. In America, on average there is a school shooting every day. You must learn your sacred constitutional is about 220 years old. It fits a small colonial, racist, bigoted USA, not a modern, bright, loving, intelligent and inspiring USA that it so proudly famous for. Please, please, for your children's sake, throw these wretched, merciless instruments of outdated law into the bin of history.

  • Violence is Made Easy

    Look, I'm not saying that if guns are banned, there won't be any more violence- of course there still will be, as the "No" side has pointed out, there is still the black market. But the incredibly loose gun regulations in the US have made it way too easy to commit violent crimes. Well, violence in general. In 2016, every third household owns a gun, which is lethal. Children playing around can accidentally kill their parents. Not to mention people who actually want to commit a crime. School shootings? Yeah, if the gun regulations were tightened significantly, teenagers won't be able to just get their hands on a gun.

    Of course, one of the main defences for the guns is protection- after all, what if an armed robber breaks into your house, what can you do? Well, it's kind of ironic really, because there is a good chance, that with tighter gun laws, that robber wouldn't have the gun. Not to mention police violence. I don't blame them for being quick to pull the trigger, after all, they have to assume every third individual or so could be carrying a gun.

    So, basically what I'm trying to say is: The more guns, the more violence, because everyone is paranoid and trigger-happy if their neighbours own a gun. Also, if someone does want to commit a violent act, guns won't be so readily available- which would not only lower the rate of violence towards others, but also suicide. To me, this is a no-brainer.

  • It doesn't only lead to mass shooting but also enormous multifaceted problems.

    Gun violence in America, as criminologist Frank Zimring put it, is another regressive tax on the poor. Some black neighbourhoods have experienced so much violence that their residents have constantly been reporting symptoms of post traumatic stress at rates that are comparatively higher than that of veterans of war. Siims

  • Guns are our last defense against totalitarianism

    All of the arguments against the right to bear arms are based on the philosophy of statism, that the citizenry are irresponsible children, and that the government must rule over them for their own good. Thus the reason their arguments usually are something along the lines of 'civilians do not belong owing guns,' or 'I don't trust people to own guns.' All of which are based on the erroneous idea that somehow or another, we need the permission of the government to own a firearm, or that it is their place to trust us with firearms. On the contrary- the rights of the citizenry are not merely privileges granted to them by the government, who has the power to take them away- the power of government is a mere privilege granted to it by the citizenry, who have the power to take it away. It is tie we put the government in its place.

  • Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People

    I understand that this phrase is used a lot. But it's true. If you ban the public from getting guns, the black market and dealers will still be able to sell them illegally. Guns CAN kill, yes. But they can also save a life in seconds when the police are minutes away. Not everything should be resolved with a bullet, but sometimes it has to. This isn't to say that every single person should be equally trusted with a concealed weapon, but it is to say that guns can help defend good people who just want good stay safe and not harm anyone innocent. If guns being taken away from the public completely removed all shootings and other such crimes, then why do countries such as England still have issues with armed criminals? Guns being available to the public isn't 100% safe, but it's better than having people be defenseless by law while bad people can still get a Glock or an Uzi to do God knows what.

  • Guns are important

    Feel free to challenge me to a debate, anyone. I would love to discuss this in a forum more conducive to productive conversation. Guns in the hands of citizens help to stop criminals. Many criminals right now give pause before committing a crime because they run the risk of getting shot. Without guns, that fear would be gone.

  • More guns, less problems

    I know it seems kinda strange but its true, if more people had guns there would be less shootings, most shooters get their guns illegally, if someone who has a gun legally runs into a situation where they might need it (such as a robbery) they have every legal right to shoot them.
    Now take the legal gun away and the robber has his gun illegally, what is the person being robbed gonna do? Wait for the cops? They take at least 5 minutes, im sorry but there is no way im risking being shot cuz "the law" says to

  • Yes because the

    Second amendment of our constitution gives the people the right to own firearms. The people must be able to defend themselves from people that want to harm them; Defend themselves against the harmful people that don't obey laws and will end up getting guns even though they are banned form civilians.

  • No, but it should be more well regulated.

    If we took away all the guns than no one will be able to protect themselves from burglars and other criminals. I believe that the only certain people should be allowed to carry guns and those are citizens are law abiding citizens, doesn't have a mental illness, and is responsible enough.

  • The book of rights

    By the second amendment in quote"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." and in that quote it says" the right of the people to keep and bear Arms." and this makes it so that all citizens can bear arms. Keep in mind in our modern society you do have to have the proper papers and permits but everyone does have the right to get a gun under the second amendment otherwise why would "this great land of ours" be called a free nation as it says in the book of right.

  • Guns Don't Kill People, People Do

    If guns kill people, forks make them fat, pencils make them mispell words, and cars make people do drunk driving. It is the person that does the crimes, so there is no need to blame it on the weapon. The weapon could even defend people from those horrible, madman, criminals.

  • No, dumb commies.

    The idea of guns being banned in the United States legitimately scares me. An armed public is the greatest deterrent to government tyranny, even this day in age. Rights are clearly lain out in the constitution. If you don't like them, move to a country with a more authoritarian government.

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