Should gym class be separated into boys and girls gym classes?

Asked by: Sorry_Not_Sorry
  • A lot of boys like to take over the sports especially when there older

    I feel that schools should really separate girls and boys in gym classes because when you have a mix of boys and girls in gym sports the boys take over and control it. I'm not saying that its for every boy because I know for a fact that some boys try to incorporate girls into the many sports but the majority of boys either don't because were girls or don't because they don't care. I know this doesn't relate to all girls but to girls who are athletic like me and who what to participate in gym like me, it means a lot. Plus if schools do this then more girls will actually be involved with the sport whether they want to or not.

  • Yes it should be.

    Gym is a place for gaining physical strength, not to show your 'sexy' body. In mixed sessions, you will find boys usually focused on girls' private parts rather than exercise. It is to me, insulting for both boy and girl. There is a saying 'If character is lost, everything is lost'. Intentionally wearing sexually provocative dresses in these institutions to attract boys is not an indication of a good character. Boys looking at girls without concentrating on the exercise. So, it is better to separate the two.

  • Gym classes SHOULD be separated by gender because:

    Many people don't feel confident running/stretching/or exercising in front of people but they would feel more comfortable with the same gender than the opposite gender. Boys might play different games maybe more competitive than the girls (not trying to be sexist). Some of the girls outfits for gym might be distracting for the boys, again I am NOT trying to be sexist with any of this.

  • It helps girls get involved and boys can play as competitive as they want

    One of the reason girls to not like gym class is because they have to play sports they do not like and boys do. But with an all girls or all boys they are able to play the sports they want with the other gender out of the class. Another reason its good thing is it takes away the competitiveness of the class. Girls do not like how competitive boy are most of the time and if they are not in the class the sport is less competitive and the boys in their gym class an play as competitive as they want.

  • Absolutely positively not.

    As a girl I can tell you one thing from my experience as a female. ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THE GIRLS IN MY GYM CLASS WILL TELL YOU THAT THEY WANT TO PLAY SPORTS WITH THE BOYS. When boys play sports they tend to be more aggressive and controlling of the girls in my class. (Please note that this does not apply everywhere, but it is also important to acknowledge that mine is not the only school with this problem.) I can't even tell you how many times I've gotten yelled at because I haven't done what a guy wanted. (during sports.) Another thing ... ( Which is most important.) When girls are grouped with other girls it makes them feel more comfortable. ( This isn't necessarily because of the boys, however they are a contributing factor.) Escpecially during sports. The only thing the girls in my class (myself included.) despised more than mat ball ( An unholy abomination which is basically the rules of baseball but it's played with people kicking and catching instead of batting and catching.) was playing with the boys. I always felt nervous around the boys and I wasn't the only one. Lots of girls stood off to the side and made an effort to not participate mainly because we 1. Hardly ever got the chance to play. And 2. When we did get the chance to play it was out of the blue and a lot of pressure was put on us to not only be ready, but play well without any indication of us being included in the game at all. And no. The girls are NOT uncomfortable because they think they are going to get raped (at least not in my class. I can't speak on behalf of other classes and/or schools.) but because being around other females is comforting in a way. I would rather be in the gym class full of girls I don't know rather than some guys and girls I do and don't know.

  • Yes, it's gross

    I am scarred from being forced to physically touch boys. For dance, they would have their hand on your waist. My breast was groped once. Also being made to do a times "exercise" where one person is on all fours and the other person crawls under there then jumps over their back repeatedly. I was partnered worth some random creepy dude my breasts were hanging down and brushed against with every crawl he did under me he violated me. F*** the school system it takes lives.

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  • There wouldn't be interaction between them

    If both males and females don't interact between them, they won't be able to work with people the opposite gender with them when they start working in the outside world. So, this would be a good opportunity to strengthen the bond between males and females. In the future, if males and females don't interact with each other, there might be a modification in hormones and might even cause population decline!

  • They should definitely not be separated.

    As a female student myself, I feel that I am missing out on vital learning experiences such as team building skills that come from sports such as football, basketball and rugby. However, for whatever reason I am forced to do dance, table tennis and gymnastics. I am quite happy with these activities but I would love to play basketball with the boys or even play football with the girls. We are being limited to stereotypical sports because of our gender, which is something not everyone can do very much about. This could lead to gender prejudice in the future. If teachers really cared about whether we are respectful, intelligent adult they would embed in our minds how to do so from a young age. Furthermore, the excuse that if boys and girls were I'm mixed groups, the boys would be too distracted by the developing female body is ridiculous. Not all men are mindless zombies that only want sex and that by mixing the genders you are allowing girls to be harassed. This is barbaric.
    What about homosexual boys? Why aren't we separateing them from the boys, for fear that they will hit on other boys, or even in the hope that by surrounding them with girls in provocative outfits, it will turn them straight? The same can be said for lesbians. Moreover, if you are worried about boys gawking at the girls in their tiny gym shorts, then change the uniform. I personally agree with uniform because it strengthens communities. Make the shorts longer, and the shirts fit properly. Girls go through puberty differently to boys and they grow things such as breasts that are new and strange. They cannot change this point in their lives. Let them develop the way they are meant to and don't judge them into thinking that they must dress a certain way. Women are over sexualised enough; don't do it to you children too. I could go on for so much longer but I'll leave you with this.

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