Should gym classes be mandatory in public schools?

  • PE should be required

    PE should be required because kids who feel bad about their size will get a chance to feel good, and be more healthy. Most schools DO NOT make children go past their limit and the coaches want to know the children's weight because they want to help them. I am 14 years old in 8th grade and my gym teachers don't do that. Sure, they may have us do warm-ups every day but its for our own good. I honestly don't like gym that much but i know all the requirements are to help me. I'm actually doing an argumentative essay on why gym class should be required. I think it should be required.

  • Gym class should be mandatory

    Firstly its mandatory because it teaches a number of life lessons such as confidence, teamwork, self care and leadership. These are all life lessons that will be needed when kids grow up. Also from a research of Amika Singh proves that gym class also helps for the kids to get better grades in other subjects.

  • Yes gym class should be mandatory

    Public schools should make it mandatory that kids participate in gym class because it ensures that they are at leas getting forty five minutes of exercise a day. This keeps kids active and helps them learn importance or exercise. Without it the amount of obese kids would increase over time.

  • Gym class should not be mandatory

    Gym class can be very embarrassing for many kids,for example:girls can be embarrassed doing push ups because they might not be as strong as a boy or as a fast.BOYS can get embarrassed doing cherry pickers which is a warm up that looks like you are skipping.Five states require physical education for all years of elementary school,and 25 states only require 1 year of physical education,which is better.Gym teachers can use running laps as a punishment.If you are talking,...Go run laps!...If you can’t do enough situps in the amount of time given,...Go run laps….Hey its Friday!Guess what?Go run laps...The gym teachers are aloud to push you past the point to where you wanna throw up.Yes they do encourage you to do better but you start to feel bad about yourself thinking you’re fat, and then you try to push and do better but you end up getting sick and you feel bad and think neggative about yourself.Another good point of mine is that many people rather weigh themselves in private.At most schools,you are requiered to stand by the coach and weigh yourself in front of them,and many kids try to refuse to tell the coach his or her weight.A very emberrasing point about gym,starting in middle school is the locker rooms….Who wants to get dressed in front of many judgmental teenagers.Not all teenagers are judgmental,but many are.A study compared children (ages 7-11) from 3 schools in the U.K. The amount of time they spent in P.E. Per week ranged from a high of 9.2 hours to a low of 1.7 hours. Researchers found that no matter how much P.E. They got during school hours, by the end of the day the children had moved around about the same amount, at the same intensity. (Children wore devices to measure their physical activity (and the intensity of that activity) all day for 4 weeks as part of the study.)

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