Should Harambe the gorilla have been killed?

Asked by: daiglej23
  • Unfortunately it was the only option.

    Of course Harambe didn't deserve to die. I agree he did not intend to hurt the kid but he could have killed him whether he intended to or not. The zoo people did what they had to do. They couldn't use a tranquilizer as they time time to prep and Harambe could have killed the kid within that time and tranquilizers also take time to set in motion and Harambe could have gotten even MORE agitated and gone along and killed the kid. Shooting him was the only they they could do in order to save that kid. It was unfortunate and a bit sad but it had to be done.

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  • Harambe was innocent!

    Harambe the gorilla was known as a kind and gentle animal. All the commotion just confused him, he didn't mean to hurt the kid, he just got all worked up. No one can claim that he did wrong because he did nothing wrong. You can't judge an animal with human standards

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