• Health care should be free to all the citizens.

    It is precious for us to be healthy because it will be difficult to prevail in the society if we are fragile. I argue that all the residents have the rights to receive health care because all of the citizens pay an important role in our society. We should have a mutual responsibility. It is precious for citizens to realize and know that being healthy is a necessity and the most crucial to survive.

  • My opinion.. Why.

    As you know, not everyone can afford medical/insurance. Think about all of the children out there who are sick, and the parents can’t afford to take them to the hospital, they are buying them over the counter medicine, which isn’t working, that child is getting deathly ill. Now the parent is forced to take their child to the hospital and now they have more stress added to their plate, what’s wrong with their child and how are they going to pay for all of the treatments. What if someone has cancer, the treatments are very costly, and I didn’t know money was more valuable than someone’s life. There are some hospitals that will accept people with no medical, and there are some where they will ship you away because you are costing them too much debt. The hospitals that do accept patients with no credit end up sending a humongous hospital bill, with a certain amount of time to pay it off. Common sense is that the person doesn’t have medical because they are short on funds, they have enough money to pay the bills and keep food in their children’s mouths, nothing extra. Also some people, like my grandmother, did not go to the hospital because they did not have medical and couldn’t afford any extra charges, they stay home suffering, until it’s too late and there is no saving them. If hospitals would’ve been free or even twenty dollars a visit, nothing too expensive, she would still be here right now, it’s not fair to my family and I that we lost someone so close to us because of money, and it’s not fair to her that her life is over, because her sickness was too strong. Here’s an example, your five year old daughter, let’s say, starts off with a cough, no big deal, you can just bring her to the store and get her medicine. Two weeks later, the cough is still there, but now she has other symptoms, you keep trying to heal her by giving her soup, a lot of fluid, and medicine, for it to only get worse. Now one day she is in bed and you go to check on her and she’s nonresponsive, you’re shaking her and she’s not budging. Now she’s at the hospital and they are doing all kinds of surgery on her to save her life, where is the money coming from? You know you cannot afford it? What do you do? Ignore the bill and become in debt or lose your house or have your lights turned off because you are paying off a bill by a certain time, with money that you don’t have. Step into the shoes of people who don’t have much the little bit of money they make, just think about how it would be if you don’t have medical, no help or anything, think about it like it was happening to you. Hospitals should be free or a very inexpensive amount

  • Right to life and right to health.

    Some people live in a society in when they are diagnosed cancer, the first thought that comes across is the cost. We live in a fucked up society if that's the first thought. In medical issues that effect someone's life long-term (e.G. Eye sight) or seriously (e.G. Cancer), health care should be free.

    I don't believe in socialism or communism, but human life should have the fundamental right to live a life free of fear of disease or disorders.

  • Health care is mandatory! Free for all, with some exceptions...

    Health care is something everybody needs. A price should not be put on someone's life, the 2 do not compare. It is a terrible thing that we should pay such large quantities of money to things that may not even help! 64 million Americans cannot afford health care and I believe that that is too much. The prices should either be very small or completely free. I do however think that some people who intentionally do something against their health, should not be given more than 1 unpaid surgery. Ex. If an alcoholic needed a liver transplant, he would receive one. But if after the surgery he kept drinking and drinking and had damaged his liver once more, than his next transplant should require a cost.

  • We should have free health care

    Some people in this world may be really sick but at the same time they might not have enough money to pay for their medical stuff.
    People should not have to be able to pay for doctors or nurses to help them with their health.
    My opinion is that us should stand for whats right in this world.

  • Much too expensive

    The enormous cost of health care is paid for by the tax and national health insurance payers and always has been..It is mainly free to most folk ,those who do not and never have paid anything into the system. Yet too much is wasted on the takers taking, and stupid expensive operations for 90% implant jobs,transgender jobs,gastric bands for lazy people. Nothing is free, too many people want free all the while.

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  • Yes but hard to answer correctly

    Yes but no at the same time since if health care as free that would raise taxes but those taxes would be split up throughout us all but would you rather tons of people die a year due to not having health care or pay 8% tax instead of 7%

  • Do good not bad

    This is a really good way of helping the people who really can't afford to go to a doctor and get themselves checked. I have seen example of a family that just migrated to New Zealand and one of the member in the family started feeling really sick but they didn't go to the doctor because they were really scared that the doctor might take a lot of money from them. I think i am thinking of another here and that is that some people who are actually new to NZ don't know that how much the doctors fees is which makes them come to an conclusion of not going to the doctors and just taking Pandole will help.

  • Yes because yes

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  • Badly worded question

    I believe in universal health care and a single payer system. But the question asks if it should be free. In that system it is not free because it is paid for by tax dollars that everyone (in the workforce) would contribute. So it would not be free. It would be like a health insurance plan where everyone is in the pool.

  • Many can afford it anyway

    Why should people pay taxes to support the free health care system for those who can afford it anyway? Taxes saved after health care becomes means tested could be spent on other things, such as research into better medication, for instance, or into better health education, so as to save the country from a population that is ignorant of what is and what isn't healthy to eat. It could also be spent on free exercise regimes...How about a free zumba session in a mall or a free workout in a park?

  • Bo way people

    No it should not If health care be free then how can a doctor earn money and make a living? On the other hand many people die each year because they don't have enough money to pay and treat their illness . Then in my idea each government should give doctors an amount of money and of course a place to work in and treat the illness of poor people

  • No it should not

    If health care be free then how can a doctor earn money and make a living? On the other hand many people die each year because they don't have enough money to pay and treat their illness . Then in my idea each government should give doctors an amount of money and of course a place to work in and treat the illness of poor people

  • No free health care

    I am no expert on political issues since I am a only teenager but I believe that health care should not be free for everyone. Most people out there who will read this will probably tell themselves that this kid wants some people to go without a necessity of life, they would be wrong. What I do not want is the government controlling the health care. I believe that if a person cannot afford health coverage, that he or she should search for financial aid from the community they lives in. Also, as a member of that community, one should help as much as possible and not blow that person off thinking someone else will help them. I am not a stranger to the people in my community who truly need free health care, many of my friends need it. However, the government has a hard enough time making a website for their health care plan and I, for one, do not want to put my life in their hands.

  • Taxes will raise

    Health care could not be free because it will never be free. Even if we make it affordable to everyone in america it will never be "free" because we will have to find a way to cover the cost... And every indication points to this being covered by taxes being raised.

  • No, health care should not be free.

    Nothing in life is "free." Health care services that a person doesn't pay for might seem "free" to that person, but it is being paid for by someone else. Any good or service that a person receives should be paid for, and the person should now how much it costs. A problem in the American healthcare system is that because of government healthcare (Medicaid and Medicare) and low insurance co-pays, people are completely out of touch with the true and exorbitant cost of healthcare.

  • It's a service like any other service

    A mechanic provides a service to fix your car
    A vet provides a service to care for your pet
    A cafe provides a service to feed you
    No one complains that we have to pay for these services so why is it with Health care? Free health care is like pointing a gun to a doctor's head and demanded they fix you

  • Doctor shortage and less pay

    If health care becomes free, doctors wouldn't get paid, and if they did, they wouldn't get very much. People also wouldn't waste a bunch of money going to college just to be a free working doctor. Plus there is already free healthcare for those who can't afford it. I don't think health care should be free to just anyone, only those in need.

  • Everyone earns money

    Well I'm still a kid but I know that we are living in a world where everyone earn a reasonable salary. The money that would have been wasted on free healthcare should be used to educate people on how to use their money more efficiently. They can afford healthcareandcutonunnecessarystuff. Thanks

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Health care should be free