• We should have free health care

    If you get hurt you have to pay for yourself. People pay taxes and shouldn't some benefits for paying for them self. If people don't have any money and get hurt there is nothing to help the person. Canada and other countries have free health care. If America wants to be great then provide health care.

  • Health care needs to be universal

    Health care does need to be universal, it's the only sane option from an economic, and ethical perspective. The reality is the US health care system is unique among industrialized nations, and we're paying the most for it, and are the most ill-prepared for the health care issues that will inevitably face us in the future.

  • Yes, health care should be free.

    Health care should be free for everyone. The government should give us out free health care and sponsor hospitals and doctors so they are able to treat us for free. Health care is how we get our medicine, treatment, prevent getting infected. It is something so important to our lives that it should be free.

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Quan says2013-12-30T17:39:13.197
I always laugh when people call it free. The government doesn't have its own money to give out; it has our money which was collected through taxes. We'd still be paying for health care, we'd just be handing over control to the government. As a taxpayer you'll actually end up paying more to subsidize non-taxpayers in addition to paying for your own health care.