Should Heidi Klum be the 4th judge on Americas Got Talent?

Asked by: LindaMc
  • Why shouldn't she?

    Why should somebody be discriminated against when she wants to judge a competition? If the show will let her, she should have a full right to go on without a whole entire group of people go against her and stopping her from doing what she wants. Let her on the show.

  • Yes she should

    Why not? She is just as capable as anyone else and easy on the eyes. If you don't like the talent you can at least hope for someone interesting doing the judging. I think if you give her a chance she will prove to be a great judge. Anyone think different?

  • Heidi is horrible!

    I can't understand what qualifications Heidi has to be judging musicians or any other type of performer. She has no talent or knowledge, and she shows it every time she speaks to judge the acts. I honestly switched the channel because I find her extremely annoying. Very bad choice for a talent show judge; makes a mockery of the program premise.

  • How can you judge talent if you have none?

    Good looks go a long way, but she has no intelligence. Never even started college, no brain. Just a hose bag. All looks just clueless. Pretty poor role model as models go. She should sell diet coke. Dentine gum. Work the street. But judge talent? So many many better more options for judges.

  • No Heidi Klum should not be the 4th judge on Americas Got Talent.

    I personally like Heidi Klum but I do not think she will be a factor on Americas Got Talent. I think Howard Stern, Howie Mandell and Mel B would be better off without her. Out of the four I am only a fan of Howard Stern, but I still will not watch the show.

  • Why, because she has big breasts?

    A more important question is: why are retarded shows like “America’s Got Talent,” “Dancing With the Stars,” and “Project Runway” even allowed to be on TV.
    We are turning into a nation of mush heads.
    It is bad enough that we have to endure 3 seasons of sports (Baseball, Football, and basketball) 24-7.
    To save our nation, we need many more educational programs put on TV to replace most of the junk like mentioned above and sports 24-7.

  • If she wasn't attractive she wouldn't be there

    She had absolutely nothing going for her but her looks. That is the only reason she is famous and therefore unqualified to judge talent. At least the others can do things or are in the business of producing talent. Without her looks she would have to get a more normal career

  • Not a good judge at all.

    Her judgement is not good at all. I noticed she doesn't even talked about comedy or doesn't give the judgment cuz she doesn't understand comedy. Beauty can't make you smart or critical ......So dear Heidi do modeling but not this. America got talent doesn't need fourth judge if they need find who has knowledge in all fields.

  • Doll, fail, sex

    People wanna watch tv and look a beautifuk women i dont blame but a model ?`saying yes or no to actual talent is absolutly wrong ! How can a model say yes or not to actual talent ? Huh ? Tell me that with 50words more you SOB's yeh figure that out

  • Doll, fail, sex

    People wanna watch tv and look a beautifuk women i dont blame but a model ?`saying yes or no to actual talent is absolutly wrong ! How can a model say yes or not to actual talent ? Huh ? Tell me that with 50words more you SOB's yeh figure that out

  • She's unqualified and talentless

    She doesn't understand comedy; she reacts inappropriately to avant garde acts; she doesn't specialize in any form of entertainment so how is she qualified to judge? Is she there to represent the average American audience member? If so, that's insulting. Give us more credit than that! She only likes dance and gymnastic acts because her daughters took lessons, so everything else bores her or goes over her head (let's face it: she's not intelligent). And what is that irritatingly childish, overdone "binoculars" gesture she keeps doing? Hasn't anyone told her to stop that shtick? It's old. If she's not doing it in a failed attempt to be funny, and is, in fact, having trouble seeing the acts because of the lights or the angle then that's all the more reason to replace her (ideally with someone who isn't so uptight and out of touch, someone with experience in, or at least knowledge about, "show business talents", and someone with maturity and intelligence.

  • Very stupid in the world of acknowledging talent

    Heidi is very stupid when it comes to understanding comedy. And just because he does not like what certain acts contain i.e. dangerous components, she always says no because it's not to her liking. Cannot stand her stupid comments and the way she hold her hands up to her eyes. Either get some binoculars, wear sunglasses, or do what everyone else wants you to do, quit being a judge on AGT. Absolutely cannot stand the fact that she has no common sense and makes no sense during her "criticism." She probably does not understand talent because she has none. Looking semi-good 20 years ago does not count as anything.

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