• Redundant subjects anyway

    Many students upon graduation of high school repeat classes in university as part of the general curriculum or even part of their major. Sometimes it is due to not studying enough in high school, other times its due to the university wanting more money out of its students. In either case, merging the two would allow a person when they turn 18 to have a bachelors degree. Doctors could come out by 22. For those that say that this cheapens the degree, then I reply having everyone earn a bachelors already cheapens it and has for many years (a bachelors degree today is more like a high school diploma back in the 1950s. The other positive is that they can do the degree any time they want. Many middle schoolers are bored out of their minds. If they want to take a year or two sabbatical, let them. They can then value the education and return to it.

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