• Education Gets Kids Ready to Integrate Into Society

    A high school-type education should be mandatory as it gets kids socialized and integrated into society. Kids socialize with each other, learn skills, become educated and get ready for the "real" world at the end. Whether the education is in a public, private or homeschool setting doesn't matter. Every child should get at least a high school education.

  • We should force kids to finish high school.

    Tech, science and health advancements lead to a better present and future. People who have had trouble with finances (and grow up poor) get a chance to change their future and lead a good life. A better understanding of other people leads to more peace and a more developed society.

  • The knowledge they gain the work they improve.....

    The students need better education in their life by having a high school education so they improve and gain the better education .So while they grown up it is easy for the kids to get work easily and a part of higher authority . Getting a work is not so easy but it's easy if we learn in a higher educated school and gain more knowledge equaly.

  • High School Education Should Stay Mandatory

    Yes, a high school education should stay mandatory. The real world is a diverse place that requires a greater education than is given in middle school and junior high school. In fact, it is so diverse that a high school education does not cover it. Mandatory college or trade school would even be a step in the right direction.

  • You should never be forced to do anything

    I was always a fan of the GED because it gave another option. The typical high school setting is not for everyone. Everyone is different and everyone learns in a different way. Many people want to take their life in a different direction when they're at a high school age but if they are forced into the confindes of a limited, strict education provided in a non-creative format then they can lose their spirit. Now that being said, I think a well rounded education is crutial for surviving in today's society and for many careers extra knowledge in math or history is required, but I think there should always be a choice!

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