• Learn about managing time

    High school students will learn a little bit of what the real world is and will also learn how to manage school life ,job life and there personal time. They will also feel more confiedent because they eearn there own money. They will also apreshiate there parents more and most likely stop asking for unneccessary items.

  • Yes. Get jobs. $$$.

    Well. It's better than sitting around and playing video games all afternoon. You're being productive and getting paid, while learning important skills and discipline for later in life. Most kids have a lot of free time they use to get into trouble with. But if they all just got jobs it would be better.

  • Better prepared for life

    Students that have a job can get to know the work field that they might go into. Teenagers will learn to better manage their time. They will also learn to follow directions better. With the money they earn, they will become less reliant on family members for money. Students can get a taste of what it will be like in college. And, colleges like to see that students managed a job and school. The experience will also help them get better jobs in the future.

  • Save money, gain experience, learn to be self-reliant

    Having a job while you're still in school is a great way to save your money before you have to go out on your own and have to pay bills, rent, etc.. Most jobs will require you to have work experience so its better to get it while your young otherwise you'll be less likely to be hired in the future when you're graduated and have no work experience. With the new found income, it gets teens to start buying their own things which then helps they to learn how to manage their money better since they know what its like to have an income and balancing that with things they may want to buy.

  • A head-start for life

    Students should have part-time if not full-time jobs to maintain a steady income for their selves. Most teenagers who are working have a steady income to afford a good conditioned car, nice apparel, and money saved for after high school is finished. Students who don't work usually have no money to start their lives, and are using many bank loans to start their lives, and are thrown into life-long debt. Students should work.

  • Self reliance in a world of only reliance.

    I think that if teenagers get the experience they need, they won't go into the world scared & unknowning what kind of job values they need. School always comes first, but what will kids do when they finish their school work? Exactly. Friends are always there on the weekend, and other free time. Work will give them the social skills they need to develop, that they would be developing with their friends.

  • Yes the should

    It is good for high schoolers to save for a house.They need to learn to have responsibility for their money and having a job is a good way to learn this. They can learn people smart and money management this is what the need to learn befor the turn an adult.

  • Money for College or future

    Students need to make a little bit of money for college and their future life after college. While you are still in high school you have to buy a vehicle, help pay for their education and maybe buy presents or clothes for themselves. As long as they are still getting good grades in school they should get a job.

  • Money for College or future

    Students need to make a little bit of money for college and their future life after college. While you are still in high school you have to buy a vehicle, help pay for their education and maybe buy presents or clothes for themselves. As long as they are still getting good grades in school they should get a job.

  • Yes we should for college

    I say that we should work because we have to save up money for college. What are we going to do if our parents don't want to help us pay for college? Another thing would be is that it makes us more responsible instead of asking our parents for money all the time we need it.

  • Life is short.

    I believe that life is a gift that has been given to us. We have no guarantee on how long we live. That's why I believe that high school students should not have jobs. Parents have always told children that school should be their only job and focus but from that school has been increasingly tougher in the past few years. Having a job would only take away from that purpose. We are put on this planet to enjoy the life we were given, not flip burgers or sit in a cubical. Focus on the goal. Get an education. That way in the future you may make the money you worked so hard for now.

  • Too Many Selfish Parents

    The people who want their kids to have jobs to pay for things do not have their kids best interest at heart. These are the parents who don't want to pay for their child's car, car insurance, clothes. There is the minor benefit of learning the value of a dollar but not enough to set your kid down the wrong path. Parents need to stop looking at it as a way to ease their own burden and start thinking about their kid's future. Stop being selfish and let them focus on what is going to make them more money in the long run and probably even save you money later on.

  • They stop caring

    A kid in my AP classes lays out frequently because he just doesn't care after working. I know other kids who work that only care about getting their money, and they're starting to fail. If you can keep good grades with a job, you should have amazing grades without one.

  • Education or Money!

    High school students shouldn't work during high school because they are focus more on the pay, lose concentration on their education, and have sleep reduction. These students will either become a drop out or end up in court due to attendance in school for not attending. Parents shouldn't approve of their kids working full time or half time until they are finished with their education!

  • Academics, Activities, Home

    More colleges give out grants and scholarships to students with higher academic scores. Studies show that students spend 45 minutes less on their homework on the days that they work, which can lowers their grades by up to two grade levels. They would not have time to have extra activities.

  • School should be their main focus.

    A high school student should be focusing on school and extra-curricular activities. When you add a job into the mix it can cause a lot of anxiety and stress that they do not need. Colleges and Universities do not look to see if you were making money during high school. They are looking to make sure you were involved with your school and a good student.

  • Students should NOT working during high school.

    If a student works during high school then they do not have the chance to be in a sport or are able to keep up a good GPA. I think it is very important that a child is to focus on their school work and to be able to have social gatherings with their friends.

  • Time off for yourself

    How many of you like to have free time to yourself so you can relax and do what you please? Having a job in high school can alter a great majority of the time you get to yourself. The side I am taking is that having a job in high school should not be a requirement. High school only takes up 4 years of your life, so you should take advantage of all the extra curriculum activities available… you have the whole rest of your life to work!

  • Its not a good ting

    I dont like how we have to have an after school job if they passed this some people wont have a way to go to work so I think that we shouldnt have to have an after school job. Its pointless to some people some people wont do the job.

  • Children's welfare is important

    I do not want the children to neglect their studies for the job. The student might use their after school job as an excuse not to study. They will feel secure with their money and spend it any way they want as the will think that since they have a lot of money why not spend it? . In some cases, they will look down on their parents for not bringing enough money so they have to contribute. If the child is caught in the job by his friends, he will have a low self esteem and feel inferior he might think that his friends are looking down on him and thinking that he might be poor. Thus with all these reasons a student should not have an after school job.

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