Should high school students have to wear ID badges?

  • Its for security purposes & can be used for incentive

    A school campus is insecure, a badge helps in this matter. If the school purchases the right equipment, the badge can be used as an ACCESS CONTROL system. Smart cards, mag readers, etc can be used for library check out, lunch accounts, attendance, even lockers or access to certain rooms. The Badge is useful, get used to it.

  • Danger is begone

    Strangers come, strangers go, happiness is happy. I glad dat not every scool requirs id cards cause unicorns are well needed. (unicorns r sign of happiness) u know beeple can gets upset @bout dangerous beeplez getsing to close t0 meez. I hopez forz more safetiz. H@ppieness will fly 0nce m0re. :D

  • Danger is begone

    Strangers come, strangers go, happiness is happy. I glad dat not every scool requirs id cards cause unicorns are well needed. (unicorns r sign of happiness) u know beeple can gets upset @bout dangerous beeplez getsing to close t0 meez. I hopez forz more safetiz. H@ppieness will fly 0nce m0re. :D

  • It is very important

    It is very imperative fast food is where ID badges or because you will be able to identify students on site. What is an outside it was to appear on campus sure you sort of know every student on campus but what about those students who stay quiet and keep to themselves you want to know if they belong to the school because you really don't know their name. But if they had ID badge or name tag at is noticeable to every student should have on campus do you want Easley know the festival belongs to the school then who is to say if you don't make them wear name tags or ID badges that they are killers it has been 164 shootings since the shooting at SandyhookElementary school is set school shootings happened about three a month so we need to make it our business to make sure that our students wear what they're supposed to wear agree if you agree disagree if you disagree

  • Identifying Victims of School Tragedies

    Sadly in the day and age we are living in it would be a benefit to families and emergency responders when identifying victims of a school tragedy. It could mean a faster means of tracking the medical history of a student who is being rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment. A faster way for notifying families of the injured or those that aren't as lucky during such a tragedy. In many of these cases a faculty/staff member or peer may not be available to identify the student and the student may not be able to provide information on their own behalf.

  • It helps us learn responsibility.

    It shows us how to have responsibility and how the world really is on the outside. Also there are people starving in the world and dying and we're sitting here complaining about wearing a ID badge because we think we're so miserable having it. But we haven't even gotten close to being miserable compared to the rest of the world so quit complaining!!!!!

  • Yes, ID might be a good idea in high school.

    One can not go anywhere these days without being asked for identification, and in a large high school, it probably is a good idea for both faculty members as well as students to be asked to wear id badges. Then those who belong will be recognized and those who are not, too. People will also have more personal interactions and be able to call each other by name.

  • Keeping us safe

    We should because any creep could walk in the school pretending to be a student.So it our job to protect our student USA future citizens.That doesn't mean we have to babyproof our kids but we can at least protect them.So as a citizen,I think we should have badges in every school in our country.

  • Keeping students safe

    It's to do with size, a class teacher may know their own classes name but with a large amount of students its a security risk to 'assume' that someone is a student from another teachers class. With ID cards it provides a clear answer that 'Yes this student belongs here'.Most places of business of a large size require ID cards so its preparation for the world of work aswell.

  • Security is Paramount

    It is not about "knowing" the students by name...Although that is important.
    It is about maintaining a secure campus.
    Students often look like adults, especially on high school campuses. IDs allow staff to know who the student's are and that they are supposed to be on that campus. Names can be easily checked/verified if there is an incident.
    This is especially important on campuses that do not adhere to a uniform; non-uniformed students are even more difficult to identify w/o IDs.

  • Like this causes me grief!

    Everyday I have to have this ID and if I don't I'll have to pay $1 if you don't pay you're suspended I'm From Eutawville SC when I was in middle school if I didn't have it they'll make me throw my food away they'll let me get my food but when I got to the scanner I had to throw my food away this is not right like they say it's a law like the kids have to eat etc... But like in HHRMS that's nothing don't have your ID see what happens! Then you have to pay for the $5 for the ID and my parents pay taxes then after that we had to pay for lunch +$100 every semester this was in middle school! This ID stuff is really allowing crazy people to get crazy with a reason! Like I was a kid trying to eat both parents working 9 to 5 you're brining them down with the bill you sent then on the days I didn't have the ID you make me throw my food away! Like just picture the kids who can't afford to buy a ID and pay $1 every time they don't have the ID! The people are getting so corrupt they'll let the money pile up on a kid and make them throw the food away everyday and instead of them just letting the kid pay the $5 for a new id they have to pay off the debt from the days they didn't have a ID plus the Price of a new ID like I'm not even going to check for spelling this really get to me!!!!!!

  • I do not see why the students would need to wear ID badges.

    I don't see why we would need to wear ID badges as the teacher don't need to know every kid's name off by heart isn't that going a little to far as the teachers already have enough hassle keeping the students in line.

    Note: i'm a student in high school right now so i know how the teachers feel on this topic.

  • Small schools with few students know who everyone is

    I go to a small school were everyone knows everyone. We would know who doesn't belong or if anyone looks like they don't go there. If we forget our name tags one day we get a warning, the next time we get sent to the office and get punished. It doesn't make since. Our classes have 20 students or less, and we rarely get new students. You are with the same students and teachers for 12+ years. No one could sneak in with out being noticed in a matter of seconds.

  • No need for it

    How does knowing my name help school security? It's unnecessary and frankly, it's an invasion of privacy. Teachers are really becoming power-hungry. First, they can search us whenever they want, they can take our stuff, and now they want us to willing wear identification. This is sounding very martial-law like.

    I'm a high school student. If this was put into place, I wouldn't follow it.

  • Invasion of privacy

    WHY! Is the question really. I am a 16 sophomore student. Id badges take away so much privilege from school events. If you don't ave an ID CARD then you don't get to participate. What about the families that cant afford school costs and funds? Teachers who love their job and care for their students remember their students names. I remember all of my teachers names. Teachers and students build a bond through out the year(s). ID badges is and excuse to take that away.

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  • Students should use badges instead of ID's

    Using a lanyard can get loss while running around at lunch, P.E., etc, and using a badge that can clip onto your shirt would be more useful because it has a less likely chance of being broken or loss. If using a lanyard, you can lose it and break it very easily and then have to pay for a new one over and over when a badge has a higher chance of lasting ALL YEAR, saving money for families and schools!

  • No Badges Allowed!!

    Because its annoying to wear a badge then loose it somehow then you have to pay for another badge. Besides why would we need one anyways its not like some random kid would willingly go to another school everyone hates school anyways we come because we have too so no badge is needed. We were assigned here

  • School shootings are done by students that attend the school.

    What's the point???? School Id's provide a false sense of security and create a hostile school climate. Instead of teachers saying hello, how was your day? They are saying where's your id and put on your id. Meanwhile, the student just gets pissed at the teacher that is just trying to follow the rules. I am definitely against wearing ID's.

    I am a teacher.

  • We should have to wear them.

    There are to many identity's stolen yearly. Also if they think its for safety then what are we going to do fight them off with a plastic card , Of the teachers just wanna know who we are then they can just ask us and be more approachable. I think that making us do this it is pointless.

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