Should high schools teach students more life skills (resume building, how to apply for loans, registering to vote, banking tips)?

Asked by: fawny
  • High school is a building factor for the students needed.

    For example, the guts MALALA got to speak up against the inequality and injustice done to the feminine gender and support a girls education was just from her life skills taught in school . So,From this we can conclude that life skills are definitely taught in schools.

  • Yes they should

    When students leave school, they know (well hope they know) all the textbook stuff but do not know the practical side of things. It is similar to when you graduate university or college as, say, a doctor you my all the ligaments in your heart but when the patient is having heart attack you don't know what to. I think it is a great idea to teach kids more live skills, instead of some of the algebra we never use in maths.

  • High school is where all the options are

    We all have dreams and aspirations. I strongly believe that high school is a time where we can start pursuing them.

    Our parents can't be there for us all the time. As soon as we turn 18, we are eligible to vote, pay our bills, taxes, and working in the professional life. High school should teach us these life skills because the sooner, the better.

  • This is what school is about

    I feel all schools should teach personal development and life skills as a class and include all the stuff they never teach - study skills, fixing a car, about drugs and alcohol, how to budget a household, how to decide who to vote for, the law and what happens when they break the law, writing a resume, applying for a job, coping with university, making friends. The list is endless.

  • Prepares you for the Real World.

    This is something that every person needs to learn. Especially those who are not going to College. To many kids go in College, and not know how to handle money. It is hard enough for parents to be there 24/7 to teach them all these skills. I think these classes should be mandatory.

  • No they shouldn't

    Come on school is school for a reason. In school we finish learning off the basic stuff. It's like teaching a kid to run before he can walk. This should not be taught right away because that is why you have university. If they want to learn a certain set of life skills, they will learn it themselves, automatically. If they don't want to learn anything, let them be. It's their life. If you force them, they will dislike it even more. No point of forcing parents.

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