• Fuck the tolls

    I absolutetly cant stand the tolls in IL...This is a corrupt state with many politicians taking are fucking money...It should be free to drive on any road..Bullshit set up is what it is..Just like the taxes we pay here..It costs me 14$ a day to drive on i 355 to get to work and back..Now thats som3 bullshit

  • Toll roads should be banned!

    Toll roads are a big pain and should be banned. Not only are they annoying, they are a waste of money. Families can spend hundreds of dollars just on tolls when they are on a vacation near a large city. We already pay lots of money on taxes every year, so why should we pay even more to drive on a road! That is why It makes no sense to have toll roads, and they should be banned.

  • Middle class workers will loose a lot of money

    We pay taxes on fuel and should not be paying more to use our fuel our taxes also can fund to build and repair the bridge or highway and I am 100 percent sure that the city has enough money already to pay off the bridge and repair or reconstruct it

  • Tolls violate your right to freedom of movement

    The masses should avoid toll roads until they lose so much money they have to close them Tolls are collected for wallstreet not roads. The toll companies are owned by foreign entities. The money is collected, to pay bonds and then sold as securities on the stock market and in the end we all get stiffed. Income tax, property tax, sales tax, gas tax, cell phone tax, We need to go back to the Gold standard Dollar. Abolish the Federal Reserve system and IRS, CIA, FBI, NSA, and create NEW offices to replace them.

  • One of many truck drivers

    We pay taxes on fuel and miles driven in each state plus federal income tax... All these taxes and your tellinge they need more money for roads.... No i dont think so. At what point do we just say no. Bottom line there is more than enough money to pay for the roads without haveing tolls most tolls are independently owned any way. Most not all!

  • Ban these killers

    I understand that tolls pay for the highways to improve. There are better ways to raise funds for this measure. An I-Pass has sort of improved the system, but most people still use the toll booths. Have you ever been in a toll booth during rush hour it takes like an extra 30 minutes just to pay a couple of bucks. Instead of a toll booth, they need to come up with a more efficient way to raise funds for the highways.

  • Tolls should be banned or at least reduced

    For as many drivers that drive through a toll booth I think its absurd that those tolls cost so much. First of all its offensive that we pay taxes on everything and have to pay to drive from one exit to the next. The government says the money is used to fix bridges and roads, when there are roads with tolls in worse shape then those without. The government will always find a way to take more money from its people all the way down to charging for collecting rain water! I hate tolls, I hate the fees associated with them. I hate that on some roads the only way to get to the other side conveniently (like the key-bridge, from Dundalk to glen Burnie) is to pay. I don't mind roads created with a toll to give drivers another option to sitting in traffic, but paying for a road that is the only option is Ridiculous!

  • Double tax for fat cats

    Tolls are another way to tax the people to make corrupt officials their family and friends rich. Moneys are allocated by the fed, state and county govts to handle this yet thru gross mismanagement it is lost to corrupt bidding to corrupt connected companies who go behind schedule and way over budget. This is a way to make the private toll collection companies who most certainly are connected rich at the expense of the working man and woman who are getting new taxes, fees, tolls thrown at them everyday.

  • It is WRONG

    Listen up everyone, toll roads should be abolished immediately. We pay taxes enough and the taxes we already pay are supposed to be used wisely and paying for roads is one of those items that our tax dollar should be used for. Instead, we are paying a hidden tax to toll road companies that work for the government so the government can collect even more money from us. #ENDTOLLROADS

  • Plenty of states don't have em, and have better roads than the ones that do.

    I spent a month in the Rocky mountain and southwest states and never paid a single toll. Their roads were still in better shape than the states that charge you a toll just to drive on their road. Nobody should have to pay to drive on a road, if taxes can't cover it, then there's a problem! The first ones that needs to go are the abomination known as the Illinois tollway, the absurd $8 to cross I80 in Indiana, and the ridiculous $10 on the Ohio turnpike!

  • Tolls provide funds for job opportunities.

    Tolls collect the funds for road maintenance (should the government be honest about it), and hence create more job opportunities for tollbooth collectors, road service workers, etc. No tolls = no job opportunities = no road maintenance = bad road quality = more complaints. I do not agree with abolishing tolls completely, but I agree that tollbooths that create massive traffic jams during rush hour to be abolished. For the remaining tollbooths, I will suggest to reduce the fares instead of abolishing them.

  • Tollbooths provide job opportunities.

    Tolls provide funds for maintenance of highways (should the government be truthful about it), in which it will job opportunities such as road maintenance workers and tollbooth collectors, etc. No tolls = no funds = no maintenance/service = bad road quality = more complaints. I do not agree in banning tolls completely, however, I will suggest tolls that cause a huge jam during rush hours to be taken off, and to the remain tolls, I wouldn't suggest abolishing them but reduce the toll fares instead.

  • No, they are a necessary way of creating revenue to keep roads paved and updated.

    Tolls shouldn't be banned, but I can see how the rates could be reduced. Tolls cannot be banned altogether though, it's just not feasible. Tolls are necessary to create revenue and keep tolls roads paved and clear of potholes and other damage caused by normal wear and tear of vehicles and incliment weather.

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