Should Hilary Clinton have been collecting money when she was Secretary of State?

  • Yes, no problem with that.

    If she was planning to vie to be the president of the US, then there was no no problem in collecting money while she was still the Secretary of State provided she clearly shows that the collection was towards her campaign. Collecting and receiving money for other reasons is what should be the subject of discussion.

  • The Foundation is totally separate

    There is no evidence that there was a connection between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. In fact, she wasn't involved with the Foundation until after her time as Secretary. Just because her family's name is on it doesn't mean there was any pay to play, or any favors done.

  • We need campaign reform.

    Hilary Clinton should definitely not have been collecting money when she was Secretary of State. The whole Clinton Foundation thing is very shady, especially when you consider which companies were making huge donations to her. She is definitely a politician who can be bought, and that is a scary thing.

  • Politicians need to be responsible for everything they do

    In today's world there are so many corrupt actions by so many people. Any action that can be seen as corrupt or cheating should be unquestionably stopped by any person committing them. All people of government take and oath and we need to hold them accountable to it. This means the lying, cheating, and stealing needs to come to and end or the people of the country need to hold them fully accountable. Therefore any action that can be seen as questionable should be stopped.

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