Should Hillary Clinton be allowed into the White House after her illegal activity?

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  • Hillary Clinton should be in jail

    Hillary Clinton should not be allowed into the White House after her illegal activity and she should be in prison if, or when, it is proven that she has committed a crime or crimes. Illegal activity should be an automatic disqualification from serving as president. Time will tell if she is convicted.

  • No, Hillary broke laws and endangered the country.

    No, after going against clear instruction to use a specific email account in order to make secret deals off of the public record, Hillary has endangered national security through exposing undercover CIA agents. The biggest issue with this is that it was done deliberately. Therefore she is a criminal and should not be allowed in the White House.

  • Hillary Clinton does not deserve the Presidency after her email scandal

    Hillary Clinton has been haunted by controversy for the duration of her campaign for President. The biggest of these controversies is the private email server that she maintained while serving as Secretary of State. This is clearly a breach of protocol, and this illegal activity means she cannot be trusted to serve as President.

  • She broke the law.

    They should change the rules so that people who are under investigation should not even be allowed to run. It undermines the political process when there is an investigation hanging over your head. I doubt we'll see any change, but it is frustrating that a potential criminal may be president.

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