• She has committed multiple crimes and treason!

    Hillary Clinton is being funded by another country and she is giving away stuff to Iraq and other terrorist groups. She also deleted he personal email adaptor thingy when the FBI asked for the emails. She said she would not hand them over unless they had a warrant. So they left to get one. FYI it took 48 hours to get that warrant and during that time she deleted all of the emails that were incriminating and they tried to get them back but they were completely destroyed

  • How about this?

    She should be burning in Hell! Now, I realize that there just might be some people who would disagree with that. Well. Every single one of you can go right ahead and join her. Y'all can have a big ol' party. After all, Hell is the Utopia you've all been craving. No favorites in Hell. Everyone is treated equally. There will be no evil rich people either, since you can't take it with you. Yep. You should all love it down there.

  • Hillary deserves to be in prison for many reasons:

    You can consider her a horrible person because she voted for the Iraq war, which, by the way, created ISIS. During the Iran nuclear deal, she tried pushing for sanctions while negotiating (thankfully that didn't happen). However, these should NOT land her in prison because it falls under the law. She DOES need to be in prison for election fraud, along with her cronies in the DNC and the media. There is specific evidence that I'll produce when asked that this election was rigged from the start. Not including her wiping all of her personal server data, which could land her an indictment.

  • NO DUH people

    YES YES She should she took the lives of and she lost her federal email to result in the lost of more than 50 American solders and that crime is not some thing thqat can be forgiven it must be surved with time and that is what she owes to the american pepole.

  • NO DUH people

    YES YES She should she took the lives of and she lost her federal email to result in the lost of more than 50 American solders and that crime is not some thing thqat can be forgiven it must be surved with time and that is what she owes to the american pepole.

  • Hillary should be in federal prison, but only if a jury will convict her.

    She broke the law by jeopardizing our national security. She was entrusted with a security clearance. Anyone who has one knows they have a responsibility to protect the information. If anyone else did what she did they would be in prison. There was a navy sailor who got a year in prison for taking a picture of a submarine for his family. They haven't release the information the Hillary jeopardized because it's classified.

  • If you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.

    1. Regardless of the FBI's findings many other independent legal experts found all over the place (search for it) have suggested that she did in fact commit crimes. Although many of these lawyers have been dismissed by Hillary supporters, the counter arguments tend to be less substantive in nature. Meanwhile the lawyers/legal experts who think she should be indicted often cite which penal code sections apply to their belief that she should be indicted and face specific charges.

    2. Snowden, Manning, Assange. Why isn't Clinton listed here in light of her emails showing up on a public website. Is this governmental transparency in action? Why doesn't the espionage act apply to her?

    3. She was Secretary of State, so she knew what could be considered classified regardless of its "markings."

    4. She lied about the investigation calling it whatever suited her political agenda at the time. This discredits her words in general. To put it simply, trust, but verify. Just because James Comey "found" no intent doesn't mean it wasn't there.

    5.Wikileaks releasing the DNC strategy. The release suggests collusion with the "establishment." If you are a REASONABLE human being this should suggest a broad network of wrongdoing extending beyond Hillary.

    6. Loretta Lynch meeting with Hillary's spouse on the heels of a decision by the FBI. Regardless if it was about Grand-kids, it is a blatantly obvious conflict of interest just the same. That Lynch did not recuse herself is indicative of the level of wrongdoing going on here and highly suspect in light of the FBI's findings.

    7. Both Lynch and Comey are affiliated with the Clintons through either support (Obama backing Clinton and appointing Lynch) or appointment (Bill appointing Comey)

    8. "I didn't mean to do it" is not a reason to not be convicted.

  • Hilllary Clinton Should be in Prison

    Hillary Clinton has done something unforgivable. She has exposed the US to attacks from its enemies by sending and recieveing Emails on a non Government browser. If Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush or any one else had done that they would be in prison and be fround upon. Clinton decided to make the choices she did and they broke the law and she should face charges for her decisions.

  • She has not been convicted of a crime.

    If she has not been convicted of a federal crime, can we really say with certainty that she ought to be in prison? The FBI has not found any incriminating evidence thus far in its investigation. Let's stop politicizing this scandal and blowing it out of proportion, and focus on the actual issues that matter, like the rise of right-wing populism.

  • She did nothing wrong to be in prison

    This is a retarded question to begin with but to put in perspective when you work for the government in a hostile environment shit can happen. If the republicans had not cut the budget for additional security for government officials then this couldn't have happened. If Stevens wasn't selling weapons to the jihadist to kill Gaddafi maybe he would have still been alive. He didn't care about adequate security because he thought the Libyan police he was selling weapons to were his friends. Don't blame the woman she has nothing to do with anyone's death even when she goes into hostile areas there are risks involved because the Republican has created an unsafe situations in American foreign policies.

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  • It has not been proved that she did anything wrong.

    There are only small, irrelevant facts. There isn't enough evidence for her to be thrown into prison. The FBI has to PROVE that she did something wrong, not assume. Remember, "Innocent unless proven guilty." Hillary Clinton hasn't been proven guilty. She has just been assumed by some of breaking the law.

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