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  • Nihilism is a flawed belief system

    In life, we discover meaning inherent to the human condition. All people want to avoid paid, eat food, sleep well, and have a more comfortable existence than our pre-civilization ancestors. Even those who do not recognize these characteristics in others must surely recognize them in themselves. Therefore, existence always has at least a baseline of meaning.

  • Hillary needs a running mate more like herself

    No, Hillary Clinton should not choose Bernie Sanders as her running mate. She and Bernie have some very divergent ideas and it would not likely be a good fit for either of them. A presidential candidate needs to choose a running mate that will not only help them get elected, but who could be president themselves if necessary. It's not just a game. There are real issues at stake.

  • Bernie is strong arming her

    If Bernie Sanders wanted to be a running mate to Hillary Clinton he is going about the wrong way. He is not definitively endorsing her or attempting to get his followers to endorse her either. He seems to be strong arming her into adopting his philosophy. She needs to go it alone and choose someone who is a team player.

  • No, I do not think that Hillary Clinton should choose Bernie Sanders as her running mate.

    No, I do not think that Hillary Clinton should choose Bernie Sanders as her running mate because Sanders doesn't share a lot of the same views as Clinton. Sanders has helped bring a lot of important issues to the forefront such as income inequality and corruption, and definitely deserves a place on Clinton's cabinet.

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