• There's no choice

    Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the United States. She's the most sound of mind of the two candidates and she has a superior ground game over Donald Trump. As the president it is impossible for to not have access to classified information. That is an integral part of the job.

  • Yes, she ought to.

    Hillary Clinton should retain access to classified information because the accusations leveled against her remain that, accusations. No one has proved that she really leaked or was careless with classified information purported to be on her email. So, as it stands now she ought not to be barred from accessing the classified information.

  • No, Hillary Clinton should not retain access to classified information.

    Hillary Clinton should not be allowed access to classified information. Clinton and her team have proven that they are not trustworthy when it comes to handling classified information. Clinton's private email server jeopardized national security; putting many of the country's secrets at risk to hackers. Therefore, in the interest of national security, Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to access classified material in the future.

  • No she should not

    Hilary Clinton should have absolutely no access to classified information. She is a corrupt politician and can't be trusted. She is racist, homophobic and xenophobic, and has changed her public opinion on minorities countless times to acquire more votes. A woman like this should not have access to a pencil sharpener, let alone classified information.

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