Should Hillary Clinton's campaign staff be worried about future e-mail links?

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton's campaign staff should be worried about future email leaks.

    Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff should be concerned over potential future email leaks. Many speculate that Hillary is hiding something in those emails that she does not want the public to know about. Furthermore, WikiLeaks could release Clinton's emails that might cause her problems in the presidential election. Therefore, her staff should be worried about what might be in those missing emails.

  • Yes, they should.

    Public opinion could be changed by future e-mail links, even if there is nothing wrong with what is in the e-mails. While running a political campaign it is important that things like this, no matter how innocent do not get out to the public and are not scrutinized for every detail.

  • DNC email scandal not over yet

    Wiki-Leaks founder Julian Assange has noted that he has more emails to release. Clinton's campaign staff should be worried. If there was only innocuous information in the emails, he would not be releasing them. Hence, there is probably more damaging information to come in future emails. Clinton's staff should be prepared and vigilant in order to do damage control.

  • Yes, they should be worried about all of Hillary's faults

    Yes, the staff of Hillary Clinton should be worried about their boss. In more ways than just email links. I think that Hillary has been dishonest with us before and it will happen again. I also think that the fact that a person who was found guilty of rigging things for Hillary is now part of her campaign staff should set off alarms for everyone involved. She is willing to cheat and do things the wrong way. Why should she be allowed to have a campaign, let alone a staff that supports her.

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