• Yes, many other politicians have been punished for much less.

    Yes, I absolutely support for criminal charges for Hillary's email controversy. In fact, I don't believe she should be allowed to run for president of the United States while she is under investigation for such criminal acts. Many politicians have faced criminal charges for things they have been involved in and I don't believe that she should be above the law. Our laws in the USA are written equally for all.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton Should Have Been Indicted

    Hillary Clinton should have been indicted on criminal charges for use of a private e-mail server when she was serving as Secretary of State. She repeatedly stated that she never sent or received classified information on her server while serving in the Obama administration, however Director of the FBI James Comey has proven shown that that statement is false. Comey stated that someone in her position should have known better, and that her actions were "extremely careless." Someone who has shown gross negligence with classified information should be tried in court.

  • Hillary should definitely be prosecuted for her actions regarding her email.

    Hillary has acted like she is above the law for far too long. She knew what she was doing was illegal and chose to do it anyway. Anyone who does not see here actions as an attempt to solicit money for her husband's trust is fooling themselves. She is a cunning, conniving woman who has turned lying and deceit into an art. How she can ask the public to elect her to lead our country is the most outrageous example of hubris in recorded history. Any other person would be prosecuted for far less. It's about time that she learn that the laws of this country apply to all equally.

  • Hillary should not face criminal charges for her e-mail scandal.

    While many would say Hillary is not knowledgeable or experienced enough to be in the White House again, the controversy over her exposed emails should be dropped so the country can focus on what she has to offer to the country. Trump considers her bad judgement in participating in those e-mails proves her to be an unfit candidate. I believe we need to learn a lesson from the e-mails and define the repercussions one will have for future indiscretions of this nature, and move on to mow important issues.

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