Should history be a required educational subject in public schools?

  • Why would it not be?!

    History is honestly the basis of all knowledge that we learn in school. Math, they work off of other peoples research in the PAST to develop new equations and formulas. Reading, most literature comes from HISTORICAL events and times in history. Science, they work off of PAST research to add on to what's already been discovered for new advancements in medicine and diseases. Of course history should be required in school and I do not know why any school wouldn't make it required. I am a strong believer that if history isn't known, it will be repeated, and we DON'T want another World War of even a Civil War.

  • Yes, history is an important topic for schools to teach.

    History is a very important topic to be taught in schools. We can all learn from the past, and what has occurred in our country (as applies to other countries around the world) is important in how it was shaped. Children can also learn patriotism by finding out about such leaders as Abraham Lincoln. They can learn the horrors or racism by learning about the Civil War and the Holocaust. There is much that can be learned in history, and it's important that it be taught.

  • History should be a required educational subject in public schools.

    It is important for citizens of a country to know about its history. Learning history makes students more patriotic, and it teachers they about the world. Some world history should also be taught. It is important to learn history so that we do not repeat the mistakes that were made in the past.

  • History a Necessary Subject

    Students in the United States need to learn basic facts about American and World history. No educational program would be complete without history. People that don't know the mistakes and events from history are doomed to make those same mistakes. Therefore, such a subject should be mandatory and often is required.

  • Of course it should.

    History should be a requirement for all students in public schools because it gives them basic knowledge of where things come from and how we got here, but also it gives them context to base future information to. As humans, we always associate new information with what we know from history. It should be taught.

  • It can be learned later

    In public schools, the learning focus should be on reading, math, and living skills. Science can be an important subject in college if the student is interested in pursing something in that field, however, students need so much more knowledge in everyday life. They are not prepared to write checks, pay bills, and deal with financial emergencies but can tell you all about the Spanish Inquesition. I think everyday life is more important, history can be learned later in life.

  • History Is pointless.

    If you plan to become a job that does not require to know history, why do we learn it? Its pointless, it tells us about the past when we need to focus on our future. Many people also believe history is pointless. History does not only take up valuable time, but it tells us insignificant information for our future

  • It is necessary

    Only because of history we get to know about many places and temples and so , we go and discover that particular place and it is very interesting . We will get to know about the people and their living , about their family , clothing , ornaments ,arts and many other fascinating things. SO ,HISTORY IS NECESSARY IN SCHOOLS

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