Should Hollywood awards still be divided by gender?

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  • It Should Be Divided By Gender

    I think that it is a good idea to continue dividing Hollywood awards by gender. It creates more categories and allows an opportunity for more winners. Making one category makes it harder to vote and makes it so there are less awards. Less awards means some might lose interest because they know they have no chance.

  • No

    It is a profession of talent and not that of a gender qualification. Actors are actors and should be classified as such without the division of gender awards. In my opinion it will not only strengthen the acting in Hollywood but also the competition of the awards in actors will be more entertaining.

  • Sure they should

    The term actor or actress is merely denoting if the individual is a male or female. The terms are simple descriptions. The division of gender is not an attempt to slight one or the other, or say that one gender is more or less talented than the other. It is merely a description of the award presented.

  • No, Acting is a Non-Gender Specific Profession

    Acting, much like other professions, can be done equally well by either gender. Even physically challenging roles are now awarded to female actors. Many Hollywood female actors now no longer even use the term "actress", they refer to themselves as "actors". Gender-specific awards could be eliminated and more actors, male or female, could be nominated for each category so there are an equal amount of chances to win.

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