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  • No, Hollywood shouldn't pay much attention to age

    What's most important for Hollywood, should be the actor's ability, not their age. Hollywood is in the business of making and selling movies, so age of actors really should not be an issue. Older actors are often well regarded in the industry, so I don't think selling tickets or making money off of older actors should be hindered.

  • No, they should focus on acting ability

    Hollywood is a bit hypocritical. It claims to want the best talent but overlook those super talented actors who are a bit older. First of all many, people are aging gracefully these days. I've seen women I could swear were in their twenties but find out later they are over forty. Hollywood should give everyone a fair chance and overlook the superficial.

  • No, it should not pay so much attention to actors' ages, except in certain cases.

    The rampant ageism in Hollywood, especially with regards to women, is both severely damaging and utterly pointless. Except in cases where an actor or actresses's age is integral to the story (e.g. Harry Potter, Enders Game, etc), the actor's age should be weighed far less than their talent, as the most talented actors can seamlessly assume nearly any role.

  • No, Hollywood should not pay so much attention to the age of actors.

    Actors of any age can entertain audiences. In fact, many older actors are better performers than their younger counterparts. Therefore, Hollywood should not pay so much attention to an actor's age. Instead, Hollywood should focus on the talent of actors; picking the most talented for leading parts. Finally, many audiences are nostalgic when it comes to their favorite actors that have been around a while.

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