• I believe that homework is a waste!

    I believe that homework should be banned, because it is a waste of kids' time. We are basically learning things that we already learned in class and doing it again. What if kids have so much homework and after school activities that they get stressed and get messed up? It's also a waste of paper. We are wasting our time and paper on things that we already learned.

  • Homework is useless paper!

    Why would we even have homework if homework keeps kids awake all night? It also stresses them so they don't do any homework, and the homework is only paper! Cutting down more trees will kill the environment, and it will mean less air! Cutting down trees is mean to the animals living in them!

  • I think it should be banned

    I think homework should be banned because kids are wasting there life on homework if they are wasting there life on homework then how will they be happy or having fun they need that time so I think we should banned because kids need to live there life while then can adults we don't need free time 24/7 it would be fun playing with your kids it would be fun then.

  • Homework should be banned because it cuts into kids private time and their life

    Homework needs to be banned for these reasons you don't have enough time to hang out with your family and we learn a lot in class anyway so we don't need more annoying homework also when I come home after sports and a long day of school Im really tired and I don't want to do hard hard work

  • Wasted time waste of money

    Teacher are wasted time and money. Some student do not turn in their homework and it wasted money and time. Teacher stop giving homework your wasting money.Save tree we need to save tree because paper is made of tree.Save money live better.Dont waste money.Who like to save money. Save money live better

  • I agree to banned homework

    I agree to banned homework because just say if you wanted to go somewhere important witch \you couldn't go to and so you got really stress and couldn't be bothered doing it and so you went to your sports thing and you came back and remembered you have to do your homework so u get really scared that your teacher might give you detention but it wasn't your fault . Yep that's all i'm going to be saying .

  • I hate homework.

    I don't support the fact that schools give homework to their students. Homework always gets in the way of people's childhoods. Being an 18 year old, I can say that homework takes life away. It still gets in my way because I like to party after school and I'm so very very tired.

  • It is a silly question.

    I am wondering if this debate question was written by someone who currently has to do homework. I fail to see any reason as to why homework should be banned. It is an important part of the learning process and is something that people in school should be required to do.

  • No It Shouldn't

    We do not need to ban homework. Doing this would be one of the worst decisions ever. Homework gives student the opportunity to practice what they learned inside of the classroom. Homework really helps students learn because they have to do work without direct guidance from teachers. We need to keep it.

  • No, homework should not be banned because it is helpful to students.

    There are cases where far too much homework is assigned, especially in middle and high school when students suddenly have multiple classes and aren't used to a larger workload, but homework helps form studying habits. By having work to do at home, students are reviewing the things they have learned and helping to cement the knowledge in their brains.

  • Homework Is Important

    I know for people who are stuck with homework they feel as though they are wasting their time and they can come up with a hundred and one other things they could be doing. However, homework allows you to go back over the information you are studying in a class room setting. It is there to help you retain and quantify what you have learned. It should not be banned, it is an important part of the learning process.

  • Revision is important. ...

    Homework should not be banned because it is one of the most important part of learning. For some subjects, such as math, we cannot do it if we only learn the theory from school and didn't revise at home or do it by ourselves. If there is no homework, we cannot know whether we understand the topic or not. It also helps on time management and responsibility so that in the future they know how to organize their time and being responsible. They can also do some research if they are curious about anything relating to the topic. Students definitely understand the lesson better as they did their homework.

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