• Homework is not a problem but its quantity is..

    Homework given to the students of primary school is alright because at that time we have to drag them in the habit of studying and as that level of study does not need any extra study hours . But once they get mature they know their responsibility .To them homework is not a big deal but its quantity plays a crucial role. Students of high classes have to study extra the homework and classwork is not enough. So it will be better if the teachers stop giving homework and let the students study in their own way.Otherwise homework which is just like a formality for the students will probably lead to backwardness

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  • Should homework be banned

    I think homework shouldn't be abolished, but we shouldn't have so much. Just a little bit a night would be good. Some people arnt able to do their homework because they are very sporty and are at a high level and have lots of competitions on that run very late at night so they are not able to do it.

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  • I hate it

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  • I hate it

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  • YES, homework should be abolished.

    I am a high school sophomore in a private school. Homework causes me to fall behind in school. I have SO MUCH HOMEWORK!!!! My history teacher requires us to spend 8+ hours for each essay he gives us. During the time of 3 weeks my class is assigned 4 essays. And this is only for one out of 8 periods. It leaves me every little time to do anything else. Including other classes homework.

  • Homework should be abolished for everyone.

    • Students in kindergarten through 5th grade get an average of 2.9 hours of homework from each teacher.
    • Students in middle school get an average of 3.2 hours of homework per teacher.
    • Students in high school get an average of 3.5 hours of homework for every teacher.
    • You are in school for around 7 hours a day.
    • At school you work your brain for a very long time so when you get home it should be a time spent to relax.
    • Sometimes the amount of homework can be too much causing stress to try and finish it.
    • Lots of homework can also lead students to staying up late to complete it which would cause them to lack the sleep that is necessary.
    • You already have a ton of classes each day where you learn a lot of stuff.
    • Homework sometimes doesn’t even help you learn and is pointless to have.
    • Very good and hardworking students could get in trouble or get bad grades because they were too busy doing important things at home or elsewhere that they don’t deserve.

  • Should homework be abolished

    No,and Yes. I'm a 7th grade student. At my school we have loads of homework, even though it takes away my/our time to do what I want. It actually is fun some times. And it might not help you in some ways. But I do think schools should not give loads of homework. Just 4 sheets of quick exercise a night based on your level in that class.

  • It is important for children.

    Even if children do not like homework it is very improtant for them, if children are not at school they have homework to help them keep up with their class. As a student I realise we have way to much time on our hands and homework is a good way to use all of it.

  • Students need to be challenged.

    Homework should not be overdone, however, students need to be challenged reach beyond what they know. Homework also serves as feedback - if the teachers get a whole bunch of bad homework they will know they did not thoroughly cover that topic enough. Homework makes sure that kids actually can learn something and will keep it in their minds well enough to answer questions on it - they wont forget.

  • Homework is good.

    I think that the idea of aboloshing homework is one of naieve rebellion. Homework is like a whetstone for a knife. It trains the mind while the mind would otherwise be at rest. Homework is a great way to keep a person honed in and learning outside of the classroom.

  • No it should not.

    Homework should not be abolished. Homework is the perfect way for people to learn and continue to learn on the subject even once their are out of school for the day and are at their home. It is how they review the work and better understand what they get and what they don't get.

  • No, homework is important.

    Homework can feel like a drag when you're a student, but it's a really important part of going to school. It helps to retain the information you have learned during the class period. Additionally, though a good student, I was someone who didn't learn as well in a loud environment like the classroom. I really learned better when at home, studying quietly. We all learn in different ways, and homework will help those who learn in a quiet environment, while also reinforcing learned information from the class period.

  • Homework is very important

    I think homework is vital when it comes to school and it truly does help students in the long run. Whether it'd be to help them prepare for a test/exam or simply to understand the material better, homework should never be abolished, nor do I think it honestly it ever will be.

  • Homework Increases Repetition of Good Skills

    I'm not sure why there should be a consideration to abolish homework. I think that at times, teachers weigh homework more heavily than other teachers in the same grade. If anything, homework should have the same difficulty throughout all classes and subjects so that a student does not spend more time on one assignment than another. Besides that point, homework increases the rate of repetition for students to hone in their skills for certain subjects and classes. A common example is when a student has to go over a dozen questions regarding long division when they just learned the subject in school; if they correctly do each question of long division they will understand the subject matter better because they were given homework to increase their understanding.

  • Homework should stay

    Homework is an important aspect of school life as it shows teachers the level of the students work. For example, in class, a student can sit and copy off their friend without understanding, but at home, they won't be able to complete the task if they don't understand it themselves. However, homework is sometimes given to students in ridiculous amounts, forcing the child to sit for hours a night, and causing them to lose sleep and make them tired for the next school day. To conclude, I think homework should not be abolished, but should be given in smaller amounts

  • Homework shouldn't be abolished

    Homework plays a very important role; beside its help to understand a subject more effectively; it also creates a regular habit of studying and learning at home. It may be based on different subjects that creates a sense of awareness and moral values. But there should be limitation in homework.

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