Should homework be abolished to let kids get more exercise?

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  • Why there should be few pages of homework.

    There should be very few pages of homework so we can do more exercise, but we should have few pages of homework so we can review what we had learned. On the other hand if there is very few pages of homework kids are just going to be on their electronic device. Therefore I say 5 problems. Parents should motivate their kids to exercise when their finished with homework, so parents can get exercise too.

  • France did it. Their education is growing.

    Homework doesn't just waste paper and time, but it it causes stress to a child. If he/she has a project and homework due in one day, it could really throw him off. Also, children wouldn't think properly because of loss of sleep if they miss a day of school and get make up homework. During my time, homework was killing me and making me depressed because I couldn't play with my friends because they didn't get homework from their teachers. Getting more exercise is a stretch on what kids would really do, but it could really save future generations.

  • Homework should not be abolished.

    Homework is an essential part of education. Students need to prepare for classes and review what they have already learned. It is impossible for students to do all their work while at school. Also, although it is important for kids to get exercise, this can be done outside of school.

  • They wouldn't get exercise...

    If they had no homework, kids obviously wouldn't get exercise! They would most likely sit around and play computers, iPods, or any other forms of technology. Homework is a good way for kids to focus and help them to remember and not forget what they learned about. I don't believe they would get exercise though. Well I would, but that obviously depends on the kid.

  • Teachers say they need to do more excercise!

    Teachers are in stress and worry themselves. They would be stressed over a child being stressed. Some are against homework some are not! All depends on the teacher! So tell your teacher about my argument! And have fun while you can!!! Otherwise what a boring life you will have every day!

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