• Kids should learn at school

    If kids are getting sent home with work then that shows that kids cant have a public life on weekdays or on some weekends. The kids get stressed out because it counts as a grade in most classes and when they don't get it done but understand it it will hurt their grade.

  • Homework is NOT needed

    Homeworks are given to students almost at a regular basis. It causes stress levels to be pretty high if a student is given homework. Homeworks tend to stress students and teachers aswell. Homework should be banned for the simplest fact that it takes away quality time for parents and children.

  • Homework Doesn't Do Anything

    Scientifically speaking, there is no link between performance on homework and performance at school. While the people that do their homework are typically more responsible, the homework did not affect them in any way. All homework really does is make students stay up late working on stuff they don't want to do. It isn't healthy!

  • Homework causes extreme stress

    My school lasts about 7 1/2 hours, from 8:00AM to 3:30PM. After that, some people are in sports, so they don't get home until about 5:00, and then there's that burden we call homework. Some people have to spend overnight doing homework, causing sleep deprivation, stress, and sadness considering they have no time for anything else, like spending time with family, doing hobbies, playing video games, etc. FYI I don't have much room to say this because I work fast enough to bypass most homework, but still, STRESS EVERYONE.

  • It's way too much

    So say you get up at 6:30 am every day. You spend approximately 10 hours at school. That means school is over at 4:30, and say it takes you 30 minutes to get home. It's now 5:00, and you need 30 minutes to rest, now it's 5:30 p.M. You start your homework, which takes about an hour, now it's 6:30. You also have to read for homework which is another hour, and now it's 7:30. Now lets say it takes 30 minutes to cook and eat dinner, now it's 8. The average human should go to sleep at around 9, which means you have 1 hour to your family. School takes up too much time, and homework makes no difference.

  • We don't need homework!

    My idea wouldn't be to ban all of homework, it would be to change it a tad. When we start a new unit we should take a pretest for everything we are going to learn in that unit. If you do well on the test you won't any homework or as much homework as others. If you don't do as well you will get a little more homework than others. If you did well on the pretest but you're struggling In the middle of the unit you cantle the teacher. If you don't thats's your choice but you might not get the grade you were hoping for!

  • Homework is a large stressor

    Stressors, when coupled or stacked together with others, can lead to depression. For example, body image is a huge stressor in students lives. When they have to cope with this in addition to school work AND homework, it can seem overwhelming. Certainly, the less stress on people, in general, the better.

  • Khaleel should blow up the schools

    He should blow up the school and fly a plane into the Eiffel tower and say no more school and hector would slap him and Khaleel would blow up again when he comes back an no more homework teachers your'e homework is not excepted even principles and say good by homework

  • Homework should be banned Donald Trump should do something we shouldn't have 30 minutes to read or work book pg's are hard math.

    We should not have homework it is time consuming and school takes to long and when we get out it's 3.00 pm and I want time to go bike riding and do my chores and help my grandma out and also take my dog for a walk and go to my friends house

  • Homework should be banned

    Homework is time consuming and it does not improve are grade and it is bad enough that we have to go to school for s.C.H.O.O.L stands for seven cruel hours of our lives (s.C.H.O.O.L) and we need time to ourselves and why do we even need school we need exercise.

  • In my opinion, homework is not the issue. Rather it is the amount homework given.

    The amount of homework is the issue, not the actual homework. I believe that many teachers should take feedback from their most trusted students about the homework load they assign and try to see it from their point-of-view.

    From the teacher's standpoint, more homework means more to grade I have more than one teacher that as of right now is at least 3 weeks behind on their grading.

  • Should homework be banned

    I am a student at Windsor. I like the homework, It helps me on my test, helps keep my grades up! We don't need as much but we still need homework, I am busy most night working with my horses and doing other things. So yes we need to keep homework, just not as much.

  • This is pretty neutral...

    I think hw is important in learning but too much is bad. Too much of anything is bad!!! Too much will affect the rest of the student's life and possibly also his health. I stopped sleeping at night when there is too much hw... I even lessen my eating! And i love food!! So yeah, there should be a limited number of hw per day, like 3!!!

  • Takes away valuable time

    Homework is just a big waste of time. It has no little educational value and takes away valuable time for more IMPORTANT things. Like spending time with your family. HW also wastes times for teacher who have to grade it. Finally, HW puts students off learning. Other schools are banning HW right now. Why don't everyone join in.

  • Why ban it?

    I am of the opinion that very few things really need to be banned by law. Homework is definitely not one of them. Homework for the most part is practice to give kids so that they can master their subjects. How could you get through college without homework? Not possible.

  • Homework Ban is Nonsense

    A homework ban by legislation is absolute and utter nonsense. Students need to do homework on a regular basis. Plus, such a law would be challenged and struck down almost immediately. Only a crazy legislator would think they could get away with banning homework in schools for students in the United States.

  • That's just ridiculous

    With all due respect, I'm assuming the poster of this question is in grade school? I can't imagine anybody past it thinking this makes sense. Homework builds a work ethic in students and teaches them to be wiser with their leisure time, it's a good guiding object that teaches kids to prove that they want to make something of themselves.

  • Banned by law is too strong

    While I disagree with the purpose of homework, children are sent to school for an education, sending it back home with them defeats the purpose, I think banning it by law is too strong of an action to take. There are many cases when some topics can't be covered in a class, maybe because of time constraints or sickness. Regardless of the reason, occasionally homework is needed, if it were banned by law, the child who missed the work during the day will fall behind and possibly fail.

  • Homework Part of Educational Process

    Homework is part of the vital educational process that all students must go through. Homework shouldn't be banned because it gives kids a chance to work and think independently of a teacher. Having work to do outside of a school setting is something children should get used to because in the "real world" pupils will eventually have work to do at home anyway.

  • No it should not.

    If we banned homework by law, then we would just have more work to do in school. The teachers would spend more time in class working on what would have been homework for the night befor, and then we would not learn nearly as much as we would if we had gotten homework in the first place.

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