• Banned by law yes because kids would be stressed out

    Kids would be stressed out more and they don't have any time to do homework on the weekends plus kids parents would give up on them when their kids need help with their homework and a lot of kids don't need to learn that much stuff that they need to learn

  • What gives the right to the teachers to my kid's time after school.

    Homework is not assigned on an individual basis. So either a kid goes home and does homework on something they already know, or don't know it and "practice" it wrong. Where, oh where is the data that supports homework. If I hear one more teacher tell me it helps my kid learn "time manegement" and serves as "practice of skills" I will scream . The teachers do NOT talk to each other about assignments, they don't finish the lesson in class, they have no skills of which they try to impart! The worst, the absolute worst, is the horrible bullying, intimidation, and humiliation used to make sure the kid does the homework, regardless of whether they already know the material or not. The schools are always doing their "anti-bullying" seminars when their own teachers are the biggest bullies ever! Thank god for homeschooling.

  • In my opinion, I think there should absolutely be no such thing as homework in the first thing.

    Instead what we should do is only do work in school. Meaning no make up work, in class assignment. Instead we can focus on different things to reaching the same level.
    People have lives, and other things to do, that are way better than homework and im certainly intitled to the opinion. Who says we can't do this or that? We can focus on collaboration and other things that make us Successful. Sometimes homework is not the solution.
    Other countries are succeeding rapidly and yet we are still stuck on that same level.
    I could ramble way more stuff about this, but most people get my thought.
    So that's why I think Schools should ban Homework.

  • Homework is Time Consuming

    I always want to go home and do stuff after a stressful schoolday. I am in 11 grade, and I just want to play videogames, play guitar, etc, but I cannot, because of the amount of homework. My experiance with homework is horrible. My 8th grade math teacher would give us a packet of homework. If we complained, we got another one. He even gave us a 118 question packet for christmas vacation! Homework steals our leisure time. I only want to do work in school, not home.

  • Homework takes a lot of Time! :(

    My teacher gives a lot of homework. I am in sixth grade and I stay p until 11:00 pm at night doing homework. And NO I do not play around. It is very time consuming and very frustrating. I am always thinking about how much homework I have and need to do. Homework also, takes time away from family time or after school sports. I wanted to do softball this year but, because I have so much homework I can't do it this year. I am really disappointed. I really wish that homework never existed. I don't know if is just me but that is how I feel

  • Homework Is Boring

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  • No because homework is being put on you involuntarily

    If home work is being put on involuntarily and we have to do it or we get penalized it is considered slavery. Also since you only have to be in school for around 4 to 6 hours taking a homework assignment home adds to that time wich makes it not have to be done.

  • Yes school should be over once the dismissal bell rings!

    The school is responsible for a formal education but the parents need time to educate there kids in other ways. Family time, chores, and sports are needed after school is out. With budget cuts many art and music programs in the school districts have been cut. It's my job now to cover this extra curricular as well.
    So, they get home from school by 3:30, sports/extra curricular by 4 and lasts until 6. Chores before meal time at 7. After the meal it's usually around 7:30, leaving 30 minutes for a shower and other bedtime rituals. It's already a full day for these kids. If we have them in bed by 8:30 the last hour of the day has to go to homework. This time should be spent with family.
    Furthermore, studies show that homework is not beneficial for elementary school children.

  • Homework should be banned by law.

    Because it stops kids from being able to go play outside or do something productive. Your head starts hurting of just thinking of all the homework you have to do when you get home right away. It even causes kids to develop stress, which affects their outside life most of the time.

  • Yes because the world has changed and family time and personal autonomy are important

    The world has changed. When I was a kid, there was no Internet, no Amazon for cheap books, not even video tapes. If you didn't live near a high-quality public library, homework was the only education games in town, an undisputed opportunity. Not so today. My kid didn't have much homework last year so did an award-winning personal science project that ended up disproving the common explanations for an ordinary physical phenomenon. This year, there was no time because of homework, things like making t-shirts for science class. Boo. Kids are no longer coming home to nothing but Gilligan's Island reruns. If some people would like to keep educating their kids the way they did in the 19th century, and want to choose to let the schools have control of their time until they go to bed at night, then more power to them. For others, it destroys creativity, and research shows structuring kids time too much, such as through too much homework, destroys autonomy and makes it so kids have LESS ability to complete tasks they set for themselves, not more.

    A lot of research today shows homework is of limited value anyway, even people whose work was used to justify homework. What was the legal basis by which schools were allowed to expect families to put all of their time, 24/7 at the schools' disposal in order for kids to get a public education? No one argued back when homework was an unequivocal opportunity, but that has changed. So, too, should our unquestioning acceptance of that kind of control of our time and focus.

    The fact is, schools can provide educational excellence, even better, project-based learning opportunities, that make more well-rounded students, that don't involve mandatory homework. Families should be allowed to overtly choose programs that involve nothing but the traditional way of doing things, including giving over their whole lives to it if they wish. But the schools and people who choose the old ways seem determined to force everyone else to do things their way, and thus, I think we should just ban homework by law. Public education is mandatory, and at least in my state, it's a right guaranteed by Constitution, and an EQUAL education is also guaranteed. It's probably Unconstitutional for the schools to expect me to put all of our time at their disposal in order to get a public education. Time to ban homework, and start the conversation about the value of home time and personal autonomy, and how to educate children better AT SCHOOL in the 21st century.

  • Should homework be banned

    I am a student at Windsor. I like the homework, It helps me on my test, helps keep my grades up! We don't need as much but we still need homework, I am busy most night working with my horses and doing other things. So yes we need to keep homework, just not as much.

  • This is pretty neutral...

    I think hw is important in learning but too much is bad. Too much of anything is bad!!! Too much will affect the rest of the student's life and possibly also his health. I stopped sleeping at night when there is too much hw... I even lessen my eating! And i love food!! So yeah, there should be a limited number of hw per day, like 3!!!

  • Takes away valuable time

    Homework is just a big waste of time. It has no little educational value and takes away valuable time for more IMPORTANT things. Like spending time with your family. HW also wastes times for teacher who have to grade it. Finally, HW puts students off learning. Other schools are banning HW right now. Why don't everyone join in.

  • Why ban it?

    I am of the opinion that very few things really need to be banned by law. Homework is definitely not one of them. Homework for the most part is practice to give kids so that they can master their subjects. How could you get through college without homework? Not possible.

  • Homework Ban is Nonsense

    A homework ban by legislation is absolute and utter nonsense. Students need to do homework on a regular basis. Plus, such a law would be challenged and struck down almost immediately. Only a crazy legislator would think they could get away with banning homework in schools for students in the United States.

  • That's just ridiculous

    With all due respect, I'm assuming the poster of this question is in grade school? I can't imagine anybody past it thinking this makes sense. Homework builds a work ethic in students and teaches them to be wiser with their leisure time, it's a good guiding object that teaches kids to prove that they want to make something of themselves.

  • Banned by law is too strong

    While I disagree with the purpose of homework, children are sent to school for an education, sending it back home with them defeats the purpose, I think banning it by law is too strong of an action to take. There are many cases when some topics can't be covered in a class, maybe because of time constraints or sickness. Regardless of the reason, occasionally homework is needed, if it were banned by law, the child who missed the work during the day will fall behind and possibly fail.

  • Homework Part of Educational Process

    Homework is part of the vital educational process that all students must go through. Homework shouldn't be banned because it gives kids a chance to work and think independently of a teacher. Having work to do outside of a school setting is something children should get used to because in the "real world" pupils will eventually have work to do at home anyway.

  • No it should not.

    If we banned homework by law, then we would just have more work to do in school. The teachers would spend more time in class working on what would have been homework for the night befor, and then we would not learn nearly as much as we would if we had gotten homework in the first place.

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