• Because children need 8 hours of sleep, it just causes stress!

    I never get a lot of homework, but homework adds peer pressure and social problems, kids are not little soldiers doing homework, they should do an after school thing such as watching TV or playing with their iPod. It also makes children hate school even more than now! I think homework should be banned for good!

  • There is NO relaxation for students!

    People who are in school have too little time with their families, not enough time with friends. All this can add up to social problems and a disconnection from friends and family. As a student, I think I can say that having no homework would improve my attitude outside of school, it would improve my social relationships, and I would be less stressed.

  • Yes it Should be Banned.

    Too much homework causes us to over think it, gives us extra stress and add ons to what other stress we have, it also doesn't allow us to do anything we want! These are only a couple of the reasons that I think we should ban homework and as a student I fully support it.

  • Homework should be banned because it causes too much stress.

    We definitely need less stress from homework; it controls our world! We need to have time for family, personal needs, and ultimately have more time for what we want to do. We also need to have enough sleep. We don't want excessive stress than can lead to both anxiety problems and depression. Why keep homework?

  • Homework should be banned as students already do 6 hours a day in school.

    Homework should be banned as students do 6 hours a day in school for 11 years of their life and to make things worse when they finish school all they want to do is go home and relax, but with homework they cannot do that. Say if a family member is ill and the student has homework to do and it has to be in the next day but they want to help their family member instead.

    Posted by: gfrj
  • Homework should be banned because it is negatively affecting students' health.

    I am a high school student and I think that it should be banned. It is affecting my social, mental and physical health badly. The amount of homework I get makes me not be able to see my friends, not able to go outside and exercise, and mentally, it puts lots of pressure on me. I would rather work harder in school and have time where I can see my friends. Homework is more negative than it is positive. I think it should be banned.

  • yes it should be banned

    Too much homework causes us to over think it, gives us extra stress and add ons to what other stress we have, it also doesn't allow us to do anything we want! These are only a couple of the reasons that I think we should ban homework and as a student I fully support it.

  • More family bonding will be the result.

    More time spent on homework means less time for family bonding. It detaches the student form his or her family and soon enough he or she won't even bother to talk to them. Children get frustrated even if their family members talk to them. They say it 'disrupts' their revision or homework thus being rude. This weakens the bonds they have for each other. I say that homework must be reduced for both student's and family's benefit.

  • Yes - Students Have Lives Too

    Yes, homework should be banned in schools. Part of the reason teenagers have lost interest in school is because of the massive amounts of homework given out every day. Most teens even have large amounts of homework assigned for the weekend. They have so many assignments that they have very little free time for social activities and are getting burnt out on school. We need to rethink the way we educate in this country.

  • Yes homework should be banned

    Homework should be banned because it causes way too much stress. The only homework that should be assigned is when you have a test the next day. I'm in high school and I have eight classes. If every class has 20 minutes in homework that equals three hours of just homework. That impedes in my life. If students like me didn't have homework we would be less stressed and I think we do better in school. I mean what can you expect out of the kid. I'm just 14 and yes I'm still a kid we don't need this much homework, let alone having homework. I really do think homework should be banned

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  • Should homework be ban?

    Homework should not be ban because we need homework to help us learn and also we need it so that we can get better grades and also get better at things like science and math. If we don't have homework we wont accomplish what the teacher wants us to accomplish.

  • Basically it is the part of education

    Homework helped us a lot in recalling all that we have studied all the day so i m in favour of homework and i suggest all of them that are not in favour of home task should get interested in home task because we cant escape through it either we like or dislike.................... Thanks

  • How else do kids get A's

    Kids go to school for an average 6 hours, come back and do what, nothing? How do people achieved their dreams in this world? Hours of practice and practice, and no practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Most kids forget what they learned at school that day. Homework is a way to reactivate that information. Without homework, what would they learn, how would they advance, what would the results on the tests and quizzes look like? Not very good for sure.

  • Teaches one time management

    People are saying that homework affects family time and extra cirricular activities but its up the student to plan out their work and have an organized schedule. If they put in the effort then they won't have these problems. If there is no homework everything will come easy and they won't work hard for their studies and will eventually get dumber.

  • Nothing to do

    Kids wont be able to practice the things they need for tests and things. Also they wouldn't be able to do things in school. If you think about it, most of the things you do in school have to do with the homework you did last night or a few nights before. They could make school days longer but they would then have to pay for the teachers and then students wouldn't really get any free time after school especially if they do after school activities

  • It helps you be prepared in life

    Well what I think is that homework shouldnt be banned for school because it helps you be prepared for life and get a better future and get a better job than working in mcdonalds or something like that instead of that you can be an architect or a lawyer yeah

  • Why ban homework?

    Homework helps students to have longer retention. Helps them to communicate when they don't understand something. Makes students use their time wisely. Makes a student feel confident with their level of responsibility. People say that it basically kills trees then why do I keep on seeing planted saplings when I'm on the road? If it destroys trees then plant a tree! Things come and go
    The only students who are available to complain about homework is elementary graders as they are new to homework and need time to develop.

  • NO banning homework!!!

    It stimulates the brain and it helps teach the students responsibility and time management skills. It also lets teachers know what the students weaknesses and helps focus on them to strengthen them. Homework is like a pre-pre-test that isn't worth as much as normal tests. :) Hope this helps...Note this all has been researched and is ,at least, true.

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