• Homework should be given to students

    Homework should be given to students because, students can't learn everything at school and homework is meant to let students research more about their topics and learn mores they understand in class. Some people may think that it is hard, takes up all of your free time, though that may be true it plays a very big part in the learning process. I like homework because I feel like it can help me improve in my subjects as well as let my parents know what I am doing. Though I also find that I don't have much time to do it, I love learning new things and I would like to know what we are doing in school.

  • Homework is important for students

    It can help understand what you are learning at school more, but it is not so good to do too much homework because it is important to spend time with family and friends too.

    The benefits of homework are, it can help you with lots of thing like improving your skills and mastering the things you are learning at school.Homework can be important for teachers too so they know if you understand what you're learning or not, if not they can help you improve.Also, homework can help you review what you're learning at school, so you can be ready for test, exams, project and more.

    Overall homework is an important source of learning, maybe even homework can help you with future problems or misunderstandings.It also gets your brain working a lot faster, and you can understand all the learning you've done and maybe be proud of yourself.

    I think homework is good for students mind as they develop, homework can get you better at your thinking skills, but too much homework can be too stressing for children.I think homework is good for students.

  • Yes but not everyday.

    Because if you do it so much you will get a little stressed. But if you don't give them homework to review they might forget what they had learn in school. And they can improve more. And also if they have allot of time left it might be boring if they got no homework to do

  • Sure,But not always

    I think children should be given homework because some children don't listen in class and need a review .But instead of homework every day we get 3 Assignments/Activities on Monday and return it on Friday so,that children don't need to worry and stress out about getting there Assignments/Activities done the next day.

  • Homework is important for students

    It can help you know more about the things you are learning, but too much homework is not so good because it is also important to spend some time with your family and friends too.

    The benefits of having homework are, it can help you with lots of things like improving your skills or mastering your lessons. Homework can also help you review your learning from school, and homework is all important for teachers too, so they can know if you understood the topic you're learning, so that they can help you improve.Also, it makes you a more responsible person.

  • Homework should given to whole students in whole school

    Because student can be confused a thing that they learned from school so homework is same with reviewing the things that we learned from school if we don't we will forget What we learned in school homework are good for students because I don't want to forget a things that I learned from school.

  • Homework can help you with upcoming challenges like test or Exams.

    Homework can help you with education skills and help you be smarter and it might help you in the Future with business.Also any teacher and parents wold be proud of you went you get a good grade on anything.But at the same time do get homework everyday.It can be stressful.

  • Sure,Not every day.

    I think that kids should have homework to review from class because some children don't listen in class and then when there is a surprise test.I think we need it but not every day! I think we should get 3 activities on Monday and return it on Friday so, that students don't have to worry about getting it all done because some students go to bed early and don't have time to finish it.

  • Homework should be given!!!!!!!!!

    Homwork should be given because it will rivew things that we learned in class and they might forget about what we learned.It won't make you bored when, you have nothing to do in classroom.Homework will allow family to be closer when, we ask question and techers too because teachers can fix their probllems.

  • Because I said so.

    Maybe homework in moderate is good, because sometimes children need practice for harder schoolwork. Also because I said so :P -Billyyyyy
    P.S Too much of anything isn't good for you. However you should give homework related to the subject the classes are studying, Otherwise it would be useless and random.

  • It depends on the student.

    I believe that homework should not be given to students because they spend to much time on it. I understand that teachers may what repetition, but what about classwork! I would gladly trade in homework for classwork. If a student completely understands a topic, then why spend so much time learning it, when they already know it? If a student doesn't understand a topic, they should get a small amount of homework, no more than 15 problems.

  • Not our current version of homework.

    The current version of homework is very faulty (i'm only talking about the United States public schools). Memorization is not the best way to solve problems. Anyone can do something 10 times and memorize it, it's not very hard only time consuming. But once something is tweaked just a tiny bit, students panic and don't know what to do. Our homework should not be about memorization, it should focus on skills needed for critical thinking and problem solving. In math students are forced to do memorize the same problems over and over yet do not get anywhere. If they couled just obtain the tools needed to solve these problems we would all be better off. So in conclusion, homework should still be given out but there should be less of it and it should revolve around building skills in a certain area.

  • No homework for us

    It takes up time for all of the children who have sports or other extracurricular activities during the day. Like for example: i have practice from 5:30 to 8:00 and I am in middle school! No time for homework yet we still get it every single day and it kills us.

  • Homework should not be given

    Homework should not be given because we have already been at school for 7 hours straight with minimal breaks inbetween classes. When we arrive at home, children have to do chores and sometimes they even have to take care of little sibilings. If we didnt have homework, the learning done at school would be more lengthy and in depth. Some students can't learn by just gettin a worksheet and taking it home amd some cant get help from their parents so they arent learning they are just getting stressed.

  • Homework is important because

    Well homework should be given because it improves you writing skills and you can learn lots of things from it another reason is because it allows you to review your stuff what has been covered in class .Homework actually improves your thinking skills how you ask well in homework you have think and to solve the answer. Homework should also be given everyday because they should understand everything just encase of a pop quiz or surprise test

  • No more homework

    Children are still growing and they need a lot of free time and exercise to stay healthy. Most kids have so much homework that they don't have enough time to do these things. This is why homework should not be given to students. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!

  • Nah fam nahhh

    Home work is awful, no one likes it, it sucks. I think we should make large pits to throw every assignment of homework we have into so we can burn them and laugh in spite of all the teachers that thinks its fun to eliminate the free time I have outside of school.

  • Homework is TORTURE!

    After all those hours in school studying ,children come back home only to study again(do H.W).This is stopping children from having a balanced lifestyle ,they don't have proper sleep because of all that lengthy h.W keeping them up late,they are not involved in physical activities making them unfit.Students do 3 to 4 hr of h.W and then preparing all those tests and quiz , not to mention those surprise test that can be taken any time , so it is hard for them to keep up.This also encourages cheating because children end up copying others as an attempt to complete assignments.The quantity of h.W does not matter,the length does.If a child is given one h.W and their teacher say u only have one h.W that is to less lets give u another,without knowing that h.W might be of 5 to 6 pages and to be submitted the next day.This also causes incomplete work which effect on grades.
    The amount of stress h.W causes is ridiculous,especialy when they are under so much pressure to get into good collages along with making friends and staying active.Homework is NOT necessery.

  • Takes time up

    Home work takes so much time up. First of all it is boring and second of all it takes up classroom work. We get homework every night and my mother still makes me do extra math and reading homework. If we do so much homework in school why do we need to do it at home.

  • Homework Should NOT Be Given

    From where I'm from, students are given homework. Yet a student can only learn so much, as proven in a study. According to Edgar Dale, "10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we discuss with others, 80% of what we personally experience, 95% or what we teach others." If this is true, wouldn't it be difficult for kids to learn what was taught in class? Doing homework can cause stress for kids, having to do classwork, projects, and homework. When there are many different classes, it's also tough on students to understand all that was learned in a classroom, and yet still continue the work when at home. If a student understands it, doing the homework overworks a student. Remember that a person only remembers 10% of what they've read? When reading a passage, book, letter, etc. certain students have to reread what was already read since it either didn't process, or they couldn't remember what was written. There are even other countries that don't give out homework, those students have been studied to learn more and more efficient because of it.

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