• Yes, homework teaches students about personal effort and responsibilities

    Homework should be required on a consistent basis. Homework is not only an excellent way for children and teenagers to practice the skills they are taught in school, but also a good method of teaching them how to solve problems by themselves. It also gets them used to having personal responsibilities, which is essential for growing into responsible individuals.

  • Homework should be required in schools.

    Homework should be required in schools, at least to some extent. Students need to learn how to work independently, and how to plan a project so that they have everything done on time. These skills will be necessary to succeed later in life. Homework is the only effective way to teach these skills. In my opinion, homework in the elementary grades should be optional, and become mandatory in middle and high school.

  • No Homework :-)

    We need the time to relax after a long day at school. Some people have other things to do after school and just don't have time to do homework such as a Doctor's appointment, sport game/practice, do/help with chores, go out to eat with family members and maybe it is just to much, I mean, I get stressed out about homework, too! So, I say.......NO HOMEWORK!
    A Kid

  • Homework is not right

    We should be able relax we also need time with our family my life is centered around school so homework is one more thing i need to worry about high schoolers get at least 1 or 2hour of homework a day, yes, a day and that is only 1 day out of about 182 that is not right so I say
    NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!

  • No, homework should not be mandatory.

    No, homework should not be required, but could given as optional activities for extra credit. The schoolwork that is now designated as homework should be done at school during a quiet study period, so that when students go home they are completely free to pursue other activities. Many students do not live in environments conducive to doing homework, putting them at an unfair disadvantage. Other students have to help with household chores when they return home and do not have time for homework.

  • No, homework should be at the teacher's discretion.

    The goal of school is to have children learn. To achieve this, teachers and schools set benchmarks for kids to aim for and, hopefully, reach. If a teacher feels that homework is necessary for children to reach learning targets, then extra work is appropriate. Assigning homework just for the sake of having work to take home can embitter kids, bore them, and often amounts to nothing more than busywork.

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