• Hi my dog is made out of butter

    My dog is made of buter my dog is made of buter my dog is made of buter my dog is made of buter my dog is made of buter my dog is made of buter my dog is made of buter my dog is made of buter my dog is made of buter my dog is made of buter

  • The kids will try harder in call to get their class work done!

    I know that kids don't try hard in class then complain that the homework was to difficult. If each day kids get taught a lesson then given a work sheet on that lesson to do in class I think kids will get it done quicker because they don't want to do homework. And if kids really do run into a difficult problem they will have a teacher there to help them and teach them how to do it right instead of guessing and getting it wrong and possibly learning it the wrong way and making a habit of it. It's could be very time consuming for kids and also pressure for the parents at home to teach it correct to their kids.

  • Unfinished classwork = homework

    I can see no way in which classwork and homework are different. If we do not send unfinished classwork home, we will be letting students get away with slacking off. This way, the students who work harder in class are rewarded with less homework. Plus, teachers are already busy enough trying to prepare lessons, they should not have to work more on homework

  • Perfect amount of work.

    I have seven classes everyday, Monday through Wednesday. Thursday and Friday have my classes split. Don't have enough time to do my daily chores, homework, and meet with friends and family. Recently I found out that my father had a child in his high school years, she was put up for adoption thirty years ago, She contacted my father two days ago, I'm going to meet her tomorrow but I have school work and I need to get my grades up for the end of term. If we didn't have homework, we could have more free time, I could meet Bonnie without any stress about my grades, I would have passing grades from doing all of my school work. I also have troubles turning things in, so i can barely Pass in my classes through in school hours work.

  • School must provide sufficient learning support

    If the child lacks the skills to finish classwork at school, he will not be able to finish it at home either without placing excessive stress on the parent/child relationship. Even then it is not really the child that usually does the work, so doing school work at home does not effectively promote learning. Most parents are not special education teachers, most lack even basic pedagogical skills. Especially if the child has a learning disability, it is the school's responsibility to provide the support for the child to learn the skills he needs to complete school work at school. Reasonable amount of homework is acceptable, but not finishing classwork during school hours is a sign of a problem.

  • It is so hard to do homework

    People need to spent time with their family and if they get homework it makes it more harder.Children should not get homework because if they do get homework for example a boy went to a karate lesson when he came back it was to late and he had to do his homework.These are the reasons why I think children should not get homework

  • Homework is homework.

    Homework is work that is assigned during class and sent home to be completed. But unfinished classwork cannot be qualified as homework. Homework is homework and classwork is classwork. The two should not be mixed. Why are teachers doing this? Are they just to lazy to prepare more homework for students?

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