• You Bet It Is.

    Look up the statistics of STD's within the gay community. Look at the amount of sexual partners within the gay community. Look up the amount of drug use within the gay community. And then realize that some people are bi-sexual who partake in these activities.

    Lets put it this way, as far as gay men go. You have your normal dating procedure, where a man chases a woman, and she is usually not so easy to get with in the bedroom. It takes time, compassion, and care. The man is naturally horny and thinking about sex. Now you have a naturally horny many chasing another naturally horny man. Yeah...

    Homosexuality going by statistics does indeed pose a harm to society. Lets stop being politically correct and recognize that nothing is black and white.


    OK, just to get this straight, I don't think homosexuality should be a crime; It shouldn't be something that puts you in jail. However, homosexuality is not right. Marriage a sacred bond between a man and a woman, not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Again, it shouldn't be a crime worthy of putting you in prison, but come on, it's just wrong.

  • The trust hurts

    This may be unsettling, but the truth hurts some people. I was a homosexual and the fact is thereIS active recruiting taking place and a highly organised agenda. It has nothing to do with human nature, just moral failure. I am so happy I was redeemed and have left that depressing apology for an existence. Criminalisation will place this transgression where it belongs, outside the normal conventions of society and will therefore encourage to seek help before acting on confusing temptations. As I said, unsettling. But the truth. From a once militant homo.

  • Faggots spread disease.

    Forget the religious aspects. Homosexuals are the most disease ridden beasts on earth. The CDC and NIH has the stats to back it up. From every STD on the planet to Gay Bowel Syndrome and pedophelia, gays represent a health danger to this country. There should be a death penalty for guys who like to screw other guys up the ass.

  • Homos are sick and perverted

    The former homosexual is right those perverts do have an agenda. The worst part of their agenda is that they are trying to convince children to choose that sinful and pernicious lifestyle. American should a law like Russia has at the very least. Furthermore Hollywood has to stop putting them in movies and television shows.

  • Look, there is right and there is wrong. It is really that simple.

    Regardless of desires, men are not supposed to have sex with other men. Women are not supposed to have sex with other women. Biology is pretty clear cut. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Square peg doesn't go in the round hole, so to speak. I think this is entirely ridiculous that people even think that it is ok.

  • Re-criminalise homosexuality now

    Ever since 1967 at the time when homosexual offences were still criminal and then legal the sexual offences act of 1967 under parliament legalised homosexuality and the government had the age of consent first 21 then 16 by 2000, over the next few decades same sex marriages were introduced and homosexuality should be re-criminalised again, bring back the death penalty, bring back adultery and bring back buggery.

  • Re-criminalise homosexuality again it is not an offence to say that

    Since the late 1950's in the UK homosexuality was still a criminal offence the sexual offences act 1967 was passed on to legalise homosexuality now since the early 1970's and to now gay prides were on and to be frank right here right now as a straight heterosexual man I think that homosexuality for almost 50 years
    should be Re-criminalised again, gay people have got no right to be this way.

  • Re-criminalise homosexuality again in the UK, USA, Wales and Scotland and Ireland.

    Re-criminalise homosexuality again is the right choice, for homosexuals and lesbians they have sex, they cause HIV/AIDS, in 1967 the age of consent was 21 then reduced to 16 by 2000 and in the UK and USA homosexuality should be made illegal again for the first time since 1967-2000 and 2003.

  • Re-criminalise homosexuality again

    Under the UK government since the sexual offences act 1967 was passed on to legalise homosexuality the UK government and every conservative leader in 2016 should have homosexuality Re-criminalised again. The gays and lesbians have got no place in British society and culture to be in, it ends right now.

  • Follow the Evidence

    There is no scientific evidence that homosexuality is intrinsically a social wrong, nor does there exist causation linking it to higher rates of STDs, depression, or any of the other social ills people tend to link to it. It would be like me saying black people should be rounded up and put into camps because statistics show a higher propensity towards violent behavior and poverty in the black community. Statistics do show that but, without causation, it is clearly a bigoted misuse of said statistics. No first world medical or psychological organization considers homosexuality to be any different than being born left handed. It is a benign variation.

  • It's not a sin

    Homosexuality isn't a choice, so criminalizing these people will not make them any less gay. It is simply a violation of civil liberties to do so and anyone who supports this is sick in the head. Why would you want to fix someone who isn't broken? It doesn't make any sense.

  • This is pathetic.

    If you are saying homosexuality should be criminalized, about 8% of the United States population would be criminalized including millions of children under the age of 18. Homosexuality is not chosen just like having ADD is not chosen.

    If marriage is so sacred to you, why do we allow divorce? Why do some marriages only last a few days? Why do people marry for legal documents? Why do people marry for money? You are such a hypocrite when you say these kind of things.

    You need to start opening up your mind. The world doesn't revolve around you and homosexuals are the same person as you. Again, this topic is pathetic.

  • This is a democracy right?

    In the land of freedom and where the term 'live and let live' mean something. How could some of us even think to criminalize homosexuality? They're not harming anybody in any which way or form, so why do some of us even feel the need to do anything about it? It's not a problem it's just who they have chosen to love.

  • Not something we should interfere with.

    I have to ask how it affects anyone if 2 homosexuals love each other. Who are we to really tell others who they should love or how they should live their life. They're not hurting anybody whether you believe it's a sin or not. I don't understand how some people can think they have the right to govern others' lives in something that probably will not have the slightest bit of impact in their lives.

  • Just Another Way Of Life

    No, homosexuality should not be criminalized. Criminalizing homosexuality would be like making it illegal to have a club foot at birth…you are what you were born with and you cannot help it. Society oversteps its limits in even proposing this idea. Homosexuality is not a behavior like stealing or cheating on your taxes. Homosexuality is a part of who a person is and is not something they can change at will. Homosexuality should be accepted as just another way of life. We do not have the right, or any reason, to pass judgment.

  • What?

    This has to be a joke. I feel like I'm on a fundamentalist Christian website. Now America wants to send people who love each other to jail? I guess sending people to jail for decades for smoking a plant wasn't enough. So we want to send non-violent pot smokers and non-violent homosexuals to prison, while our system lets the wall street people and bankers who almost collapsed America's economy get away with it. Well folks, welcome to America.

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