• If a student has social anxiety that hood could help them get through they day to day activities students go to

    Some students, like myself, have sever social anxiety and going through the day to day life of a student can be taxing and can even cause multiple panic attacks and if a single hood on their head can help them by "hiding behind it" so they feel as if they have something protecting them from other students and their cruel judgment then by all means they should be aloud to have a hood

  • The consequences of banning hoods

    Say we do ban hoods, after this probably all child hoodies wouldn't be able to sell, this would be a serious impact towards many clothing companies, since many of them have a lot of hoodies in stock also, coats with hoodies will also have serious trouble selling. Banning Hoodies in school also means no letting hoodies sell at all.

  • What is the distraction about wearing a hood?

    If it is apart of my clothing then I should be able to wear it. That is like saying girls shouldn't be allowed to wear yoga pants. It all depends on who you are and why you have such grudge against hoods. If you don't like them then don't look at them.

  • Does not effect anyone + Warmth

    Wearing a hood does not effect the teacher, the students, or one's own self. Teachers don't like it because it's new to them and they are narrow minded. Also it's freezing at some times especially when an air conditioner is blowing on you, so you can pull up your hood and protect your self from being SICK.

  • The idea is ridiculous!!

    The idea of banning hoods makes no sense. They aren't even distracting. Hiding your phones in them could be a problem but then just check the pockets of the hoods before class starts or just make sure they aren't using the phones in class. Or even better, allow phones. They may be distracting in some cases but students like myself work better with music playing in their ears. Weapons is a problem but again just make sure they don't have one! It's hard to hide a knife/gun inside of a pocket. The better aproach would be to use your backpack (don't quote me on that). Anyways it's just flat out stupid. End. Of. Story....

  • Hoods look cool

    They don't support gang violence and they look good. They can also help prevent hypothermia when kids go outside. Hoodies can go pretty well with most fashion styles and can be used like large pockets. They can also help children with social anxieties by letting them conceal their identities form others.

  • I love hoods

    People get cold in school plus if they have a hairstyle they were forced to get and don't like the hood can cover it plus there nothing wrong with wearing a hood in a building and they are very comfortable to wear and i love them very much hehehehe he

  • Haircuts haircut are are cringey cringey

    When ever i have a haircut i want to put on my hood so no one see it. Most of the times my mom make me have a hair cut that makes me look bald i dont like that so i decide to put a hoodie and here comes a teacher saying "take off your hood" there was this one time i got a haircut that a liked then thats when i didn't put mu hood

  • Hoods should be allowed!

    Sometimes if a teen feels sad or anxiety then they hide being their hood because they feel like it protects then from all the negative feedback they get from others, it can really help students get through the day in some situations, its not just some gang thing, its some students life that they need to fit in with, it should be allowed

  • Hoods are life

    My teacher tells me to take my hood off all the time and then when I put it on when we go outside he doesn't care I can hear perfectly with it and when I pull it over my head I can breath and see he only cares when I'm inside and the principle doesn't care only my teachrrs

  • School Safety issue

    Not only is it disrespectful but identification is an issue with a hoodie on. To many non school activities happening that teachers and cameras need to see who and what is happening. Faces need to been seen at all times. After being told over a 100 times a year.. You would think the kids would get it!!

  • It affects criminal mindset

    Criminals, like gang members or others, wear something that will hide their identity. A hood is one of those things. A person, student or stranger, who wears a hood at school could hardly be identified because his head is covered. Consequently, that person can accomplish a crime (stealing, etc) with ease and confidence because he knows that he may not be identified.

    But if we disallow hoods at school, the chances for above-mentioned scenario to happen are decreased, because people would think twice without hood in their head.

  • You should be able to wear hoodies in school

    Some people be leave that if they have a special hoodie or jacket they might do something out of the ordinary something that they don't normally do like get a 100% on a test or get better grades in all of their class,but its all in their head that if they don't have it on they might do bad and get bad grades

  • It is up to the school or district.

    In my lifetime A LOT of fights have happen over hoods.For example, kids r immature and they will put stuff in other peoples hood. Even if a fight arises and one person has a hood on the other person doesn't, the person that doesn't would go straight. Sooooooo....... That is why i think there should be hoodies in schools.

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  • How is this act disrespectful?

    Hoods are apart of a clothing item. I do not see how this is such a disrespectful act. My face is clearly visible and i can still learn properly and participate just as well. Teachers think students may be smuggling things under hoods such as illegal items but if that were the case, they would clearly be visible. Teachers need to realize that every student in a public school in America should have the right to wear hoods. Nobody pays attention to the back or top of my head like WTF!!!

  • Students can put their hoods up and fall asleep when teachers don't know. That is what I think.

    Students can also vandalize school properties and put up their Hood up and run down the hall and escape before they get caught. There is a lot of other reasons why it is a bad idea to wear a hood in school. There are a lot of trouble makers in the schools.

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