• Yes Housewives should be paid

    Housewives and mothers have very demanding jobs. As we can see by this question, they are not respected for what they do nor do they get paid. But they should. Running a house is like running a company. Long, thankless hours of taking care of other people should be rewarded. Most women are so disrespected, they do not get even pin money to spend in any way they see fit.

  • Yes, depending upon the financial/work life balance.

    If both work full time and both pay equal shares of mortgage and utility bills then they should both equally share chores to make it fair. If one or neither want to do the chores then they would have to pay someone from outside to do it for them. Why not give a share of the payment to the partner that is prepared to do the chores?

  • Yaa they should

    Housewives should be paid , because they do a tough and hard work as their husbands do . Paying housewives mean not only money , we should pay them a feeling of appreciation , love respect . They work for entire life without taking any holiday, they should be paid.

  • Yes please, why not?

    If I got paid for being a housewife, I would be happier and richer indeed. I will stop complaining because I know money is rolling in, and won't feel guilty spending on myself. And perhaps my husband will understand where his money is going and know that his money is not spent on high teas and hair salons. I might even start ironing his shirts instead of sending them to dry cleaners! If wives got paid for having sex with husbands, men will surely get more of it!

    At the end of the day, happy wife means happy family. Happy wives stay young and healthy. If men can't say to his wife how lovely they look and listen attentively to her feelings, the least they can do is understand what they do and pay accordingly. That's if they don't want a grumpy old ugly wife.

  • Some work for hours to earn for a living, but some some work for a lifetime and don't get paid anything...

    62% of married women are housewives. This is mostly because of family background and culture. By rewarding housewives for their efforts raises their financial status and improves gender stereotypes and makes them feel empowered. Some single mothers aren't well employed and cant afford baby-sitters. How will they be able to cope with looking after the child(ren) and work at the same time?

  • They only depend on 1 income

    If the other partner works as business man they would not have a fix income which is risky for the whole family .Furthermore this situation would also lead to bankruptcy and would harm the children childhood.There is also a situation that it causes unfairness because the husband get paid when he works but a housewife don't no matter how many hours they work

  • They only depend on 1 income

    If the other partner works as business man they would not have a fix income which is risky for the whole family .Furthermore this situation would also lead to bankruptcy and would harm the children childhood.There is also a situation that it causes unfairness because the husband get paid when he works but a housewife don't no matter how many hours they work

  • Housewives should be paid with love and respect, and daily appreciation.

    It is true that most times, a couple enter into marriage of their own choice, and should learn to cope. However it is also true that most men expect their wife to do the giant share of the house and kids care work. Kids get sick and good food needs loving preparation. Many wives do not feel appreciated, and their personal needs go neglected or unmet. Part of the husband's wage really belongs to his wife, and if he truly loves his wife he should pay her first willingly, before he spends. Such a wife will willingly spend most of what she is given, for her husband and kids anyway. It makes for a better outcome.

  • Housewives should get paid.

    Housewives should get paid, Not only are they doing twice the work of men by working both in and out of the home they also receive more demanding attention from any children in the home. Is a man equipped to nurse a child? No he can't. Men may of had the corner market years ago, when it came to making all of the choices or decisions in the home but, not anymore. Now that is all left up to the wife or woman of the house. Things such as planning the weeks meals or getting the kids off to school. While I'll admit that there are some men who are quite capable of doing these things. Women, have in large been doing it for much longer. So , should women be paid for doing all of this? YES ABSOLUTELY. We would not go out and clean someone else's house for nothing so why should we have to clean ours and not receive some form of financial compensation?

  • It IS hard work.

    I don't have kids. I'm a houseWIFE not mother, yet. I work my ass off. I have had a job, and I never got callus while working. As a housewife, I do. I mow the yard. I handle the finances, I cook every single meal, including packing my husband's lunch. I clean my house spotless every day. I take the trash out and to the curb. It is a job. And a hard one. As soon as I find a job, I'll be working and doing all the above too. Is that fair to me? Try being a housewife then tell me you wouldn't want to be paid for it. I have worked and had to do all of this too and it's so hard to keep everything in line and controlled.

  • No for two reasons

    Housewives should not be paid for two reasons first is that either the state or the government would have to pay them, putting our country more in the hole. Second is because they provide nothing to society, only their family. Besides if they really want some extra money they should find a job, and put their kids in daycare.

  • Should I be paid for breathing?

    Why? Your turning a loving relationship into an employee employer contract because you feel women arent "Compensated enough". Marriage as it exists essentially binds a man and a women into a contact where they share almost everything and on top of that you want the man to pay for a choice that both he and the woman made? How would you implement this? Would you have a new agency, or use the police? How much would this cause? How many people would object out of some sort of belief and how many would create fake documentation to avoid paying? How does it "enhance economic condtions for the family" if the husband is paying? If the government pays for it, why? So that 97% of mothers can do the same thing as before, 1% are helped and 2% scam the system?

  • Marriage already binds a husband and wife

    As Mustachero said, a wife is entitled to 50% of the marriage's money. As for the extra income, where do you think this money would be coming from? Since no one is going to hire someone to raise that someone's own child, this money would likely come from taxes (and be a massive economic drain). Whilst I'm all for the feminism movement in regards to creating equality, impractical ideas like this are not feasible.

  • NO not at all

    Housewives basically clean and take care of children, if they have children. So practically cleaning your surroundings is a practice of hygiene, so your saying we should pay them for good hygiene if that's the case we should get remuneration too for simply brushing our teeth or taking a shower. It is a very opinionated topic but I disagree, housewives should not be paid

  • No for what being an adult

    I'm a husband ,my wife works I work and after work she has her duties and I have mine. Her being my wife she has to clean the house take care of the kids and cook me being the husband I have to mow the lawn and anything that need to be fixed I do cars plumbing dry wall any thing out side. So if my wife can handle a job and still do all the stuff of daily responsibilities and as do I. We all need to do the part of helping the family function. It is a thankless job for both of us but it needs to get done.

  • HouseWives should definitely NOT be paid!

    This argument is easily decided.HouseWives are almost doing nothing all day which I believe is unfair towards the Teachers,Docters in this society.One question that always crosses my mind when thinking about this argument is how the HouseWives will get paid.By government?No it will just put us into financial trouble,HouseWives should not get paid because if they really need money they would get a job.

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  • No they should not

    Why should the government pay a stay at home wife isn't that what welfare is about. And were is this money going to come from, if we pay them then we are just digging ourselves in a deeper hole with money. So no i don't think women should get paid to stay at home and take care of their children.

  • They should not

    Why? Everyone needs a clean house and chores to be done. Its not a job, its a responsibility. And the employee-employer relationship will be massively damaging, when does it get to the point where if the housespouse can get fired or demoted? Seems rediculous to me. Btw, I'm a 31 year old male who is the "house wife" I cant work due to disability, I do not recieve any government support or welfare assistance, my partner works and we are lower class. I enjoy keeping everything clean and livable so my partner can relax and not worry about it after a hard days real work

  • No not at all

    Housewives are put there for a reason and to look after a family is not a job, you can go online working government for money and get income if that's how much money you want but you cannot go looking after a baby and ask the government for money. That is stupid!!!!!!

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