• HP has to do what's right for their printers

    Yes, HP should block the use of cheap ink cartridges for their printers if there is a valid reason such as damage to the printers or other problem connected directly to the protection and safe use of their products. However, if it is just an issue of greed and money, then there is no need for the block.

  • No, HP has no right to restrict how consumers use their printers after purchase.

    No, HP should not block the use of cheap ink cartridges. Consumers own their printer. HP should not restrict consumer choice after purchase. In fact, allowing the use of cheap cartridges could be beneficial to HP. More consumers may buy their printers knowing they will save money on ink after purchase.

  • Ink cartridges are expensive and need cheaper alternatives

    Many manufacturers like HP sell their printers at a low price, but charge an exorbitant amount for replacement cartridges. The vast majority of consumers do not make a lot of money, but still have need of a printer. There should be lower cost options for ink cartridges in HP printers.

  • No, they should not.

    It is deceitful and is against the American spirit to allow them to block people from using cheap ink and cheap ink cartridges in their printers. Once a person buys a printer, it is theirs, and there is nothing a company should be able to do to keep people buying their product.

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