Should human reproductive cloning be banned and punishments leveled against it?

  • I strongly agree that reproductive cloning should be banned and punishable by law. There is only one thing that I believed only God has the ability to create.

    I am not in favor of whatever type or form of cloning it is against in my policy of life. I believe in the creation of God and I believed that He is the only sole creator of the entire human being. No cloning or any science manipulation can twist of what I believed in.

    Posted by: H4miJame
  • Dont mess with mother nature (God)

    Keeping it simple i shall say, dont take Gods job, if he wanted us to be able to make other human without the natural way he wouldnt have let us be able to reproduce sexually, if you catch my drift here. Bottom line one again, no let God do his duty, we were born to die, not to live forever, living in this world is a curse if youre a good person, youll live forever in heaven which there is no words to describe it but i bet its better than here.

  • Dont mess with mother nature (God)

    Keeping it simple i shall say, dont take Gods job, if he wanted us to be able to make other human without the natural way he wouldnt have let us be able to reproduce sexually, if you catch my drift here. Bottom line one again, no let God do his duty, we were born to die, not to live forever, living in this world is a curse if youre a good person, youll live forever in heaven which there is no words to describe it but i bet its better than here.

  • Think about it ethically.

    Everyone is either talking about playing god, or we can live longer. Okay that is not what i am going on about here. There is another type of cloning called therapeutic cloning. With that type we can get organs, get rid of diseases and live longer with more knowledge about that type of cloning. Reproductive cloning is creating another human being. They will have our emotions and think about problems, that's cool. Now, this is expenses so rich people will be the ones to have access to it. People in power will have access into it. This will be abused as SPARE BODY PARTS. Everyone wants to live longer, now they have spare body parts. Killing a clone for organs to save yourself is still MURDER. Using a clone for testing is still WRONG. The other types of cloning makes sense. They are good for advancing as a society . This type (reproductive cloning) is not needed to live longer or advance. The other types work better, they are safer. 95% of cloning resulted in stillbirth abnormalities and put the mothers at HIGH risk for death. It is not worth it. It should be made against the law, and there should be punishments accordingly.

  • Totes, human. In the name of our planet's leader, Zorflph Xeradial, I say this," So messed uppie"

    Yes because if the person got cloned, everyone would be fussing over either the real human or the clone. Then the other one would become upset, and feel left out. It's kind of hard to predict what might happen because, come on, these are HUMANS we're dealing with. They tend to have very confused emotions.

  • Scientists have successfully cloned animals like Dolly the sheep.

    Scientists have successfully cloned animals like Dolly the sheep. Some people hope that cloning techniques will be used to clone humans someday, while others strongly oppose this use of technology. The scientists clone the organisms by using a technique called somatic cell nuclear transplantation, SCNT. The technique is done by taking a somatic cell from an organism and put it on an egg in a petri dish until it develops for fourteen days, then it is transported into another organism to give birth to it. In my opinion this is not a just to create a human just to see if you can. And spawning a human being just to kill it for cells is also cruel, it is called therapeutic cloning, the killing of a cloned organism for stem cells, not to mention all the possible deficient road blocks in cloning a perfect human being. There is also that it is strange and having someone look just like you will cause too much unneeded controversy. Unless the technique is mastered on an animal, why would one attempt it on a human?

  • We should clone

    We should be able to clone because whay if you were really sick and you didnt want to go to school or work you can actually send your clone to school or work and they are as smart as you and since it has your DNA you can also be able to learn it when they learn it.

  • The lack of individuality.

    People that have clones will lose their individuality; yes twins are born like that but they are born naturally and were meant to happen. Unlike when scientists decide to create someone for the sake of their experiments. Mothers most likely poor ones who need the money will be paid to use their baby to make a clone. Which would break their hearts if their baby was harmed or the clone of the baby. But say if the clone survived and not the actual baby all the blame would be put on that child.

  • We do not need any clones in the United States.

    Cloning may reduce genetic variability. Producing many clones runs the risk of creating a population that is entirely the same. This population would be susceptible to the same diseases, and one disease could devastate the entire population. One can easily picture humans being wiped out be a single virus; however, less drastic, but more probable events could occur from a lack of genetic diversity. For example, if a large percentage of an nation's cattle are identical clones, a virus, such as a particular strain of mad cow disease, could effect the entire population. The result could be catastrophic food shortages in that nation.

    Cloning may cause people to settle for the best existing animals, not allowing for improvement of the species. In this way, cloning could potentially interfere with natural evolution.

    Cloning is currently an expensive process. Cloning requires large amounts of money and biological expertise. Ian Wilmut and his associates required 277 tries before producing Dolly. A new cloning technique has recently been developed which is far more reliable. However, even this technique has only a 2-3% success rate.

    There is a risk of disease transfer between transgenic animals and the animal from which the transgenes were derived. If an animal producing drugs in its milk becomes infected by a virus, the animal may transmit the virus to a patient using the drug.

    Any research into human cloning would eventually need to be tested on humans. The ability to clone humans may lead to the genetic tailoring of offspring. The heart of the cloning debate is concerned with the genetic manipulation of a human embryo before it begins development. It is conceivable that scientists could alter a baby's genetic code to give the individual a certain color of eyes or genetic resistance to certain diseases. This is viewed as inappropriate tampering with "Mother Nature" by many ethicists.

    Because clones are derived from an existing adult cell, it has older genes. Will the clone's life expectancy be shorter because of this? Despite this concern, so far, all clones have appeared to be perfectly normal creatures.

    A "genetic screening test" could be used to eliminate zygotes of a particular gender, without requiring a later abortion.

    Cloning might be used to create a "perfect human," or one with above normal strength and sub-normal intelligence, a genetic underclass. Also, if cloning is perfected in humans, there would be no genetic need for men.

    Cloning might have a detrimental effect on familial relationships. A child born from an adult DNA cloning of his father could be considered a delayed identical twin of one of his parents. It is unknown as to how a human might react if he or she knew he or she was an exact duplicate of an older individual.

  • Yes, it is unhealthy and should be banned.

    Cloning is very unhealthy and can have many risks; it should be banned. Dolly the sheep, the most famous mammal to be cloned, was also afflicted with a grave premature arthritis. Continuing cloning can lead to worse effects and even lives lost. Cloning should once and for all be banned.

  • Cloning can help with donating organs

    You could live longer and always have donatable organs from your clone. If you needed another kidney, or another leg, arm, etc. you would always have an extra because of that clone. And even though it might seem wrong, we could make it legal, and you could just be one of the people who dont get cloned. Its not mandatory its a CHOICE There is no such thing as playing god in science, remember that.

  • I see no reason to ban cloning.

    I have not seen a single valid argument against cloning. I'm convinced that people are just responding to fear of change. Of course we don't know what will happen; we never do. Of course it will be abused; everything is. Should we ban pregnancy by implantation because it's unnatural? Cars are unnatural too. I think we should let people who actually understand cloning and gene manipulation make the decisions about it. If you were smart you wouldn't tell a surgeon what he was or wasn't aloud to do during surgery.

    I know the invention of cloning is not the same as the car or even the heart transplant but it wouldn't hurt to have a little perspective.

  • Why would we ban people from making more people?

    I understand that cloning can be abused. I don't understand how the abuse of cloning is any different than the abuse of parenthood we see every day.
    The arguments against cloning fall into four main categories.
    1. Don't play God.
    I don't see how cloning a person is playing god anymore than having a child is. If you believe god is the only one to give life then you must believe that god must be involved in the creation of each clone.
    2. What if someone made an army/slave-labor!!!?
    I just about laughed at this one. Guess what? We don't need clones to makes armies or slaves we do it with people who are already alive. It's difficult and expensive to clone someone and you are going to have to wait for that clone to grow up (at least a little) before you can use them for anything (not unlike the people of our actual armies/slaves). In other words a clone is no more likely to end up in some kind of diabolical scheme than any other person. Either way it mostly depends on who your parents are. Which takes me to the third point that keeps coming up.
    3. Clones will be mistreated, have identity crises and cannot replace another person.
    These are all true statements for every human who has ever lived (probably even Jesus).
    I argue that it is less likely that a clone will be abused by their parents than a non-clone simply because a clone is always planed. The same rights that govern every person would also govern clones. This means their identity would in no way be tied to their donor. They would probably be even less like their donors than two identical twins because there would probably be an age discrepancy between them. And lastly no one would expect a clone to replace a person any more than they would expect a son to replace his father or brother or anyone else.
    4. We don't know what the repercussions will be.
    This is true with all change. No one knew what the long term effects of a liver transplant would be but here we are thousands of life saving operations later.
    "But clones could damage the gene pool!" you say. With what? Genes that are perfectly identical to the donor? While it is true that gene manipulation is a small step up from cloning, injecting someone with a live virus is a small step from injecting them with a vaccine. In other words, cloning and gene manipulation should be carefully regulated. As far as unknown long term consequences, it's up to the individual to know who they are procreating with. If you are afraid of clone genes, don't sleep with a clone. There are lots of genetic disorders that may be passed from parent to kid but how much risk is ok is up to the parents.

    As a rule of thumb, if you bring someone into this world you are they their parent and take on the legal obligations that go with it.

  • Cloning is inherently Legal Why should the europian and american countries be the only ones to ban it?!

    All the comments for anti-cloning that I have come across throughout this debate have been extremely faulty or paranoid. I shall now work on debasing each one :

    1) anon says - The clone would be raised differently than the donor because of the environmental factors, the way it is raised, how the family treats it, and all these other factors. You can't recreate the memories that the patient had with the clone and the clone wouldn't be the same as the patient.

    This is a common misunderstanding among our people that clones are intended to be replacements for dead or dying family members and pets ( like in the 6th day Arnold Whatshisname's movie,) Clones are not replacements or carbon copy! each clone is an absolutely different individual with a soul of it's own (a point realized by the end of said movie,) and has the rights and freedoms as any other hman and child of God . furthermore many people confuse the soul to be a person's memory and concioussness , the person you are today has nothing to do with your soul as such that you are simply a combination of events unfolding through out the life of your body that lead to your current thought proccesses . copying someones being into someone else does not mean they both have the same soul nor does it mess anything up on the religious front just like losing ones memory doesn't mean that they no longer have a soul. We must take care of the physical material and let God take care of the soul and all.

    2)Cloning shouldn't be allowed because we're not God. He's the creator, not us. Who gave us the right to create another life form? People could use cloning for bad reasons. What good will come from it? Something made by man will never be like something made by the creator. They should not allow this because, basically, you're saying we don't need God.

    Who said that by cloning we are proclaiming to be God! One very sad thing I see now days is the lack of faith among the people. You are soo afraid of the march that you forget truly how powerful and wise God truly is. People today blaspheme by attributing qualities like weakness and helplesness to God we act as if we are ourselves the guardians of the Unviverse , the knowers of right and wrong we act as if God enlisted us to look after and for the humans ... but we Are the humans we are the children it is not our duty to police human progress we are not the ones who control which direction our species takes.
    I wish to start with a simple question:
    Do You Believe in God? Do You believe that he made you and that he looks after you? Do you believe him to be the wisest and to have full control over his own creation and his own people? If you believe all this then you must also believe that he knows what he is doing, you must believe that everything both Good and Evil only happens by his leave and his permission only. then comes the question. Why would God put us in a sandbox where we can do anythig that can possibly jepordize his plan , How could he possibly let us do harm to our selves?

    Further more I believe the Moon should be protected as a natural habitat much like Antarctica so that my beautiful view of the night sky isn't destroyed by the view of a spotted gray yellow neon filthy ball with people crawling and mountains of Dump gliding over my head in the night sky. If you really need to colonize , then do it to the dark side of the moon ( the part we life can't see from the earth.)

  • I oppose the outright banning of human reproductive cloning, due to potential benefits that it could provide.

    There have been many examples of important results and knowledge gained from research into the cloning of animals. Cloning trials on mice have identified a number of gene sequences responsible for cancer, lymphoma and a number of other fatal diseases. It is reasonable to assume that research performed in the same manner upon human genes would bring even greater results. There does, of course, need to be a measured approach, and I believe regulations, both legal and ethical, need to be put in place. However, outright bans on the research will only hurt our knowledge, as a species.

    Posted by: jaanekyon
  • Human reproductive cloning should be used in order to find cures that have been previously undiscovered.

    Even though it seems like it could be science fiction, I think that there needs to be an open field for human reproduction cloning. Sure, there are ethical points to be made, yet I think human reproductive cloning will disclose a lot of currently closed links to genes and cures for diseases.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • There are many potential scientific benefits to human reproductive cloning, so, therefore, it should not be banned.

    Human reproductive cloning is sometimes seen as somewhat unethical, but its use has many scientific benefits. It is not something that should be used to clone oneself, but, if they can isolate genes that affect thinking and feeling, then clones could be harvested for medical information. It would also expedite disease recovery, as they could test potential medicines on these clones without FDA approval.

    Posted by: MuteNeal88
  • No, because there's no good reason for an outright ban, as opposed to regulation.

    Regulation is one thing, since we have to answer questions about the possible rights of clones. And also to prevent the exploitation of economically vulnerable people, who might be used in unethical ways by those hawking new genetic technologies. And regulation is also needed to prevent discrimination against people with unlucky genetics. But an outright ban is excessive, because science and progress demand an open mind.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • What we need to do at this very momen is to at least respond to the needs of the time whatever ethical complains are there as long as impose these things for the survival and preservation of every human individual.

    Though we say that cloning is very unlawful and dehumanizing in the eyes of God, the decision is still in us and that decision is to legalize cloning, given the fact that its not always on the negative aspects. We are humans and we need to admit that we have our never-ending curiosity, and the existence of cloning is just a part of our curiosity, we have started it, we finish it!
    we just have to ready with the fall outs, but human as we are we tend to be imperfect...but there will come a time that we would seek for the legalization of cloning when everything is too late....when are we going to act? tomorrow?...when everything's gone?...think of it!

  • Human reproductive cloning not only should be legal, but government funding should be given to advance this field.

    Human reproductive cloning would provide an increased quality of life for millions of people across the world. Those that can not see could be given new eyes, those who have bade hearing could be given new ear drums, and those that have bad organs could have replacements. As it stands now, many suffer for years in need of a new heart or liver, often times dying before one becomes available. Human reproductive cloning could therefore save and prolong many lives.

    Posted by: 3v3nHip

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