• Yes and here is why

    This creates a lot of jobs and let's not forget this will let the dominant rule which is a good thing because we do not have room for the people who are to weak to defend their selves and this will make a lot of people happy getting what they want

  • Yes for legalize

    Produces employment for poor girls and allow for increased economic output through taxes and fees. Girls protected by regulations which provide benefits to an otherwise poor and uneducated youth without future. Also setting bars for age and lenght of service through government contracts make it easier to curtail child abuse.

  • Human Rights Violated

    Human trafficking is not a "job." People are being forced to work and are getting nothing in return, but beatings, diseases and are being stripped of their natural rights. It's not right to force people into having intercourse with someone they don't know, or working in a shop cleaning dishes. People should be able to make their own choices in life and not forced by other human beings. This cruel and unfair treatment. People need to learn to leave each other alone and to let people do there own thing. Human Trafficking is just a shame. Money is paper and you'll die and the money will mean nothing. It doesn't matter how much money is being made in this, the victims did not ask to be apart of it. $150 billion are made from Human trafficking annually. There are millions of kids being trafficked and their virginity is being solf for $25 to somebody's uncle, dad, or cousin. Legalizing human trafficking would just tear society.

  • How could you argue FOR something like this?

    I genuinely believe that to vote FOR human trafficking being legal, you must be oblivious to what actually goes on in that industry. "Jobs" you say are provided, is that right? Living off of a 5 year olds sexual exploitation is worth money? Physically damaging her so much that she becomes in fertile before puberty is okay? This industry is criminal, in fact its the second largest in the world, and to want to make something which is so damaging legal is sick. Specifically in regards to sex trafficking, the average age is 12 to 14 years. These children do not know anything other than their own sexual exploitation. Sadly in many scenarios, they are sold into the industry my their family. Perhaps for financial security, but globally, is financial security really worth someones human rights? It makes me sick to think that this billion dollar industry thrives, more the fact that people are oblivious to what goes on, and for petty reasons such as money, believe it is viable to become legal. Please rethink what legalizing this industry would actually mean.

  • No bad idea

    Why on earth should it be legal, people are kidnapped and forced to slavery and other humiliating things. It sucks because the person could have had a great future and now they are forced to work as a laborer or a sex slave or a domestic servant, etc. it boggles my mind why someone would think that's a good idea.

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