• Its an option

    Its not like people or "the government" are forcing you to get an implant. If someone got lost and the woods and they died you would feel like an idiot for not getting a chip. If you had one they could easily find you. I'm also pretty sure if everybody started getting the implants the government would have to create new laws on restricting them from tracking us.

  • Privacy invasion? I think not.

    The subject is very broad. I think most likely the microchips I'm talking about are for information and tracking. Now, with microchips, even when your unconscious in doctors can see your medical info. IT can save their lives. Now I see many people thinking of ones who manipulate your brain... What? First, we are not even CLOSE to mapping out the brain to do so... To put in perspective. The most powerful computer in the world can only manage to do a fifth of that. To manage personal information is actually pretty safe. Your credit card is more hackable than that chip. For pretty good reasons, most viruses are ejected by connection or wireless access. The only way it could get hacked. Were if the person replaced the station where the information would be read. Even then, it would be safer than your credit card. Privacy is safe, but location services? Your phone is being tracked, even your car, and you surely might be too. A microchip by the government is more likely to be placed in active military personnel to track and recover bodies. Why would they bother hacking a private company, with a chance of getting caught and losing funding? For simple few individuals? Bad people, "bad people can hack it and/or use it for bad ways"-- I even saw someone say "Except for those really dumb criminals, they'll find a way to block the signal, extract it, or manipulate it. Or, you know, just kill their target before anyone knows they're gone." What the heck. First, signals-- even the most simple of signals are encrypted. And unless they full body scan you with a metal detector for something the size of a grain of rice and/or they try to intercept and determine if its the radio tower, the verizon wireless tower, or anything that can send signals. I don't think anyone that kidnaps you would even consider a microchip. Lastly, health. The main thing. It is the size of a grain of rice. You know some of the things we put into our bodies? Like in the joints, bones, ribs, and your back? I have a 6 inch titanium bolt going through my leg. I don't think a tiny chip the size of a grain of rice is going to do anything.

  • We are Basically Already Micro chipped

    If you own a phone, a credit/debit card, have any sort of social media account, you realize that the government has the ability to track your almost every move, right? The government doesn't care where you go, how you spend your money, what you do with your time as long as you're not doing anything illegal. With today's technologies growing exponentially, I believe that an RFID microchip would be beneficial society in many ways such as reducing identity theft risk and finding someone if they are missing or a criminal.

  • Pros for microchip implants

    It will let us find are missing children and find criminals and our missing pets that we love and would miss so much and also it could be used for finding bad diseases or tumors or internal bleeding problems before some one can die from it. With out micro chip implants the world would not be a better place. Say yes for the children of now and tomorrow - Elizabeth Smith

  • Good things can come out of this...

    The simple act of inserting a microchip can have positive outcomes. It can enhance our criminal justice system, prevent terrorists from entering our country, and improve medical care. A GPS function could track missing kids or criminals. Microchips would be way more effective than finger print scanning or identification cards.

  • Implanted microchips can do good

    While most people see the implanting of microchips in humans as another way for the government to keep an eye on their people. There are positives to this process. Amber alerts would not be necessary if they included gps. There would be no need to wait for doctors offices to wait for records to be transferred, just scan the chip. With all things there are disadvantages but there are so many positives to implanting chips.

  • What Are We Doing With Our Lives?

    Are we stupid? Putting a chip inside of someones body could be dangerous. It involves surgery which can have bad side effects if it go's wrong. And think about how many people actually want a chip inside their body so that there parents can track at all times? Also there is radiation in the chip that can cause a bad disease like cancer. I know that i wouldn't want my parents to keep a tracking device so that can see where I am at all times. It is wrong so if you have kids or you are doing it, think about what you are doing to your lives

  • We are not dogs

    Why would anybody want to have a micro chip in them? It send radio active waves every second which can cause cancer. Not to mention but you have to go though surgery to get that thing in which anything can go wrong with surgery. A Kidnaper has ways to block that chip or even worse they could hurt your child πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ😭😭 thank you for reading πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • Microchipping in Humans can cause death and embarrassment

    Microchipping in humans can cause death. Anything can happen when a surgeon cuts open any part of your body and they can mess up, which can cause death. Embarrassment can happen too. Everybody has done something embarrassing in their life. When people do something embarrassing, they hope that no one had noticed, but even worse, microchipping someone to see what they are doing all the time, can lead to more embarrassment. People who say yes, would you be happy to be embarrassed and may even die?

  • Why should we have to?

    It's a pretty bad thing, but there should be a choice involved. If you want to risk your chances and risk ruining your health, that should be your decision. If you have a child that's under ten then the parents should make the decision for that child. That sounds reasonable, Right?

  • Is that even a question? What has this world come to? Are we that stupid?

    1. It would constantly be sending radioactive signals to and from this device planted in your body. These waves have been PROVEN to cause diseases like cancer. You may think, "This is already all around us. Computers, phones, microwaves. Nothing's happening!" But even if these things weren't hurting us, how much more would chips planted inside your body decrease your health and form deadly diseases?
    2.Do you want the Government to ALWAYS KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE? It's a little unsettling. As said in other posts, it is an invasion of privacy.
    3. Newsflash! There are bad people out there. Bad people can always find a way around the rules, restrictions, and safety precautions. So what happens when said bad people hack all of our "completely safe" microchips that we all obediently shoved into our body? It's like in those movies where that exactly happens and the person turns everyone into mindlessly obedient zombies. Sound fun?
    4. Many argue that this would help us find lost or stolen children and pets. But really? Except for those really dumb criminals, they'll find a way to block the signal, extract it, or manipulate it. Or, you know, just kill their target before anyone knows they're gone.
    So, from all this we can see that microchips in humans are not a good idea because they would corrupt our health, privacy, and ability to defend ourselves.
    Thanks for reading. :)

  • No Humans Should be Planted with Chips

    The government should not force ANYONE to have a chip, because the chip would be able to track people and keep track of a lot of things that they do and all the places they go. Yes it would be somewhat helpful for locating lost or kidnapped people. Although the government should not infringe upon peoples personal lives. If someone wants chips to be legal so much then they can go get one them self. The government should not invade our personal lives period. They should not be able to tell us what doctor we will visit on what date, they should not be able to get involved in peoples personal lives, such as where we put there kids in school,and what we chose to do medicly with our kids ,etc.

  • We should not

    We as people don't need the chip inside of our bodies period it would give us no privacy and if we were born without the chips why do we all of a sudden need it ? To me its just a human experiment and a very bad idea we need to open our eyes and see our freedom is slightly getting took away from us.

  • Hell no... I totallt DISAGREE this is totally wrong

    WE ARE NOT DOGS WE ARE HUMAN. THAT IS EVADING EVERY LITTLE PRIVACY THAT WE DO HAVE LEFT... THIS LAW SHOULD NEVER BE PASSED... EVERYBODY SAY NO TO THE CHIP!!! We dont need people up our ass 24/7 its called freedom people!! People are pretty rediculous now a days .

  • Should humans get microchip implants?

    Should humans get microchip implant?

    I believe people shouldn't get a microchip implant, because, even though it would potentially be helpful in kidnappings or other tragedies Humans should not be implanted with microchips. As it is we are majorly lacking privacy in today's computerized world. If a human is microchipped, there would no longer be any privacy what so ever. . .

  • Cons highly outweigh "pros"

    Just imagine the new savage level of identity theft. We know it would still happen. It really sounds crazy. It's like - you're willing to forever sacrifice what little privacy you had left to overseeing eyes because you might get kidnapped or don't want to wait long at the doctor's office???? I'm sure the kidnapper will just go to extreme measures to take out your GPS chip anyway!!!

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