• Why not?

    Humans should eat a diet that is well balanced and full of vitamins and minerals. Milk has been proven to be healthy for bone growth, and is certainly preferable to sugary drinks such as soda. No one should be forced to adhere to one diet or another, and while it is perfectly fine to be a vegan, the idea that the entire human population could be sustained on a vegan diet does not seem plausible. Also, the benefits of soy (often a replacement for many things in the vegan diet) have not been fully researched.

  • It should definitely be an option

    There's a common argument about how babies don't drink milk in the wild. I have seen, with my own eyes, full-grown bulls trying to sneak a drink from a lactating cow. I have see adult cats bellying up to the mama cat milk bar. There are entire human societies - usually labelled "primitive" - that depend on goat's, mare's, yak's, or sheep's milk to survive.

  • Vitamins.

    Yes, humans should drink cow milk. It is proven that a cow's milk is a very good source of vitamin D and has health benefits. However, people should be drinking organic milk and should only have it in moderation. Too much of anything can be unhealthy for you, milk included. We just need to be careful.

  • Milk is perfectly fine and healthy to drink.

    Just because some people have an intolerance to milk does NOT mean everyone should stop drinking it. Animals were put on this earth to provide nourishment for our bodies. There are govt. Guidelines for milk cows and dairy farmers don't mistreat their animals. We as humans are so far removed from our ancestors on how they survived and prepared their animals for food that we've become ignorant of the process. I'm pretty sure the people who think animal farming is icky and repulsive would not make it when we get pulsed and all that's left is to work the land with our hands for food...Including hunting, gathering and milking cows. More than likely they would be lining up by the thousands for just a glass of milk. As far as drinking milk from another species...I've seen cats nurse from dogs, dogs nursing cats and many others. It's only the modern human, that has an over abundance of food, that will turn up their nose at what is a natural source of nutrients that could mean a difference between life and death for someone who has very little...We should be ashamed!

  • As my topic im gonna write yes beacsue....

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  • It should remain an option available

    Milk might not be for everyone but neither is a vegan diet. There are benefits to drinking milk, but like with everything else, it's an option that should be taken in moderation. There are many with an allergy to soy (including myself), but it doesn't mean it isn't good for others.

  • Yes they should

    I believe the cow along with other animals were created for the sole purpose of consumption by humans and yes that would include the milk too. I do believe that cow milk is healthy for the bones as well and is probably healthy for other areas of the body as well.

  • It has been strongly selected for, and thus is likely beneficial

    Lactase permanence selection is an established pattern that arose in human populations where cow milk was available during time periods where human evolution was driven by survival selection. Given this strong tendency for convergence on lactase permanence, it is obvious there's SOMETHING in cow milk which improves the survivability of those who can drink it.

  • It's unnatural, disgusting, in humane, and unhealthy.

    Cow's milk is called cow's milk for a reason. The whole reason cows' produce milk is to feed their young. Not to feed us, and apparently people have been indoctrinated to believe that somehow it's healthy. And apparantly it contains a lot of calcium. See this is the problem, the ones who are drinking cow's milk are the one's getting osteoporosis (a disease that calcium is supposed to prevent). Milk also contains a lot of LDL cholesterol. Someone has to have something fucked up within their brain chemistry to actually think it is "natural". Now it doesn't matter the reason, if you drink cow's milk you are stealing it. It also requires the artificial inpregnation of a cow and for the baby to be forced away from her in order to retrieve the milk. The dairy industry has paid a lot of money to brainwash people into thinking it's natural and good for you when it is clearly, and most definitely not. This is just another example, of how stupid we human beings are.

  • As my topic im gonna write yes beacsue....

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  • Extremely in humane

    Milk is not designed for human consumption! The cows on dairy farms are terrified and miserable just for you to drink milk! Forced to produce baby's continuously and have them taken away is cruel. The agriculture industry is the MAIN contributor to global warming. It is definitely possible for the worlds population to be vegan but people are too set in their ways we need to educate the younger generation.

  • To make milk we take away cute calfs

    To make milk the cow needs to have a baby. What do dairy farmes do with baby cows? They turn them into veal (calf meat). So by drinking milk you kill little baby cows or calfs. Cows are awsome do no kill them for cheese. Kill the stupid screaming goats.

  • The most bizarre and unnatural thing ever!

    I have no idea how anyone with an ounce of intelligence can think that drinking milk from another species is natural in anyway, especially a species so biologically different. A mammals milk is designed and produced for their young specifically. Why would a human feel the need to consume this? Do we think we are little baby cows or something? An adult human don't even drink their own milk. Why? Because it is for their babies. Even if some do, I would look at that in a more natural way than drinking milk from a cow. Its bizarre and frankly disgusting. Do you milk your pets too? Share their milk with their young? Doesn't that sound ridiculous? If someone said, yeah I got a glass of my dogs milk, want a drink? Would you say mmm sure? C'mon, there is no difference in the unnaturalness. Milk is from lactating Mother's, milk is for BABIES! Maybe all that cow's milk has made humans stupid or something. Where is the logic or sense in taking babies away from their mother's so we can get the milk? What the hell is that? Unbelievable!

  • Don't tear mothers and babies from eachother, they have their own purpoe on this earth, which isn't to sustain us!

    In this day and age when there is so much choice of nutrition without using other animals milks, how can you drink cow's milk knowing that a calf got torn away from it's mother without even tasting a sip of her milk! If you can't imagine this or see what is wrong with this, just imagine it was happening to humans, to women...They would it be okay? Of course not. It's the same thing!

  • Not necessary and not important

    If there is absolutely one food group humans can eliminate from their eating plan, it is dairy food. Surprisingly, a large percentage will feel much better for it. We have created the ' dairy industry' and it is their job to convince you that milk is the perfect food. IT IS CLEAR THAT WE ARE NOT DESIGNED TO DRINK IT as a huge percentage of people world wide are lactose intolerant, yet the dairy industry thinks otherwise, and still wants you to drink it!!! Humans are so dumb and need to learn how to eat correctly, which is a massive task and habitual change in itself when one considers most of what people eat is garbage( i wouldn't eat it). I am into natural food and liquids for humans.

  • Are you a baby cow?

    Cow's milk is made for baby cows, after that cow is born. Cow's milk is baby cow growth food. It is meant to turn a 100 pound calf into a 400 pound cow very rapidly, within months. It contains hormones-naturally, without even adding in additional hormones-because these hormones are produced for cows. Humans do not need these hormones to grow big and strong. These hormones are killing us. The saturated fat, excessive animal protein, etc is absolutely unnecessary as well. Dairy farming is destroying our planet as well, it is doing irreversible damage. Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, The China Study, Food Matters, Hungry for Change, and Earthlings are all very great films to check out.

  • No. It's just wrong.

    Cow milk is for babies. But it's for cow babies, or should I say calves. Do you see cows drinking goat milk, or a bear drinking milk from an elephant, or maybe any mammal drinking another mammal's milk? No. So why should humans drink cows milk? Humans should drink human's milk, or artificial milk made in factories.

  • Cows milk is for newborn cows

    Cows milk is fine for growing a calf but has too much protein for human babies and too much calcium, they should not given cows milk at all, s as there is evidence that it causes type 1 diabetes, a large number of people are also lactose intolerant. Too much calcium causes osteoporosis in women in later life. However the dairy industry of the US is a 100 billion dollar business and they spend 2 billion dollars a year telling you how good it is for humans to drink milk and consume other dairy products. Finally we are the only species on the planet that consumes the milk of another species.

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