• Essential for Health

    Of course we should drink milk! It provides our body with necessary vitamins and minerals such as calcium and Vitamin D. We need these to help promote a healthy body and keep us at a healthy weight. Milk also helps preventing osteoporosis, which is brittle bones within the body. Milk is the food first provided to us at birth, so it must be essential to us.

  • Yes, humans should drink milk.

    Yes, I believe that humans should drink milk. Milk is one of the only food products that we get in this world from animals that does not hurt them or in any way harm their way of life. Milk is one of the healthiest substances known to mankind, as long as it is not consumed in excess. There are no consequences to drinking milk, and it is very affordable, even to families that barely get by on a week by week basis.

  • Milk constitutes a beneficial mutation, as proven by history.

    Human ability to digest lactose (lactase persistence) past infancy is a rather recent mutation, occurring ~7500 years ago, with the advent of domestication of cattle, and it has been independently produced in various populations. It would not have been so strongly selected for or retained in a majority of the population, if it was not beneficial. In fact, we should be finding a way to artificially induce lactase persistence in people without the allele.

  • Of course!

    Humans should definetly be able to drink milk. Milk is like liquid gold. It has calicum and protein which is great for the elderly. Yes, cows may cause polution but so do horses, and their useless. Taking away ones right to drink milk is like taking away their right to drink water, we are dependent on it, you cannot just 'remove it'.

    If you ban it, people will sell it on black markets.

    NO milk = No cheese, bread, yogurt etc...

  • Lactose is in Human milk too, Anonymous.

    To the 1st poster for the NO side, you give lactose intolerance as a evidence that humans were not made to drink milk. Does the fact that some people are born blind mean that humans were not meant to see? I myself am lactose intolerant, and can tell you that not only cow milk contains lactose. Lactose intolerance is NOT a valid argument against humans drinking animal milk.

  • Milk it does a body good

    Yes, I think that humans, both kids and adults, should consume milk in some sorts. Milk contains valuable vitamins and bone helping agents that could ward off disease. We need dairy in our diets to maintain weight and good bones and skin. Milk is our first food from our mothers, so we should definitely drink it.

  • My God you people are stupid

    None of these people have taken biochemistry, physiology, MNT, or likely any advanced nutrition classes ever. And it is blatantly obvious. You all sound stupid, and it saddens me that you're so stupid that you don't know you're stupid.

    Other animals will gladly drink another species' milk. Ask a cat or a bunny or any other baby animal that gets nursed off of another species.

    Milk absolutely does not deplete calcium from our bones. Are you serious? Idiot. Idiot, idiot, idiot. Take a chemistry class.

    Humans absolutely can digest milk. It's called "lactase", an enzyme that breaks down lactose. Some people are born without the ability to synthesis lactase, some people lose the ability with age. People lose flexibility with age- I'd like to encourage them to continue bending. If something you ingest becomes an irritant, eat less of it.

    Estrogen is found in flax, walnuts, soy- plenty of food sources.

    Saying human's bodies "evolved" for certain things is again: stupid. Talk to a biologist. Ask them if we evolved to eat certain things. It's natural selection, idiot.

    Bio-availability: rhubarb is one of the best plant sources of calcium: 348 mg per cup, while milk contains 300 mg per cup. However, even though cup per cup this vegetable contains more calcium than milk, you would have to eat more than 4 cups of rhubarb for your body to absorb as much calcium as it would get from a single cup of milk. This is because your body can absorb 32.1% of the calcium in milk but only 8.5% of the calcium in rhubarb.


  • Yes, we should drink milk......

    There's nothing wrong with it. From breastfeeding as infants to cow's milk as adults, milk is loaded with nutrients that are essential for developing and maintaining a healthy, strong body. Besides, if we didn't consume milk, then all kinds of cheeses would be unavailable, and who wants to live in a world where one can't have cheese with their whine, um, wine?

  • Can't speak for everyone

    But I digest milk fine. Yogurt, milk, cream, half and half, clotted cream, butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheeses -all dairy. I love it and eat it daily and have no undesirable side effects, but I know a lot of people who don't handle it very well. Am I weird or something, or is milk just good for some people and bad for others.

  • Diverging from something natural, to something rational.

    We have a tendency to pin this argument to a stake when saying that it is not natural. Well this is invalid in the form of what is truly natural, what is natural for humans? Humans diverge from the animal kingdom in the fact that we have the tendency to create opinions with rational thought and put these into effect. We create elaborate structures and mighty transports... Is it not natural that we would find all the benefits, the vitamins, the essential nutrients and better ourselves as rational human beings and invigorate our bodies? It is affordable, any cons are outweighed by the pros, if any of the cons are actually plausible that is. We are actual rational, constantly thinking and advancing individuals, we have done things far more "unnatural" than drinking milk, like say equality in process amongst our species? Still prefer the natural mindlessness?

  • Milk Makes You Feel Bad

    Try running 90 to 120 minutes after drinking milk and you will see what I mean. The body does not digest lactose after age 2. It will cause you cramps bloating and side stiches. Although It can be used as an effective recovery drink due to is casein and whey, meat is much better. Most of the earths population cant digest milk so I think that says something strong. Get calcium from other sources like spinach and fish, the vitamin d is added anyways. In nature no other creature akes the milk of another creature its just unnatural

  • Milk not from cows

    Goats take up less space, use less resources and require less medical treatment than cows. A cup of goat's milk also contains a higher amount of vitamin A, riboflavin and niacin than the same amount of cow's milk. Because goat's milk does not contain agglutinin, the fat globules don't cluster together like they do in cow's milk, making goat's milk easier for the body to digest. One cup of goat's milk contains 33 percent of the RDA of calcium and only 168 calories. And one cup of goat's milk provides 8.7 grams of protein, about 18 percent of the RDA for protein.

  • Milk is for specific time in life and species...

    I am oppossed to drinking Cow's Milk or any animal produced milk. Milk is touted as a great source for Calcium (and Vit D is added in). Milk is the middle man of minerals and nutrients. The best sources is Plant life and instead of pinning down a cow or goat just eat green vegatables and get not only calcium but a ton of other phytonutrients. Animal Milk is ok to consume in modertion if you enjoy it but it should not be staple at the dinner table. Humans (babies) should drink human milk b/c of a immature GI tract but after a child recieve all of its appropraite teeth then milk should be weened.

  • DsnowsIloveFrogs Argument

    DsnowsIloveFrogs brought up cows and corn which, in my opinion, is the most important issue when talking about the consumption of milk and beef. Cows don't eat corn (naturally) but our government has instituted policies which make it not just profitable, but lucrative, for farmers to overproduce this and other "commodity" crops. Farmers can plant, harvest, and sell their corn for less than it costs to produce it and still make a profit. With corn being overproduced, everybody has to think of something to do with it. They decided to feed it to the animals. Some salmon farms are even training the fish to eat corn! I am not going to pretend that I know what affect cow milk has on the human body. What I would assert, as a matter of common sense, is that humans consuming healthy, grass-fed cow milk would have less negative side-effects (if there are any) than milk consumed from cows who have been fed a corn diet who have to be treated with antibiotics to kill all the health problems associated with their corn diet. The underlying problem is government policies enacted by government officials who are influenced by and cater to big corporations.

  • Causes World Hunger

    Hi, milk may do the body a small good but it also does millions of people wrong. 95% of America's oats are eaten by livestock, 56% of American farmland is used for the production of cattle and 80% of America's corn is eaten by livestock (Cows can't even digest corn). Milk has also been shown to accelerate cancers, conditions for cattle are horrid and it's kind of gross.

  • No. It was not intended for us.

    No matter how someone tries to rationalize it, the reality is that milk from a cow has a single purpose: to feed the cow's calves. Although we may be familiar with milk and like the taste of it, many people are lactose intolerant because our bodies did not really evolve to consume another animal's milk. Yet even if you do not object on these grounds, the other anti-milk argument is that it is not sustainable. It takes more resources and contributes more to global warming to feed and maintain a cow just for its milk.

  • Milk is bad for you

    NO! Milk causes cancer. People think that milk is great for your bones and growth but no! Cows are tortured , raped, abused for this! Cows are injected with so many harmful drugs and bacteria that after milk is purified, its worse for you. Babies drink from their mommas, puppies drink from their moms and so forth. We are the species that take milk from another species. There is also PUS in milk!

  • Milk makes you throw up

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  • Only human milk

    Cows milk is meant to be for baby cows, to make them grow to a large size, and not for humans, which is why people can have allergies to it, and even people's ability to absorb calcium from it is debatable. Studies have been done to show this. Keeping cows is energy intensive and unsustainable. So Humans should only be drinking human milk, even into adulthood. All mammals drink their own milk, so why should we drink that of another species? Is that not gross? Why do people think it is gross to drink human milk, when human milk is much more tailored to the needs of humans, and producing human milk is something the homeless, unemployed, unskilled and or criminals could be paid to do, giving them a chance of a better life?

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