• Yes save the endangered!

    Hunting is reducing the animal species. This act is mostly done for the money. If it's for their living we understand, but there sure are a lot of other things a hunter could do. Many people also poach to improve their shooting targets. It is also said that hunting can even provide food, but as already said before, there are other ways.

  • Yes, it endangers wildlife populations - go to a grocery store

    Slaughtering animals for sport is ridiculous and insane. I know most people think of it as a fun hobby, but torturing defenseless animals is not my idea of fun. I know how to use a gun, I'm an excellent marksman, it's not difficult to sit around and aim and shoot, The animals don't have any defenses, it's not fair. We've encroached so much there's hardly any wildlife left, go to a grocery store and leave the few lucky animals who still have nature alone.

  • There are no benefits to hunting.

    Why? That's a good question. Are you bored? Tired of shooting a target? It is a fact that almost every murderer started off hunting small game and abusing pets. Would you shoot your trusted pup in the face for fun or food? Animals are alive and they know they want to live. In my opinion, it's murder.

  • Hunting should be illegal

    Human beings are no better than animals. In fact, we are animals. Should we start hunting each other and make a sport out of it? Humans are overpopulated, perhaps we should kill each other to solve that problem? Hunting animals is very wrong, and should be banned across the world.

  • YESS we can'not kill these animals for fun

    We can't harm things that never harm us i have a heart thats why i care only cruelest humas would think its fun to watch them die for sport what happened"we care" well clearly we don't care if we think its funny to watch these poor animals die for fun for sport this should be illegal

  • Yes it should definitely be illegal.

    There is no need for it! People don't hunt now a days for necessity, they do it purely out of the thrill of stalking, capturing and killing a defensless animal. It's cruel and should be stopped! Anyone who says hunting helps the environment and controls overpopulation is wrong. There are other ways to control that such as capture, neuter and release. Hunting is just sick.

  • "it's wrong" *takes bite of steak*

    The people who say it's wrong dont even know about steaks, gyros and other meat products, so if some one ever says " it is wrong to hunt, it's cruel, and blah blah blah." they don't even know the half of it. But hunting does incurouge poaching, so don't just say "imma hunt a dear"

  • It's horrible and cruel

    Animals deserve a life like us and it's extremely unfair how these innocent animals are being shot and killed and put through all the pain when there is no need. There is already enough animals been killed in the supermarkets and even some of them die for no reason because the meat goes off and no one buys it. Also, don't say you're allowed to because they're overpopulated, well, we're an overpopulated species and you don't see people hunting us, do you!? There must be a stop to this as many poor species of animals may become extinct because of this. The world is already destroying nature and stopping it from ever coming back because humans that do this are just heartless are only care about money and themselves. It's just plain cruel. Put a stop to it now.

  • Animals are innocent.

    Animals are innocent animals that deserve to have a life like humans do. It's also hard to know when an animal is endangered for the following reasons. It could take a really long time for a certain animal to reproduce and if we have several people that think its overpopulated and they start hunting it then it could be endangered before you know it. Its especially hard to tell if an animal is endangered if they live in the ocean because no one lives there. Also some animals if they had a baby and then someone hunts the parent then the baby can grow up and start to kill people and other animals due to depression of not growing up with there family. Also we just need more animals because I think it's not fair for animals to have to worry about being hunted by people. Some animals may seem overpopulated but they might not be because they could only be able to live in that environment and no where else; they could rarely have babies,etc.

  • YES yes yes

    Hunting should be banned because hunting will extinct all animals and their will be no wildlife and all there will be is house and houses for miles and miles. If we keep fishing in condition we do there will be no more fish in the ocean by 1242. I know its for food and stuff but get some god damn fruit people! Its not gunna kill you if you go vegan.

  • No it shouldn't

    Hunting is a good thing. People get there food by hunting and its safer than eating abused farmed animals. Hunting makes people bond and experience a new sport. It helps them know how life is outside of the city. Hunting helps people gain respect. It teaches self defense and lets you be more aware of your surroundings. There will be less predators and that will make the environment you or your kids are in safer. People don't realize that parks and other places keep game population high that way there will be a fair number left at the end of the season!
    -Kenley Wildavank

  • If it's a Resource

    If hunting animals is what people choose to use as a source of food, let them. Killing for no reason is wrong, but considering that hunting is how many people of the past got to eat and that it is a lot more natural than processed meat, it should be a right.

  • Hunting is a sport so it should not be illegal.

    Barring people from hunting is like stopping people from fishing. They are both sports and both can be used as a hobby. Hunting some species of animals like those that are at risk should definitely be illegal, but other than those that are not at risk of going extinct, hunting deer, birds, or rabbits should in no way be illegal

  • No

    Hunting actually helps the environment. Man kind has been hunting for years and it is more important than ever now to continue. Hunting helps keep the deer population under control. If we did not hunt deer would be running crazy all over the country side. Some people still use hunting as a way to survive.

  • It is fair for the animal.

    Its more than fair to shoot an animal yourself, than what they do in food factories (or whatever you want to call them). In factories they inject them with hundreds of enhancing chemicals and treat the animals inhumanely, where as if you shoot it yourself they are killed much quicker and the meat is healthier for you.

  • It is More Humane

    Compare it to factory farming where animals are detained in often cramped pens, often have beaks clipped, balls removed, and all kinds of horrors done to them. It is way more humane to get meat by hunting it. The only limitations should be to prevent a species from becoming endangered or extinct or against hunting significantly intelligent animals such as apes, elephants, whales, or dolphins.

  • Hunting is a way of life.

    Hunting has been a way of life since the beginning of time. Cave people hunted animals for food so they could survive, and people still hunt so they can survive as well. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with hunting and it for sure won't wipe out the species if the hunting is CONTROLLED. (i.e. poachers). If hunting were to become illegal the animal population would sky-rocket out of control, causing disease to the animals which will make them suffer and die anyways. Sadly those city slickers don't see that their food comes from agriculture. No hunting would mean no agriculture because of the over population of animals. This would mean no food.

  • Hunting is a way of life

    I'm Native American I hunt because it is my culture . Without hunting my people would have died . Animals hunted and killed in live a better life in the wild than penned in farm animals . Wild game is a lot more healthy than store bought beef and pork. Animals like wild pig and deer can destroy a farmers harvest. Hunting is not a sport it is away of life people have hunted since the dawn of time . It is poachers that do inhumane acts there is a difference between hunting and poaching . Do not destroy a tradition and way of life .

  • Hunting is a way of life for us

    Most hunters are regular people like you and me but there are SOME hunters that hunt just for the money which in my opinion is stupid if I could I would slap them but I cant. I am a hunter I have shoot 5 ducks which is UNDER THE LIMIT WHICH IS 7. I can get where your coming from but don't antagonize good hunters and good people for hunting because some people grew up hunting and I did it is in our blood we don't do it for the fame we do it to put food on the table. If you have never hunted then u will never truly understand people who hunt points of view so go hunt but go with a friend that has gone hunting and then you'll see

  • More humane than farming.

    Hunting an animal is much more humane than farming it in a filthy factory farm. In these facilities, animals are tortured, fed artificial crap and hormones, stuck in tiny dark filthy cages for their entire lives until they are killed. Which I imagine is the high point in their lives. Hunted animals, in contrast, live their entire lives in the wild, eating and doing whatever they please. Then a hunter kills it and eats it. This happens anyway, get over it. Animals rarely die peacefully in the wild. Either they are killed by a predator or they grow old and starve due to lack of ability to get food.

    But even an imperfect gunshot that lasts minutes until the animal is dispatched is only a bit of pain. Animals are much better at tolerating pain than we are. And a minute of pain is always better than a lifetime of it. Liberals, open your eyes.

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