• Yes save the endangered!

    Hunting is reducing the animal species. This act is mostly done for the money. If it's for their living we understand, but there sure are a lot of other things a hunter could do. Many people also poach to improve their shooting targets. It is also said that hunting can even provide food, but as already said before, there are other ways.

  • Yes, it endangers wildlife populations - go to a grocery store

    Slaughtering animals for sport is ridiculous and insane. I know most people think of it as a fun hobby, but torturing defenseless animals is not my idea of fun. I know how to use a gun, I'm an excellent marksman, it's not difficult to sit around and aim and shoot, The animals don't have any defenses, it's not fair. We've encroached so much there's hardly any wildlife left, go to a grocery store and leave the few lucky animals who still have nature alone.

  • There are no benefits to hunting.

    Why? That's a good question. Are you bored? Tired of shooting a target? It is a fact that almost every murderer started off hunting small game and abusing pets. Would you shoot your trusted pup in the face for fun or food? Animals are alive and they know they want to live. In my opinion, it's murder.

  • Hunting should be illegal

    Human beings are no better than animals. In fact, we are animals. Should we start hunting each other and make a sport out of it? Humans are overpopulated, perhaps we should kill each other to solve that problem? Hunting animals is very wrong, and should be banned across the world.

  • It's horrible and cruel

    Animals deserve a life like us and it's extremely unfair how these innocent animals are being shot and killed and put through all the pain when there is no need. There is already enough animals been killed in the supermarkets and even some of them die for no reason because the meat goes off and no one buys it. Also, don't say you're allowed to because they're overpopulated, well, we're an overpopulated species and you don't see people hunting us, do you!? There must be a stop to this as many poor species of animals may become extinct because of this. The world is already destroying nature and stopping it from ever coming back because humans that do this are just heartless are only care about money and themselves. It's just plain cruel. Put a stop to it now.

  • Me mama says it is wrong

    Keeling animalia is upside down wrong and if you keel animals you should be charged with murder and put to the death sentence you ugly keeler i should keel your parents, even ur whole family you piece of diaper poo kill another animal and ill pee in your cheerios :)

  • YESS we can'not kill these animals for fun

    We can't harm things that never harm us i have a heart thats why i care only cruelest humas would think its fun to watch them die for sport what happened"we care" well clearly we don't care if we think its funny to watch these poor animals die for fun for sport this should be illegal

  • Hunting is Cruel

    The mere fact that there are so many hunting "accidents" proves that all hunters are by no means good shots. It is unconscionable to think that an animal wounded but not immediately killed might be left limping around the woods in agony before succumbing to its injuries. All because hunters want to "bond" in the woods and enjoy the experience of taking a life. If hunters truly want to enjoy nature, they should try using a camera instead. Hunting is a throwback to times past...Today, it's totally unnecessary. Animal populations will regulate themselves. Man should not mess with mother nature. People who enjoy hunting are stuck in the past and need to evolve to match the times. Where is the sport in stalking and killing a defenseless animal so you can hang its head on your wall? It's just plain sick. You don't have to kill nature to enjoy it.

  • Killing animals is cruel and horrible, what if you kill a doe,then all of its babies would die without a mother.

    Everyone that does it for a SPORT!! Is crazy, animals have lives too, we should let them live. I do not know why people spend about a thousand dollars to kill, when we kill animals we are like cereal killers, stalk,follow and kill our innocent prey. What did animals ever do to you

  • Why yes it does

    Hunting should be banned because killing innocent animals isn’t a sport, it’s a sick hobby. Far too many people are either injured or killed every year participating in this “sport.” According to the International Hunter Education Association, approximately 1,000 people in the US and Canada are accidentally shot by hunters every year, and just under a hundred of those accidents are fatalities. Most victims are hunters, but non-hunters are also sometimes killed or injured. Although some other forms of recreation cause more fatalities, hunting is one of the few activities that endangers the entire community, and not just the willing participants. Killing animals in this time period is unnecessary because there are those things called supermarkets which provide you with the food you need to survive.

    If there are ways to prevent animals from getting killed, don’t you think we should learn them? Hunters have hunted animals for so long that pretty soon, they’re all going to become endangered or extinct. What happened to the dodo bird? Hunters made it become extinct. Sure there are regulations hunters are supposed to follow but who says every hunter does? Too many hunters have abused their privileges.

    I have even heard that sometimes when kids are brought up by hunting, they start to eventually get bored with just hunting animals so they go for a more thrilling target, humans.
    Hunting also is one of the main causes of deafness.

    Hunting has taken on a new meaning through the years. Hunting used to be a means to obtain food. It was a way of life and needed for survival. Most avid hunters now days use hunting as a sport. They have the dead animals displayed on their walls. They use them as trophies, not for food. I feel hunting for sport is cruel.

    Wouldn’t shooting and not killing an animal be a slow and painful death too?

    In conclusion, hunting is a cruel act that is passed down from many generations. We need to act now to help preserve the innocent animals that are being affected. Thank you.

  • No it shouldn't

    Hunting is a good thing. People get there food by hunting and its safer than eating abused farmed animals. Hunting makes people bond and experience a new sport. It helps them know how life is outside of the city. Hunting helps people gain respect. It teaches self defense and lets you be more aware of your surroundings. There will be less predators and that will make the environment you or your kids are in safer. People don't realize that parks and other places keep game population high that way there will be a fair number left at the end of the season!
    -Kenley Wildavank

  • If it's a Resource

    If hunting animals is what people choose to use as a source of food, let them. Killing for no reason is wrong, but considering that hunting is how many people of the past got to eat and that it is a lot more natural than processed meat, it should be a right.

  • No

    Hunting actually helps the environment. Man kind has been hunting for years and it is more important than ever now to continue. Hunting helps keep the deer population under control. If we did not hunt deer would be running crazy all over the country side. Some people still use hunting as a way to survive.

  • Hunting is a sport so it should not be illegal.

    Barring people from hunting is like stopping people from fishing. They are both sports and both can be used as a hobby. Hunting some species of animals like those that are at risk should definitely be illegal, but other than those that are not at risk of going extinct, hunting deer, birds, or rabbits should in no way be illegal

  • What do hunters do for conservation

    Whether you realize it or not, as a hunter you contribute money to wildlife conservation every time you buy a hunting license, duck stamp, rifle, or box of ammunition.

    The money from your hunting license helps Fish, Wildlife & Parks pay for conservation projects as well as law enforcement, Hunter Education, and other programs.

    When you buy a federal duck stamp, the money goes directly to federal conservation programs to help waterfowl. Hunters provide about $185 million per year through license fees nationwide.

    So if you banned hunting the money will have to come from taxes.

  • We do care for the animals

    I have a dog. Really nice dog. And like hell I would kill him. Hut hunting is for sport, plus hunters would typically keep the meat to eat, be it venison, duck, pheasant, or elk. Plus, hunting is respected, and we aren't crazy gunslinging lunatics. I got a 20-gauge when I was 14. Had my deer license when I was 12. And since then, I respected the art. Plus, we watch what we hunt. There are laws placed. We don't hunt doe (I don't someone might) and I CERTAINLY would shoot a fawn. Plus, hunters don't shoot the endangered, so shut the hell up whoever said we shoot the endangered. Thats why there is a thing as HUNTER'S ED, you shithead. And deer licenses, so we aren't considered poaching.

  • No it shouldn't.

    What is wrong with you people "would you shoot your pet in the face" , "you can live off plants just fine!", "go to a grocery store!" Now how do you think we would get meat at the grocery store, what sounds more justified? Slaughtering a helpless Cow and processing it's meat or waiting and using your wits against wildlife and giving wildlife a chance to live, while spending quality time with your peers. Think before you speak veg-heads.

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