Should illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in America?

  • We are the country of freedom

    Haha, its bs how we are the so called "country of freedom" yet the immigrants are not allowed to stay here. They fight all they can to survive. What would you do if you were an immigrant living in poverty and raising yourself. Gangs are beating you up everyday and you have to do bad bad bad jobs so you can support your family. You are trying to see your family and you have to risk your life for it. IMMIGRANTS DON'T TAKE OUR JOBS! They are very hardworking people and take the jobs of janitors, cleaning disgusting public bathrooms, or farmer in the hot sun the entire day. Do you want a job like that? NO of COURSE NOT! They work harder than us and all we do it kick them out. Your here reading the Sunday comics sipping Starbucks latte while they wake early in the morning and coming back late at night with about $10. I have a friend and she is an illegal immigrant. She has five children and every one of them have jobs. One of her six children died in the desert from starvation and others were on the edge of dying. If you believe that they shouldn't stay here, look at this- your an immigrant who have been walking for days with hardly any food and water and your sent back after all of that? I want to see you be happy to go back to your horrible life.

  • Why Marijuana? Legalize my parents.

    To be separated from my mom was the worse thing that could ever happen to me. She was imprisoned for a long time. Yes, she was illegally working here, but she was working a job I'm sure no American would ever take. She pays taxes just like every other American. She's never broken the law (except of course coming in to the US illegally, just like half the immigrants here). She works to give my family a better life. She risks a lot to keep up safe and educated. Please help us with the strictness of the laws on illegal immigrants. The United States is supposed to be the nation of freedom and liberty. A nation who was found by immigrants to begin with. All immigrants look for is a better way of living, most of them work hard to earn this. All we need is America's acceptance.

  • Let them stay!

    Mexico is a country that is a communism country under one leader, while America is a democratic country under government of many people. America has the right of freedom in what you wear, do, and have. Mexico tells you what your life is, and the whole country is filled with drugs.

  • This is a free state

    They should be allowed to stay Illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the U.S. As long as they make a commitment and obey the laws, I don't see a problem. I thought America was "The Land of the Free" but where's the liberty in not allowing someone to try to make a better life for themselves. People can't make up their mind on what to do with these immigrants and are spending billions of dollars on different reform plans. Plus, these illegal immigrants become employed more in labor intensive jobs. I don't see any body else raising their hands offering to do construction, working late, and doing back-breaking work to make some money. There is more to illegal immigration than meets the eye.
    Http://www.Usimmigrationsupport.Org/illegal-immigration.HtmlIt's Ethical and Economically Smart Many people consider the fact that they (the illegals) violated the law as the reason they should be deported. Slavery and Segregation was once in the law, does that mean it was right? Laws do not always capture morals. To all those who are against illegal immigration, I ask you if you even consider the people's perspective? How can you send a child who is not responsible for their parent's actions back or how can you even send them back when many of them benefit the Untied States through military services, providing cases for lawyers, working for cheap labor and building facilities that will house thousands of American jobs? How can you send back a person who has grown up in the American culture and send them back into a culture they'll struggle to adapt to? According to Fairus.Org, we send 113 billion dollars on Illegal Immigration. If you want to deport all of them, according to AmericanProgress.Org, we'd be spending 285 billion. Now which of the two sounds more reasonable? Regarding the Prison Argument, that is a topic for another time which I am more than happy to settle. So Ethically and Economically, which seems more reasonable?
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  • Help them live in peace

    They should stay because in Mexico people have gangs there and they don't get the education that they need they have to stay home and help there family get the money they need. Honestly why Shouldn't we let them stay. They have a good reason to stay and come to the US and live in peace instead off living in fear of gangs and bandits.

  • They should stay

    Immigrants spread wealth by stimulating the low wage job market. They don't steal jobs they take unwanted jobs. Illegal immigrants have taxes deducted just like tax paying Americans except they can't use the benefits given by the federal government because they are illegal here. We should give immigrants a chance to gain citizenship based on academics

  • Let them stay

    The reason why millions of people across the world wanna come to united states is looking for work, better life, they wouldn't do anything bad to their country they are nice people, they should have citizenship and have a right to vote and stay there. They suffer from economic reasons and poverty in mexico and Asia. Give them rights.

  • They need to stay.

    Immigrants work really hard to stay here. If it was that easy to become a U.S citizen then they would've already done it, but it's hard and most a y'all don't understand. There is jobs that not everyone wants but immigrants take right away. Welfare immigrants don't receive it and that's a law, only U.S citizens can get them. And if I am correct the only people I see standing beside a highway is American people while immigrants work their butt off. And one last thing Mexicans are not the only immigrants in the U.S. Stop being racist and give a chance to the people that actually want to be here. God Bless you all.

  • Illegal immigrants are the same as us, what's with the territory dividing humans amongst each other?

    Some illegal immigrants do illegal drug deals, and other crimes that are bad. So does that mean all illegal immigrants are bad? Look at the U.S. we have plenty of crimes going on who are American criminals, does that mean the U.S. should not be allowed to immigrate to other countries?
    Now about the economy, we have a giant debt, and people complain about their taxes going to the immigrants. This is the role of the American Government, throughout history, it has always aided other countries with help, we aren't selfish, and we're basically the police of the world. Besides, just because something is illegal, doesn't mean that it'll remain that way forever. Laws can change if it's necessary.
    For our own local economies, about them taking over our jobs with low pay, how it's unfair to other people who received "education", these illegal immigrants probably suffered more pain than us to reach the U.S. Once these pitiful people arrive in the U.S. to pursue their dreams, as every American child was educated by, they're stopped by the police and sent to jail. Some policemen even rob these illegal immigrants, these guys take advantage of the law for their own benefit.
    Yes, there are still a lot of illegal immigrants who commit atrocious criminal activities. But like I said, one doesn't mean all. P->q is true, q->p is false. It isn't a biconditional.
    So in discussing politics, we tend to use laws as a system to enforce justice. Think about it, if we get rid of illegal immigrants, there would still be crime and drug deals going on. So basically, the major issue here is the intentions of these illegal immigrants. Are they spreading terrorism for money, or are they sincerely looking for a job? For terrorist, of course we should deport them, or it's up to the government and FBI officials to determine whether to quarantine them or not. To those young children who have suffered so much, lost their families, these guys really shouldn't deserve harsh treatment, but these kids are so little too, with little knowledge of the world. Imagine their perspectives, what would you do? You'll see that the U.S. is being cruel to them.

  • Let them stay!

    They should stay so they can work to feed their families back in Mexico! There are plenty of jobs to go around, and the immigrants should be able to have one to take their hard earned pay so they can keep their homes to live in, pay for food to eat, and keep clothing on their backs.

  • Stay Out.

    Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to stay in America. They broke a law just by coming here and not waiting their turn, it's almost like cheating. They are taking away jobs and resources from people who are native to the country. For that alone they should be forced to leave.

  • Take them outta here!

    They waste our resources. They waste government funding. They abuse the education system. They are committing a crime- BREAKING THE LAW- by living in our country. It is simply unacceptable and can not be overlooked. The United States of America is already trillion of dollars in debt, yet we support these aliens who abuse the system, we grant them free health care, education for their children, welfare, etc. Unacceptable!

  • Why is this even a debate?

    Coming into the US is Illegal. It breaks the law. If people wanted a better life why not come legally just as an American citizen would have to do to live in another county,
    If an American comes into another country Illegally your best outcome would be to be deported. We would not be able to stay and collect benefits and housing assistants unless your counting the amenities of prison.

  • Of course not!

    Illegal aliens take college slots that American citizens could use. It's not very hard to use your passport! I really do not approve and think that they are illegal for a reason! They live like Americans- fake ones. America could basically overflow! Look at the southern states, a large amount of their population is made from illegal aliens.

  • No illegal immigration

    There are many reasons for no and no credible reasons for yes. "They want a better life for their family..."--who doesn't? Would it be permissible for a man to steal from a store to feed his family? If yes, then what about the next 10 people? What about when people are now just taking because they only have to say its for their family even though the real reason is because they don't want to pay? How are you going to discern the difference? That's we have laws. Has far as I can tell they could care less about America, its history, culture, or people. They show it at every angle. Carrying the Mexican flag at the beginning of the rallies in 2005. Independence day in 2010 flying the Mexican flag (don't say they didn't I was there) and regardless if it was for a soccer game or not it was very disrespectful to celebrate it on Americas independence day. Ive seen Mexican flags hung above the American Flag in Cali. The Mexican car lots where you have Mexican and American flags flown at the same height. Their unwillingness to learn English. They are here to better the lives of their families at the expense of the American people. They still hold allegiance to Mexico. They do not deserve to be citizens of the country. Mind you I'm just giving 1 example, there are many more.

  • Illegal immigrants are illegal

    There is nothing wrong with immigrants. They are what this country has been founded by. But there are laws in place to make sure the wrong people don't get in. Or that too many don't get in and spread our resources too thin. Illegal immigrants are a strain on our nations economy. They take jobs that legal residents could be getting paid for. They have "border babies" so that they can stay and use our welfare system without paying anything into it.

  • Get in line

    There are people all over the world who do the right thing and go through the process of becoming a US citizen the legal way. Why should we grant those who have illegally crossed to have citizenship for breaking the law when those who have followed the rules have to keep waiting for it? This "cut in the line" is unacceptable. Those staying here illegally need to get back in line and wait just like everyone else. If they feel like their life is in danger then apply for asylum.

  • That would be stupid

    If I broke into your house would you let me stay for dinner? There is no reason we should offer sympathy to these people. I would have to know the exact costs of deporting them to make a more informed decision about whether or not it would be more economical to just let them stay.

  • No don't allow

    I work in a check cashing business and I see wat goes on behind the scenes. Illegals have no documentation and yet come over get on welfare, have four to five kids get on social security of course for their children who of which have nothing wrong with them, they then get large amount of tax returns for their children and you think they pay taxes, nope they use your social and the tax preparers allow them to and get money back and that's not half of what I've seen. They look at you like your crazy if you don't speak Spanish, like I was suppose to know it, roll their eyes and walk away even if your trying to communicate with them.

  • It increases more people to go with easy way of coming here and paying fines

    Doing a mistake is always a mistake they just become incompetent for legal and hard workers. If that rule is implemented unlimited people can come from India and china. USA is a destination for any person in this world and if such a simple rule is placed why do people need to come as software proffesional with so much hard work

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rak says2013-11-27T06:47:06.090
Maybe we should become one giant super country...Like we are becoming anyway. And send them back to mexico...We in southern cali are already northern mexico. My neighbors have used my address to do illegal section 8 things... File taxes... Give to other counties when they pass bad checks...Etc etc. And multiple mexican families use it all the time. And at 3 am the rooster starts..And waca waca waca...Yell talking...My favorite. And when i get off work part of the 35 thousand truck driver force tries to run me off the road..Like bats out of hell...Mostly imported drivers from all over... Etc. Etc. Oh my car was wrecked by illegal with no nothing...You know... And my wife is getting tired of the culture shock...She is mexican born in u s a. Why don t 20 million of us go over there and get it over with... I m bringing my john wayne movies withme. I had a spanish free day the other day... Couldn t believe it. Damn chris colombas...Look what u done...
xandyx123 says2016-02-24T14:49:17.507