Should immigrants be allowed in the United States?

  • Immigrants should be allowed because this is a country of immigrants.

    Immigrant should be allowed because to start with this was their land first before America. They also make up one of the largest populations there is. The U.S says this is the 'land of opportunity.' Shouldn't the so-called land of opportunity give them a chance to accomplish their dreams? Don't they deserve to make their life better, to look for a better future? Yes they do, everyone deserves to live the life they have always wanted. Put yourself in their shoes. We owe them a citizenship.

  • Has Humanity Been Lost?

    Why Are We Talking About Money, Religion, Race. We Are All Humans. If We Are Not Gonna Accept Them, Might As Well Call Us The Germans And Them The Jews. If We Let Them Suffer, And Enjoy Life Like They Don't Exist, That When We Have Lost Our Humanity. I Say Let Them In.

  • We should let them free!!!!!!!

    Why can't these people have a chance to succed in life? Not only Americans, these people want to succed they want to have a shining carrer and here in America is such a big help with free eductaion it helps these people more we should be supporting them not be hating them.

  • They should come..

    In Mexico, people do not have enough money and they don't live happy. Mexicans are going to have a better life, they are not going to be worried about their families. Mexican just come to here to get a job, to live better.. They should be allowed, they are going to change the U.S.A

  • Declaration of Independence

    In the Declaration it states that everyone is created equal and born with inalienable rights. So that is a core American principle. We must go with that idea and help others fulfill that dream. It would be going against the Declaration of Independence and what America stands for, Home of the Free and the Brave, if we refused to give others equality.

  • Yes, America was built on immigrants.

    Immigrants have always been a part of American culture. This country is so great and so diverse simply because of the fact that it was a "melting pot" for all sorts of different people looking for a good life. Sure, we're a bit overcrowded nowadays, but immigrants should not be excluded.

  • Yes they should

    People should be allowed depending on what they want to come for.. I'm just a 12 year old who wants the best for her family when she's here with her aunt and her parents are in Mexico trying to get papers. I don't know anything about what'll happen if the immigrants come but whatever!! I say people should come behalf of their reasons. I don't care what you say..... I should be able to be with my mommy and daddy!!

  • Immigrants should be allowed to come to the USA

    Because it is not their fault their own country is not running well. Although they may "crowd" America if they work and get the right papers ordered it is not illegal. Technically we are all immigrants. Why does it matter if they come from Mexico? Immigrants are human too... Why should we exclude them?

  • Yes Immigrants Should be Allowed

    Immigrants should be allowed in the United States as long as they go through the appropriate legal channels. While not everyone will be able to immigrate here, there should always be a system in place that allows for it. It is important that it is done legally, however, because anyone who comes illegally contributes to a faulty system and steals opportunity from others.

  • Yes, immigrants should be allowed in the United States.

    Yes, I believe that immigrants should be allowed in the United States. The strict stance that much of the religious right has toward immigrants is completely unnecessary and unconstitutional. In some states, police are even allowed to pull over and apprehend anybody who looks like they might be an illegal citizen. What so many people forget is the fact that America was formed by immigrants, and this huge array of different cultures and races that bring different things to the table is what makes America great, and allowing additional immigrants, legal or illegal, should definitely be allowed in the United States.

  • Close our boarders

    We as a nation are at a time where over population is causing high unemployment, high road traffic, waiting in line everywhere you go, higher crime rates, increased prostitution, higher demand on our farmers, increased taxes to pay for services they receive for free and, lack of a universal language ( English) we as a nation have always had.

  • Immigrants Should Be Allowed

    All legal immigrants who go through the process of becoming a citizen should be welcomed with open arms. However, illegal aliens who sneak into the country and bring absolutely no skills or abilities should be sent home. They are in direct violation of United States law and they damage the economy.

  • It's not fair

    When these immigrants come to our country, we as Americans are loosing job opportunities. Their taking money from our government for free, while we have to work for that money. Us, as Americans, have to pay bills and taxes. Which get taken out of our paychecks from when we get paid.

  • Lack of resources

    We have lack of resources such as water and food. US doesn't has enough of water for every immigrants. If this keeps going, our country will be stressed by lack of resources. The economy will surely not grow. Why do we have to allow illegal immigrants if there is no benefits for us?

  • How about this question.... WHAT GOOD WILL THEY DO FOR OUR COUNTRY? Country....?

    This should be about whats best for our(us) country not for whats best for a bunch of people from another country that don't want to make their own place better but would rather come and get a free ride somewhere else. If they are such hard workers and want to do whats right they should make their own lands better. In fact mexico has beautifull land/terrirory. Nice beaches, etc.
    Mexican's have too many kids that want free health care etc.
    They did a horrible job in their country and they will come here and mess our country up as well.
    So why let them come here and destroy ours.

    Australia does a good job. Use them as a example so we can thrive like them.

  • They do more harm then good.

    They clog the prisons, the courts, the jails and the hospitals. And most of them pump out several kids which are now citizens too. It's ridiculous. The US is the new Roman empire ensuring its own downfall. These people cost 5 times more then they ever give back, and send billions if not trillions OUT of the country. Most of them are parasites and all of them are stealing jobs from native-born Americans.

  • Immigrants should be allowed.

    Immigrants should be allowed because I believe they come in here for opportunity and for a better life. Half of Americans do not take jobs that pay minimum wage. People claim that there are no jobs available but they don't go out and look for them. United states is said to be a country "equal and opportunity" but those are just ideals that have not yet been realized. Most people who worked in this country are the ones that made railroad tracks, buildings, etc. And now they are trying to be kicked out. Immigrants who work here and are trying to better their lives should be able to stay in the Unites States and have the same rights as Americans.

  • 4 Solid Reasons Why It's a Terrible Idea

    1. Encourages Illegals to Come- With the admission of illegal immigrants, Pandora's Box opens. It's a black hole that sucks in illegals left and right into the United States. We left the door open a crack during Regan's administration, and illegal immigration hasn't led up. The more people we let in the more people are on their way, and once we close the door for good, "it's racist."
    2. Illegal Immigrants Take Jobs Away From U.S. Citizens- I don't want to hear that they have jobs that "American's won't do." Americans won't do those jobs because they are grossly underpaid. Employers are now paying for the workers, not for the work itself. These illegals come from nothing, so they work for nothing, and that has proven that is doesn't bolster the economy.
    3. We Are Importing Poverty- Just keep the poverty rate sky-high... Obama is accomplishing absolutely nothing by attempting to pass, all this means is that illegals are coming here, and ruining our economy.
    4. Demeaning Our Country- These illegals are demeaning our country. Our history as a nation serves us well.. We used to pick the cream of the crop when it comes to foreign entities, now we have an open door.


  • Immigrants should be deported

    Unless each and every individual immigrant can provide an American business with a skill that will help our economy or a business, then they should be deported. Yes, America was built off of immigrants, but lets face the truth, those immigrants morally did not belong in North America. They started the Trail of Tears so that they could wipe out the Native Americans and now we're complaining about it being too overpopulated. It's the people before us who started this all, and by allowing worthless immigrants to remain in the U.S., we're just contributing to the overpopulation. Deport them.

  • Balances one another

    The economy is not getting good and right now not many immigrants want to come to the united states unless their is a push factor. IF we allow anyone to come to America then it will be over populated. Imagine half of Mexico's population coming to America .Not only Mexico but every other country with citizens not happy with what their country has to offer. All the gangs in other countries will come to the unites states and bring more violence. Drugs can be smuggled more easily and hatred will spread. I understand that their are families out there just wanting a better life but that will bring other problems to the table. The good balances out the bad which is why the government is allowing only some immigrants to get their citizen ship.

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