Should immigrants be allowed to enter the US, illegally?

Asked by: destwilk19
  • Yes, it's a moral question, not a legal one

    Most illegal immigrants are desperate to have a higher quality of life, and to find more opportunities for their families. Most illegal immigrants will not commit a crime whilst they are in the US, and a lot of them came in legally and out stay their visa (a visa is a stupid concept in itself but that's an argument in and of itself). These people should be allowed to stay and have the life they want themselves and their children to live

  • The People Hiring Them Are The Problem

    One in five Americans insists the sun revolves around the earth which is why Trump keeps talking about building a wall to keep them out. The simple truth is hiring them is illegal and the FBI is not doing their job by busting all the local governments out there looking the other way when their local businesses hire them. So long as Americans keep voting for idiots like Trump and Hilary who claim the president can't insist the FBI do their job they get what they deserve.

  • I'm surprised anyone has said yes...

    Should immigrants be allowed to enter the US illegally? Really someone answered yes to this? Let me rephrase the question. Should we allow criminals to steal things illegally? You wanna make the argument that immigrants are in need of a new home? Well criminals are in need of money for food man come on what's wrong with you? Why wouldn't you support criminals stealing things they need money for their families, you make me sick.

  • The question answers itself.

    No one should be "allowed" to do anything illegal. By it's very definition it means it is not allowed. That's what baffles me about this argument so much is that it is arguing to allow a crime to be committed. It's like arguing "Should people be allowed to murder?" or "Should people be allowed to steal?" You want to change immigration policy, argue that point and change the laws. You want to grant amnesty to people that already broke the law coming here, argue that point. But arguing to allow people to commit a crime by ILLEGALLY entering the country is arguing to allow a crime to be committed.

    Now, should those already here be allowed to stay? If they pay their debt to society like any other criminal then sure. Am I offensive for calling them a criminal? If you want to see it that way then sure but offense doesn't really bother me, especially here cause they did commit a crime, they are criminals by definition, they do need to pay a penalty.

    Should we reform the system? Yes. But to just allow more to come to the US? No. We already can't take care of our own people already here. We already have high unemployment (though that's in part due to lack of work ethic), and homelessness and can't afford to care for our Vets. We don't need an influx of new citizens fighting for the same jobs.

  • No. Absolutely not.

    Many (but not all) of them sell drugs, and commit other crimes such as rape and murder. America needs to keep track of itself. They broke US law by crossing that border, and they should face the consequences. The liberals only want to let them in so that the illegals will vote liberal, and if that happens, the liberals will win every election. They don't care about minorities, they are only trying to rig the election system.

  • No, we shouldn't

    America is a civilization, and in order for a civilization to be a civilization it must, by definition, be civil. In order to be civil, you must follow a set of standards or laws. If our nation were to embrace lawlessness of any kind, then it will crumble right beneath our feet. Other countries when the let someone immigrate across their borders it is because they will benefit the nation, like if your a brilliant scientist or such. Those who cross the borders illegally aren`t benefiting society, they`re taking from it. They`re takers. They are coming to benefit indivually from the country. If you cross the border illegally you are selfish, but ultimately, you`re a thief. That`s basically all there is to it.

  • Enter the U.S. illegally??REALLY?

    If you have to enter illegally then you shouldn't come. It's like asking the question should I drive a car if I know I am intoxicated, of course not! It's a dumb question, that's why we have a border! So that you don't cross it illegally. If we just had open borders then we would be letting thieves, drug lords, and other criminals into the country.

  • No whats wrong with you

    Listen to yourself "should immigrants be allowed to enter the US illegally" that question defeats its entire purpose by itself. That's saying should i kill someone even thotugh its wrong. The US is run by corrupt officials who care nothing about anyone but themselves. By letting the immigrants enter they'll always vote for the politicians who will let them keep coming in. Then the politicians can keep lining there pockets with the tax payers money.

  • This is not a question

    Hahaha if i was a president i would never allow illegal immigrants. What kind of president allows illegal immigrants? I know they want a better life and stuff but there is a law in every country and everybody should FOLLOW THE LAW. Ya i kno some ppl want a better life but how about if there r criminals who want to escape their country and then they bring crime to our country? There is a reason why illegal immigrants are ILLEGAL.

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vi_spex says2016-09-22T12:32:06.823
2 psychotic people feel like having their families dismembered
Mharman says2016-09-23T00:02:38.050
@vi_spex: What does that have to do with this?
vi_spex says2016-09-23T00:13:00.053