• They should, it's their right!

    Who says you aren't a citizen when you aren't born here? You become eligible to vote once you stay for about 5 years (consecutive) here.We don't care where you come from,you now live in America and have the full right to vote for who think should run the country you are living in! :)

  • I think that it doesn't matter if they have been naturalized or not, it matters how much time they have spent in the country.

    I believe no amount of paperwork can define a citizen of a country. I believe that if you spend a certain amount of time in a country, it becomes your country whether or not you are a citizen. I believe about 5 years should do the job, but then of course I'm very lenient, so anywhere between 5-10 years should make you eligible to vote. I'm very angry that people think illegal immigrants shouldn't vote. Why not? Especially people brought into the country at a very young age. If they have lived most of their lives here, they I believe they are true citizens. Paper shouldn't define how loyal you are to this country.

  • Yes, if they are naturalized.

    Yes, immigrants should be allowed to vote if they are naturalized and have a green card. This country was built by immigrants, and to not allow current immigrants to vote is total hypocrisy and prejudice. A lot of immigrants are doing menial work and deserve a vote in the future of how this country is run.

  • Yes if they are naturalized (meaning they came here legally)

    I would tend to agree with the above commenters. A naturalized citizen has to go through a rigorous testing process, including understanding (i.E reading, writing, and speaking) English, understanding our form of government and a knowledge of our history, proving that they are of "good moral character" by not, say, committing a felony, pledging allegiance to the United States, and have to have resided in the U.S. For at least 5 years and 30 consecutive months, before they are called a "citizen." Therefore, immigrants who have entered the country LEGALLY should be allowed to vote. However, any citizen who defies the government of America and enters the country illegally, or is simply residing in the U.S. For a little while (i.E. With a green card or a visa), would not be allowed to vote, because they do not have the knowledge of American society to vote in America's best interests.

  • They want to be part of our country as that was their original intent

    Immigrants came here for one reason, to live a better life, and so they choose to leave their country to flee their political crises. When they come here, they know that they have to pay taxes, get jobs, earn money, etc. Would it be wrong to decide for their futures as well?

  • They should be allowed to vote

    We as americans dont see how much people from all around the world come to america and do more for our country than we do ourself those jobs that we lazy americans dont want to do they do, they change our way of life and break their backs to fix a country that is not there own 80% of americans are fat why do you think that is.

  • Yes, they should.

    Yes, legal immigrants should be able to vote. This is because, when they immigrate to the U.S., they arrive legally. If they learn about the laws of the United States, they are citizens in all but name. This means that, even if one does not qualify as a “citizen” by living in the United States for 5 years, they still have a basic knowledge of all the parties and amendments, because of the test they must take in order to be allowed to live in the United States. In fact, most immigrants have MORE knowledge then the average United States citizen about the government, because of that very same test, considering that 30% of US citizens cannot even name the current vice president.

  • Hey there dalia here

    I think they should vote I mean theyre better than any American out there and they work hard for their rights there for should be able to vote. Most of you trump supporters are lazy americans who don't get jobs and get money from the government while immigrants work hard to earn their own money so let them vote

  • Immigrants should be able to vote

    Now, they temporarily live here so they are already part or this country. Secondly, the governor will affect everyone, including the original citizens, the immigrant workers, and basically everyone. This is why I think immigrant workers should have the right to vote for everything in the country they live in.

  • Immigrants should have the right to vote

    Immigrants are human beings too. They cannot be denied their 'unalienable basic human rights' just because they aren't born here. If they live here they have the right to vote for the people deciding their future. They live here so they can vote for the people running here. They pay taxes so they should have the right to vote on what those taxes are going to and how much they are, at least.

  • Hell no!! Stealing our country

    No one should be allowed to vote who wasn't born here. Our country is being hijacked by people that do not share our values. Our ancestors didnt go off to die in wars so that the children of the very people they were fighting could one day steal the country from there children without ever firing a bullet.

  • Noncitizens no vote

    Why have laws if we hold no one accountable to them. Most who come here illegally do not value our country, or its citizens, and are basically hurting our country and making us less safe. Democrats want them to vote to keep themselves in power despite the harm it does to the country.

  • Noncitizens no vote

    Why have laws if we hold no one accountable to them. Most who come here illegally do not value our country, or its citizens, and are basically hurting our country and making us less safe. Democrats want them to vote to keep themselves in power despite the harm it does to the country.

  • Absolutely NOT!! Natural Born Citizens ONLY!!

    Natural born US citizens should be the only people allowed to vote. It is very apparent these days immigrants do not do assimilate well in our country. Immigrants in the future will outnumber us and turn our country into 3rd world shit holes like where they came from. They will vote democrat/liberal to get "free" stuff.

  • No. This isn't their country!!

    Not until they do become legal citizens. Obviously most immagtants are going to vote against the guy who wants to stop illegal immigration and that is the only reason Hillary wants them to vote. They don't care about the good of the country. They just care about the guy who would stop it.
    Voting is not a human right. Its a AMERICAN RIGHT

  • Democrats use illegals to gain votes

    Democrats and liberals are only using illegals to win the election. They promise they can stay here if they vote. It's essentially 'buying' their vote for liberals. It demoralizes the value of voting when true American citizens who know what their voting for is demolished and overrun by votes from people who just want handouts and homestead. Go better your own damn country amor go through our citizenship process LEGALLY! They only vote cause they want the incentives of becoming an honest citizen without actually following the law, paying taxes. Yes, they don't pay taxes because they aren't citizens so we Americans pick up the tab!

  • Fantasy vs realism

    This liberal globalism agenda is going to truly destroy this nation. If we allow this then what's stopping are enemies from other countries coming in here illegally and voting for a president of their choosing to weaken our defense or have the U.S completely crumbled.

    The world is not a nice place or a perfect world, stop letting your compassion cloud your judgement, you wouldn't allow some stranger to live in your house with your family and have your resources consumed, which is barely enough to feed you and your family.

  • Voting is for citizens

    In order to make decisions for a country, you should be a registered legal citizen of that country. If illegal immigrants can vote, it does not stop the enemies of that country making policy decisions that could potentially harm the welfare of that country. People who are not members of a country should not be allowed to make serious and potentially life changing decisions that could affect the people who actually pay their taxes and are registered.

  • No...Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote! DUH....

    The constitution says no. They are here ILLEGALLY, not following our laws to becoming an American citizen. It doesn't even make sense to allow them to vote and have our country's benefits. Why have laws if we hold no one accountable to them. Most who come here illegally do not value our country, or its citizens, and are basically using us like a gold digging girlfriend. It is hurting our country and making us less safe. Democrats want them to vote to keep themselves in power despite the harm it does to the country.

  • Noncitizens no vote

    Let immigrants go through citizenship process pledging allegiance to United States of America. It isn't fair to all of the other immigrants who have studied and earned the right to be a citizen. It's required in our constitution and needs to be upheld. Become a citizen pledge allegiance to United States.

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They should be illegal immagrants because thats what makes up the powerful econmy we have today